7 habits and love Gamma – Day 3 & 4

An aspect that resonated deeply with me during this phase was the exploration of listening through interactive games and role-playing. The classroom ambiance was a pivotal catalyst for our immersion into the habits under study. Days 3 and 4 of our life class unfolded as an extraordinary experience, overflowing with dynamic activities and profound wisdom.

Through thought-provoking activities and team challenges, we internalized these principles. One of the highlights of our learning journey was watching the movie “Master Geeta Rani.” These two days buzzed with the energy of eager minds and hearts open to growth. Thank you to our Facilitator their guidance and dedication made these two days of learning not only informative but also incredibly enjoyable. The classroom ambiance was a pivotal catalyst for our immersion into the habits under study. We dived into four fundamental habits during this period: “understand before being understood,” “cultivate win-win solutions,” “harmonize through synergy,” and “nurture self-renewal.”

Gratitude extends to our dedicated facilitator whose guidance made these two days an enlightening and enjoyable voyage into self-improvement.

7 Habits & Love Day 3-4 (Gamma)

Day 3 and 4 of our life class were nothing short of remarkable. These two days were packed with activities, learning opportunities, and an abundance of joy and laughter. The class environment itself was a crucial contributor to our overall experience, making it easy for everyone to grasp the habits we were being taught.

One aspect that I particularly cherished during these days was the concept of playing listening games and role-playing different aspects of listening, such as ignoring and selective listening. This hands-on approach made understanding these habits not only enjoyable but also incredibly effective.

The four habits we delved into during these two days were “seek first to understand and then to be understood,” “think win-win,” “synergize,” and “sharpen the saw.” Through various engaging games, we gained profound insights into these habits. Synergy and teamwork became more than just words; they became concepts we could grasp and apply in our daily lives. The idea of “think win-win” resonated deeply with me, reminding me of the importance of collaboration and mutual benefit.

One of the highlights of our learning journey was watching the movie “Master Geeta Rani.” This film beautifully illustrated the integration of the seven habits into real-life situations. It served as a powerful reminder that these habits are not just theoretical concepts but practical tools that can enhance our relationships, communication, and overall effectiveness.

Thank you to our Facilitator their guidance and dedication made these two days of learning not only informative but also incredibly enjoyable. I found myself both enlightened and excited about what lies ahead in our life class

7 Habits Gamma

Life classes have been life-changing classes for me. As per the school mission statement, the life class sessions had truly helped us significantly build our characters, which gradually made us competent. Starting with the very first life class, which was about the First habit ‘Be Proactive’. All the engagements planned helped us learn the habits as well as inculcate them into our personal and professional lives. The debate and sharing of thoughts made us open-minded global citizens. Moving on to the movies aligned to the habits that made us connect to real life. Life class was a true example of learning with fun. The ice-breaking activity of the spider web helped us connect with each other and continue the same by synergizing in all the life class tasks. We shared life long bond with diverse learners. One of the most important learnings from life class is changing perspective toward things, people, and even life. Synergy games opened the doors for us to create synergy with our respective teams and with our work as well. Putting first thing first has made me realize the importance of prioritizing things that are important and immediate. I became more conscious about making a sharp divide between personal and professional life. Another important learning experience is that we should always try to understand people and not judge them. I realized how important it is to understand that people are different because they have different origins and different backgrounds. It became evident that people are shaped by experiences and history. 

At last, I would like to appreciate the school for proving us with this wonderful opportunity to become responsible human beings. We came here as teachers and life classes made us LIFE LONG LEARNERS!!

Reflection of the learning.

Life Class – Gamma
Life class has been a life changing journey, everything you learn here you take along throughout your life. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, sharing your own stories or listening to someone else’s provide an altogether a fresh and a whole different perspective towards life and things.
All the learnings have be taken into practice in order to improve ourselves personally as well as professionally. All the seven habits beginning from
1) Be proactive
2) Begin with the end in mind
3) Put first things first
4) Think win-win
5) Seek first to understand and then to be understood
6) Synergize
7) Sharpen the saw
has helped us to better ourselves each day. The enthusiasm coming from within us demonstrates the effectiveness of the same. When we talk about paradigm shift there are many instances to point out, here are few to begin with:


An instance which I can recall where I have experienced a paradigm shift was when there were a lot of things that were not in my favor  (wouldn’t be explicit about it or disclose it), when things were falling apart, I took it as a suffering at first, which led to more suffering and creating more problems for myself. I used to believe that the cause of those problems was anyone but me, I shifted my paradigm. Instead of putting the blame on someone else, I decided to own up to everything and work on those lines for improving myself, which helped me move past the suffering and helped me look from a different perspective.

This is a recent one, before joining Fountainhead school, I wanted to become an interior designer, teaching wasn’t something that I ever wanted to do as a profession. At first, I blamed destiny, as I wasn’t able to do something that I’m passionate about, for something that I’ve worked so hard on. I used to criticize everything and everyone for not letting me pursue my dreams. Fast forwarding to a few days after the job started , I realized that maybe, just maybe, teaching is also something that I might have thought of before. I started to enjoy taking the classes, interacting with the students, and learning new things. Fast forwarding to today, I had a paradigm shift that if I were to be doing Interior designing, I wouldn’t have learnt the things that I’ve learnt in this short period of time, and everyday there is something new that I come across and learn, it made me a lifelong learner and I’m really grateful for that . It wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t in the profession of teaching.


Never be too quick to judge someone, we never know how and who is suffering something major. After the workshop I actually started to look at people and things with a different lens, a completely different perspective, which actually helped soothe my mind and also be calm, polite and positive. It has also helped me with my personal relations with my friends and family as the workshop beautifully taught me a lot of things such as being considerate, empathizing, paradigm shift, acceptance, and a lot more.

EBA (Emotional Bank Account)
An emotional bank account is an account of trust instead of money. It’s an account based on how safe you feel with another person. It helped us in understanding an individual, keeping commitments, clarifying expectations, showing personal integrity and apologizing when making a withdrawal.

FUN ACTIVITIES (Warmers/Tuning in)
Some of the activities taken during the sessions worked best as energizers and were heart touching. Stating a few that we loved the most – a Thank you note with a rose, last 24 hours to live, spider web activity, gratitude ones and many more. Most of them can also be used and implemented in the classroom with the students as well as in events outside school.

An extremely delightful way to cultivate habits, we were able to connect the habits with the movies, it helped us change our perspectives towards watching a movie and finding an allusion in the same.

All in all, the comprehensive journey of life class was extremely fruitful and life changing.

Ruchita & Hetvi


7 Habits Life Class – Gamma

Life class is a stretch of life lessons learnt throughout a long period of time. In this class, I learnt many different things and lessons, like how should we not judge people at the surface and also try to not doubt ourselves and change the vision of doubt and be more confident. How to be more confident and take the onus of my work and actions. We also did share a lot of stories on the way which made us see things through the eyes of others and also at the same time made us realise that our problems are not that big. I also learnt how to manage things and set an order to it by putting first things first, I also saw many movies like “Wake up Sid”, “Dil Chahta hai”, “Gold”, “102 not-out” and while all these were just movies before but after we watched these movies keeping in mind the 7 habits in mind it made me learnt new things about it. I learnt how to create and manage an emotional bank account and understand which quadrant I stand in and on the basis of that, I did change my life’s way of living by which I was spending more than I was earning and now I am saving from my earings. All these things and many more have helped me become a better person overall. We also did a lot of acts and performances which taught me how teamwork and make everything very effortless. We went to Suvali beach and played games there by which we learnt synergy. I have applied a lot of things from these learning to my professional as well as personal life.


I am thankful for each one of here and the facilitators that I met and the friends that I made, by the end of it I am a little sad, but I am also very glad that I have been given this opportunity to know and learn something many don’t.

Thanks & Regards

-Mayuri Chitlangiya

7 Habit Class – Gamma

It was an amazing experience,  these 9 classes have helped me a lot in both perosnal and professional front.

Few takeaways from these classes are:

  • Gratitude is a selfless act – we often tend to take people for granted and many a time we forget to show gratitude to the most important people in our life. After the session, I gave a rose to my parents saying how important they are to me and how much I love them for all that they have done for me. These little gestures of showing gratitude bring big changes in our lives.
  • Another takeaway was prioritizing your task and learning to say NO. It’s important to be more selective so that you don’t waste your precious time. In return, one can improve concentration, performance, and productivity. And most importantly, “Only when you say no, you can focus on what really matters. Furthermore, mastering the art of saying “no” gives you more control and lets you establish your own boundaries. If not, because you’re a people pleaser or just afraid to upset others, you’re giving up control to them. So if you don’t respect your time, why should someone else do it?
  • It’s possible to disagree and both be right. Everybody views the world through their own unique paradigm.
  • Having a emotional bank account- its so important to be there for someone emotionally and uplifting them.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood. This requires learning how to listen.
  • Be proactive. Between stimulus and response, we have the ability to choose.
  • Private victories precede public victories. Self-mastery and self-discipline are the foundation of good relationships with others.
  • Effective living requires balance between producing results and maintaining production capacity (the golden egg and the goose).

And the eye opener was the activity on “Death”, we really run after things that really do not matter much in life, only when we sit back and think about the most important part of life we realise that who and what is the integral part of our life and this activity helped me understand people that matters the most to me what all can I do for them – no matter what I won’t ever take them for granted.

Every class was very informative and helpful and will stay with me forever.


Kimmy & Siddhi



7 Habits Alpha – Reflection

Someone rightly said that ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and it’s perfectly applicable for the life class sessions I attended. It was the time to learn, unlearn and relearn. I have experienced  positive changes in my life as a participant of 7 Habits. I have become more empathetic, positive and humble. It helped me to understand that we may have different perspective/views but still we can work collaboratively by respecting each other’s views, beliefs, likes and dislikes. The concept which I learned in life class which  touched me was “Emotional bank account”. Each life class was filled with full of learning, positivity, fun and full of good vibes. Life class also helped me to understand myself and areas where I need to improve. I am really thankful to our both the facilitator Jimmy Ma’am and Rashida Ma’am, they were amazing throughout the life class.
Thanks a lot!!


We are almost towards the end of our life class journey and I have nothing but gratitude for my facilitators and teammates. These days were filled with mixed feelings and emotions. It has become like a safe space in our lives wherein we can share freely without the fear of being judged. Such sharing sessions have proved to be a great learning experience. Little did I know that sincerely implementing these habits can change one’s life. I could observe a positive attitude towards life. I’ve learned to be expressive and to embrace the feeling of emotions. It has taught me that you will reap the benefits from taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally over every other facet of your life. I am working on how to prioritize my activities according to my goals to turn them into a reality. I look forward to more such learning experiences.

7 Habits Alpha -My Reflection

I think about life classes is how much I’ve learned in these 8 days. Many things I already know but those are “precious and must applicable things”, here in life classes I learned this. Like for example, today on Day 8, there was a question, What is important assets do you think you have?. I answered My adaptability and Family. But eventually it was “My HEALTH”. I always knew that Health is wealth but here I come to know it’s importance after healthy discussion.

Meeting people with different background, sharing with them and listening from them was the incredible experience. Like many other people I do have a list of task to do. But how to manage important things and put first things first is something I learned from here. We also watched “Wake up Sid” and learnt about how to be proactive and take charge to your own life and live life with full enthusiasm. Making your own emotional bank account which helps in making and maintaining our relationship with others. On day 7, we watch a Bollywood movie “GOLD”. Though this film I come to know that every one is best in his/her field. But what makes you to achieve your goal is, “Team Work”.  Visitng on Suwali Beach and playing there with colleagues take me to my childhood. This is possible in Life class where you live like you are there only, forgetting all the worries and pressures.

Thank you to our Facilitator, Ms. Rashida Golawala and Ms. Jimmy Lineswala. They are fantastic in carrying out these sessions with full enthusiasm. I also saw teamwork between them. They never made boring and ensures everyone to participate. Thank you again Ma’am.

A Memorable Life Class Journey (7 HabitsAlpha)

So to start with there is no better place than FOUNTAINHEAD SCHOOL to work in.

Well the concept of life class is very unique and exclusive as it gives us a chance to show our most brightest side and also our most darkest side of our life.

I was a very shy person when it came to speaking in groups but when I joined the first class from that day till today I learnt to mingle up with everyone around me as the fear of being judged was never there. While learning the 7 habits I also simultaneously started applying it in my personal and professional life which brought a lot of changes in me, I became more confident of myself, I started sPeaking out where I should, I started to look at things differently for e.g previously when I use to watch any movies I never use to think much but now when I watch any kind of movies I start thinking about the logic about what learning i got from it. A lot of positive changes happened with me while taking the life classes along with going in detail about the habits….Not to forget our facilitators Jimmi Ma’am and Rashida Ma’am whom I thank from my ❤ as the way they took the classes without letting us get bored for a minute also with delivering the purpose.

Last but not the least the blog I am writing today I think I could not write it better if this life class was not there.

Thank you FS and all my group members for being kind, helpful and friendly….

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