Forgiving is an art and an act!

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This is my 3rd blog- feeling happy:)

In this blog I am sharing my understanding and experience about Forgiving- it is divided into 2 segments- Forgive and Forget or Forget and Forgive!

Well, as said life is a series of problems and life is difficult, each individual come across situation which is painful, mixed emotions, not acceptable, etc.- the list goes on and varies from individual to individual.

In my life, I never actually understood the true essence of “Forgiving”. It’s for an instance if someone says “Sorry” to me my anger vanishes and inner feeling comes which is actually satisfying ego and making me feel good for the moment. Actually, it is not forgiving but the beginning step of judging the person and building paradigms- the root cause. According to the Life classes (and I too believe) learning internally being sorry/ apologize requires willpower, empathy, and courage to do it.

Forgiving is interconnected with Change- appreciating the change a person has undergone (for good), being empathetic (boundaries are always there), helping the person to grow, not to impose my perspective but analyzing the situation and giving feedback/ suggestion, clarifying expectations, and the art of listening.

Forgive and Forget OR Forget and Forgive- Well, after undergoing change which is a decision the mind becomes calm as acceptance is there. So forgiving the person will heal the pain and to forget whatever act has happened is a step towards mental peace.

Now what will happen? Well, as said I had first applied the principle of Forgive and Forget and then gradually through deeper understanding moved towards Forget and Forgive which has transformed my way of approach/ understanding towards life- it is a very difficult step. So, it is a choice which is made by an individual.

Problems are big, small, painful, depressing- but the solution is I. If ‘I’ is firm then the intensity of the problem will surely diminish/resolved.

“The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next”– Mignon McLaughlin

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My Perspective…

I am bit skeptical when it comes to sharing my views on wider platform. Since long I have been thinking to do so, finally here it is what I feel for Life Classes.

It is indeed very essential that we work in an ambience where, not just our Professional Performance counts, but Personal Development is also taken care of.
And I am so Grateful to Almighty that He gave me an opportunity to work in FS.

If I talk about the second session of Life Class, it really guided me as to in which Quadrant of life I should be in, as I am very frail in dealing with Procrastination.

Also, when we talked about “Death”, I could not shed a tear.
But when Pushpak sir recited the poem based on Father’s Love, I was now a part of a Larger Group.

I always look forward to Life Classes as it helps me in Sharing my views, Paradigm Shifts and Introspect myself! A Big Thank You to all who are involved in the process.

Fears leads us to growth


This year we are reading the book, feel the fear and do it anyway. In the starting of session, I was thinking that I could read it alone. Why I am giving so much time to this and that I will get bored.

We started reading chapter wise and shared our fears. Pata hi nahi chala ki do din kaise beet gaye. We all were in empathy with each other and supported to overcome their fears. I realized that we all are in the same boat with more or less. I think this makes us human.

Fears, according to me, can be defined as your worries or things with which you got stuck. Even you know the solutions, you don’t want to come out because it makes you uncomfortable. You need to come out of your comfort zone or in other words, you need to grow.

Growth is natural but it could be restricted by us because of our fears.

“Mi Viaje”

My Journey

A walk through “Life classes”,

Ohh!! I remember the 7 habits.. 🙂

Learning the “Independence” through first 3,

And “Interdependence” through rest 3

Last but not the least was “Sharpen the saw”,

Which helps you to become ripe and polished from raw.

It was all about being courageous to say “No”,

Just say it! without regrets and don’t feel low.

The sessions of “Love” were indeed helpful for me,

Forgiving and asking for the same set me free.

I learnt about “Legitimate” and “Illegitimate” pain,

“Gratification” a feeling of internal happiness, to gain.

The stages of marriage and the definition of love,

I learnt to be committed and pure in my relations like a dove.

Integrity taught me “Be truthful to yourself”.

Death Exercise- “Death is a best teacher” by Stephen Covey.

Death Exercise

I have learnt from life classes- “Believe in yourself”. As rightly said- When the world says ‘give up’, hope whispers ‘try one more time’. (Anonymous)

Live in “Present”.


This was all about my journey as a learner which is still an ongoing process.

As a co-facilitator I would like to sum up with one line that is “The best way to learn is to teach”. The insights given by the enthusiastic participants of our group is helping me to learn as well as helping them to learn from the examples shared by the facilitator.

I am grateful to Iyer Sir and Vardan sir for giving me this opportunity to co-facilitate the workshop.

I am also thankful to Sheeba ma’am, Parag bhai, Ankita ma’am, Zahabiyah ma’am and Iyer sir for being my mentors throughout my journey of life classes.

Written by,

Disha Thakkar.

Theory and Practice..

We often talk about a lot of what we have learnt in our life-love classes. We often know the theoretical aspects of what these classes teach us. Most of us do know that if we set ourselves a smart goal, progress could be inevitable. Well, we sometimes just feel lazy to do it. We will cross the bridge when we are there. Why worry about it now and break our heads? Don’t we have other better things to do than setting goals for ourselves? Why waste time with this? This is where life/ love classes could be helpful. This is where we ought to learn to put theory into practice. Extending the same situation, we should realise that goals are not about wasting but saving time. How is what we learn in these classes. Reflection, introspection are key terms that the classes stand for as far as I am concerned.
One question that I have been unable to completely resolve lingers. Are we imposing Western values in a our culture which is quite different? Or do we modify these values to our context? For instance, if I were to write a letter of forgiveness to my mother-in-law, do I give it to her? Will it be accepted in a rigidly conservative family? Or would it just end in a family skirmish? Or, I just stop thinking about the consequences, feel the fear and do it anyway? How significant will the impact be on the stakeholders?

Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever! – Keri Russell

Hello all,

So, this is my 2nd post on this blog! Happy to share something new and for me it is a joy of sharing! 🙂

Thank you Ankita Ma’am for reading my 1st post and appreciating me for my write up!


Well, to begin with the quote,”Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever”- it has been connected and had played a vital role in my life.

Mostly everyone is aware that I had been a teacher (kindergarten level) – and have 8 years of experience (4 years in DPS and 4 years in Fountainhead school). When anyone asked me and gave me a feedback- I am a good teacher and children are very attached to me, change in their growth (values) it gave me motivation and happiness. Many a times I came across the word- “PASSION”- so teaching is your passion- Great! I never understood the difference though but said I love teaching and subconsciously accepted that Teaching is my Passion but truly to confess I by chance happened to enter into teaching Profession as it was never the goal in my life. 🙂

Moving ahead, during my teaching career I did my Reebok Certification- welcome to the world of Fitness 🙂 but still was teaching- began working part time by taking fitness class and all stuff- at this stage I was completely lost- still could not decide what exactly I want to do in my life!

Further going ahead in Fountainhead school gym started and at this point (i was under stress and depressing stage at that time) when I had communicated with Vardan Sir and Ankita ma’am and they asked me if I was interested at this post- (fitness trainer post). I agreed and undergone interview stage (I still remember I was a bit nervous as I didn’t knew what questions would be asked- theory and practical interview phase).

Then I realised FITNESS IS MY PASSION and now over a period of time I had transformed completely (for optimum).

I would like to share with all- At that stage (4.5 years back) I was not in a good shape (as a Fitness trainer)- I don’t hesitate to use such words because I’m okay with it and it had been the fact. Present scenario- Once I realised its my passion I am progressing and understanding further to help as many people to engage in any Physical Activity- sports, exercise, yoga, etc. and I learn when I listen to people who needs my help.

I had taken the decision to change my Profession later but I am proud of myself as I took decision.

Before taking this decision what I went through-

I asked few people suggestions over my decision-

People threatened me or made me aware of their thoughts (Primary thoughts)- (a)At this age I should think of marriage and earn income as its stagnant? (b)What after few years when I will grow old- I won’t be able to take class then what will I do? (c)The profession is not good for females as what if I get married and the opposite people (society) won’t like it? (d)If I work in gym males stare and pass cheap comments- It is not a respectful job!

What action I took- After listening to all this I understood that they are not able to understand my Passion and Willingness so I did what I felt is correct. And to my surprise these people are shocked to see me growing further (with RESPECT ELEMENT:). Also, after this included in my vision element- What will happen if I will grow old? I had planned for this and whatever I will do (Planning and Work under progress going on) it will be a CHANGE FACTOR! I had planned and work in progress going on.

I will end up saying that I had never planned anything in my life (Professional and Personal grounds) but the moment you are waiting for KNOCKS the door- Listen to it, Analyse it and move ahead. People always analyse the PASSION factor keeping in mind age, benefit, etc. I believe in even if one can go high (due to limitations which can’t be changed) but at least live a part of it by actually being in the process- IT WILL GIVE INTERNAL JOY AND HAPPINESS! 🙂 That’s my perspective and my way of approach.

So, thank you all for reading my post. New article in my upcoming next post.

Thank you!

My learning journey!

I’m sure that each of us, who has been a part of the life classes @ FS; must have seen some or the other transformations. Be it in their behaviour, mindset, personal or professional life , there’s something which has happened for good. Since years I’ve always believed in the power of positive thinking. Yet there were times when I used to feel helpless and quite low. The 7 habits classes helped me in identifying my circle of concerns and that of influence. It helped me to set my personal mission statement which indeed is work in progress still. But I’m glad to atleast consciously work upon that. The love classes worked like a wonder in my personal as well as professional life. More of acceptance and less of expectations keeps me calm and at peace with myself. The principles learnt in these classes are the key to live a meaningful and a content life. The sharing during the classes makes you think, you can make some connections with your personal life too. At times it gets difficult to accept that such things can really happen with someone. The courage that is shown by the participants is commendable. To be very honest, many of the times I’ve thanked god for blessing me with a less difficult life!!! But yes we know life is difficult, but the acceptance and the learning prepares you to deal with life; with courage, hope and believe.

And now is the time to be principled and work on those weakest points in me. That’s what integrity is all about! Though few simple things seem quite difficult as if I’ve no control on that. But having known that, I don’t give up. Because I ‘m responsible for my life and I ‘ve the ability to respond to the circumstances. I look forward to see yet more positive transformations in my as well as my colleagues’ life. I’m really grateful to god for giving me this wonderful opportunity which we all know as Fountainhead School !! It’s great to be a part of FS .Today I also take this opportunity to thank all my friends, facilitators and co-facilitators for guiding me through this learning journey.

Integrity learning : An act or a habit?

I had written what I thought I wanted to write in my notes ready to paste it here and post. But, somehow I didn’t do it. Is this what I wanted to write? No. Since many days I wanted to rewrite and post but nothing seemed to touch me. I cannot write if I don’t feel it. Moreover, the blood report had turned by world upside down. This was the report that  made me think again about life class and love class and those learnings. Sometimes, life gives you shock which is a blessing in disguise. All seven habits were swirling around me telling me to look back and introspect. So, it’s the right time for me to fill the “Reflection-Action-Paradigm” questions again and start working on it. A symptom identified earlier is a good prevention for future. And yes, integrity workshop is not a one time reflection and action. It is not a destination it is a process. It is not an isolated act but a life long habit.




Learning is lifelong process

Learning is lifelong process:

Learning never ends, life may. I am happy that my school gave me an opportunity to improve and understand by training. Last year, it was a chance to facilitate the support staff. It was a workshop on ‘7 Habits for Success’. When the new sessions started this year, I was excited for new learning. The beautiful topic was ‘Love Workshop’. Priti Pimpalkhare and I are facilitators for 2 of the support staff groups year workshops.

On the first day of workshop, we were asked about the experience of last year. It was really good feeling that the support staff was sharing the experience with open heart and telling that their lives have really improved after the workshop.  Most of the female members shared that earlier they were reactive. They used to shout and even hit the children. The training has helped us to handle the situation.

Then came the interesting part of ‘big pain area’. After a good amount of sharing they were supposed to write.

On the second day, it was time to learn about the problems and pain and discipline. We were asked what discipline is and why it is so important. The sub topics of discipline – ‘Delaying of gratification and the sins of the father’ followed. We shared some examples of delaying of gratification and how that helps in our life. All have agreed and promised that they will apply in day-to-day life and will share their experience in next class.

I also had a chance to introspect and share my experience where and how I improved in my personal and professional life. It has proved to be a very important training for me. I am longing for still better sessions in times to come!



Integrity classes – A challenge worth taking

Being a part of the life classes for all these years and especially attending Integrity for the past three years has made me more patient, a better listener, non-judgmental, empathetic and above all resilient.


This platform brings out the diversity as well as the core commonalities of individuals. We are all vulnerable, have our own fears, miseries, insecurities, complaints etc; which are manifested in different ways. But when you have a closer look we are all sailing in the same boat.


It’s not about how life treats us or what life gives us. It’s about what we want to make out of our own lives. This is a dais which brings us closer to reality, learn from each other, open up our lives to each other. There is a fear of being ridiculed, being judged, but in reality we all emerge as stronger individuals. Every participant gets to see his or her own life from a variety of perspectives.


There is always this apprehension that as a group; we may end up advising or misleading someone. But with the best intentions, we can surely avoid the worst. I read this somewhere – “It is more important to be of pure intention than of perfect action.” And this is what keeps us going.


Accepting that life is difficult but taking up the challenge with open hands opens makes life beautiful and worth living.


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