Learning from Sharings

All participants shared their personal experience based on the situations they faced in lives. Majority of us think “I am only one who is suffering from pain” but after listening and discussion we learn how to overcome it our pain. These 7th and 8th session, motivated me to take first step how to make decision with right understanding, positive approach and instead of blaming others taking full responsibility of it.

हमने तो जब कलियाँ माँगी काँटों का हार मिला

BEWARE; You may expect Critical thinking to be fun, but it has it’s own way of making FUN of YOU. You’ll begin questing like…

“What’s the point 🙂 ” instead of  “What’s the Point 🙁 “

Self Awareness, Implicit bias, confirmation bias and there is whole list of cognitive bias….heavy words (Which is even difficult for me to remember; so I am going to stick to “Bias) what and what not, But a SERIOUS FUN.

Above all, It was Aman and Shraddha who made it easier to eat, chew and digest; Helped keep all useful and remove unwanted. Kudos to both of you for being their in the journey of Critical thinking otherwise I would have been in CRITICAL CONDITION, literary

Maktub – It is written

The last two days of integrity classes were full of long and deep sharing coming from all participants. The format from life class to love class to integrity class keeps getting more engaging and somewhat serious too in terms of critical thinking. Sharing problems and discussing possible roadmaps is helpful to a lot of people. The primary insight I received is that everybody is having some or other problems. People who seem very calm on the surface can have disturbing problems creating a storm of thoughts. 

The movie chosen by the facilitators was very much appropriate for the topic being discussed. Overall we had a good amount of sharing happening both days.

#integrity #maktub #fs

~ Nisarg S.

Journey from Knowing THE Problem to Possible Solution

This life class session was me suggesting solutions to others, evaluating my situation, sharing my recent problems with life class fellowmates which allowed to me get more clarity about where the real problem resides.
A big thanks to my well-wishers for suggesting possible solutions or ways I can deal with my Fears !
This actually gave me a relief and now I am on my Right Track to Crack the FEAR

जीना इसी का नाम है।

ज़िन्दगी छोटी है , हर हाल में खुश रहो।

काम में हो या आराम में, खुश रहो।

आज पनीर नहीं तो दाल में खुश रहो।

गाड़ी नहीं तो पैदल खुश रहो।

कोई नाराज़ हो तो उसीके अंदाज़ में खुश रहो।

कोई पास नहीं तो उसकी याद में खुश रहो।

बीते हुए कल की बातें भूल कर

आजकी नई शुरुआत में खुश रहो।

सुनो सब की, करो मन की,

इसी अंदाज़ को अपना के खुश रहो।

ज़िन्दगी तुम्हारी है, तरीका भी तुम्हारा।

इसी मनमानी में खुश रहो।

हर दिन नया दर्द, नई कठिनाई तो आएगी ही।

इन कठिनाइयों के चक्रवात में खुश रहो।

माना कठिनाइयों में मुस्कुराना नहीं आसान है।

हर पल में खुश रहो क्योंकि, जीना इसी का नाम है।

रीटा हासानी:-

A journey towards the shore

We are almost towards the end of the journey of critical thinking. We sailed through the waves of different biases through research and discussions. I was never knowing what unconscious bias I was using in my comments until I saw the video in my session which showed the real side of me.  The story of the lion and the boy who removed the thorn from the lion`s foot was an eye opener. We all need to look for the thorn we are carrying. No doubt we have done 7 habits, love class, Integrity, and then Critical thinking but every time when we Introspect we discover something new in us which we were missing out and this is the turning point of our life.

Looking forward to a wonderful and knowledgeable guest speaker session by an in-demand speaker for the last day of the life class.


લાઈફ ક્લાસ ના આ 2 દિવસ માં અમે રૅપ(RAP) શીટ વિષે ચર્ચા કરી અને બીજા દિવસે બપોર પછી અમે “વન્સ અગેઇન” મૂવી જોઈ હતી. મુવી ખુબજ પ્રેરણા દાયક અને સમાજ ની વાસ્તવિકતા દર્શાવતી હતી. આ બે દિવસ માં ક્લાસ ના દરેક સાંભયો એ પોતાના જીવન ની ચિંતાઓ, દુઃખ અને ડર વિષે ચર્ચા કરી. મેં પણ મારા જીવન ના અમુક વીતેલા ક્ષણો ને શેર કર્યા.
બે દિવસ નો અનુભવ ખુબજ સરસ અને આનંદિત રહ્યો.

Duniya me Kitna Gham he, Mera phir bhi kam he

Why God only me?

We always ask this question to the all mighty and never look around the pain that others have endured in their life. The sharing done through the RAP sheet and the challenges people have faced and are facing made me realized that what I have gone through in life is pretty insignificant to what other have gone through. Feel very thankful for the things that I have. We could feel the pain that each endured in their life. We cant give solution to anyone , for few there was no solution. What we could do was to extend our support to the ones who needed it.

Critical thinking – My journey

Critical thinking

यह सफ़र शुरु होते – होते अब अंतिम किनारे कब आ पहुँचा  पता भी नहीं चला |

बहुत सारा रिसर्च किया , अपने अनुभव ,गलतियाँ बे झिझक बताई | समस्याओं को अलग नजरियें से देखना सीखा | सिखने के लिए बहुत कुछ हैं बस हमारी सिखने की अभिलाषा होनी चाहिए | मनुष्य समाज का अहं हिस्सा है | सामाजिक जीवन में जो घटनाएँ चल रही है या होगी उसका कहीं न कहीं असर तो होता ही हैं | इस Critical thinking से मुझे जो लाभ मिला हैं ,उसके कारण मैं जागरुक एवं सतर्क रहकर सभी पहलूओं को जाँचें बिना कोई विधान नहीं करूँगी ऐसा दृढ़ निश्चय मैं कर पाई | इस Life class के कारण जिनके साथ कभी कार्य नहीं किए थे उनके साथ रुबरु चर्चा करने का एक सुनहरा मौका मिला |

अमन सर और श्रद्धा महोदया जी ने बहुत ही अच्छे से इसका संकलन किया | जरुरत के अनुसार अपने अनुभव भी हमसे साँझा किए |


Critical thinking sessions

We are approaching the end of our Critical Thinking classes and I got to learn a lot many things. Be it the biases, implicit bias, thorn/s in my life, finding/knowing myself. These sessions have helped me to a quite extent after listening various discussions, views from other participants, to become a better individual in life. Thank you.

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