Learning Skills and Kindness!!!

With the onset of the classes, we were taken through the session of making ourselves independent.

On day 1, we had the following sessions:

  • Investment plans
  • Taking sexuality education in one of the government schools in Pandesara.

Experience of Day 1 was quite enlightening as we had detailed discussion on how to save and invest for our future. This session was was conducted by ‘The Money Tree’ organization. The next session was taken up by Lubaina on Sexuality Education with the teachers which was later on taken up in girls school in Pandesara (G1 to G4). They were taught about the basic naming body parts and how to stay safe (okay, confusing and not okay touch). The participants were satisfied taking this session as the audience was completely naive. Imparting the knowledge was the basic need which was achieved. We had a discussion on whether sessions like this could be taken for other grades as well.

On day 2, the following sessions were taken for the enrichment of teachers:

  • How to organize files (Medical, LIC, Heath Care, etc)
  • Gardening
  • CPR and first aid

The first session was taken by Mr. Nirav Shah on how to stay organized with the important files. He gave a detailed explanation on how to be aware and how important it is to stay updated during emergencies. He also told us the importance of family security in regards to these policies.

Second session was all about how to take care of plants and what are the possible indicators of plants getting damaged by Mr. Sameer Allawadi. It was a great experience to learn about identifying the problems faced by the plants, things to be kept in mind while growing plants/in-house gardening.

Third session was about saving lives in an emergency situation using CPR and first aid. Each and every participant was given a chance to do the role play.




Shreya Chawla

Asif Patel

Ankit Reshamwala

On the way towards Happiness

Day-5 and 6

The very first thought of school reopening made me feel low,a day before the day at school was not so hectic and yet  I was feeling low, but let me tell you where there is a will there is a way. Happiness class has always helped me overcome such obstacles. I transformed into a super energetic person after experiencing “Padmasadhna” and “Sudarshan kriya”. It was surprising for me and my family to see me so energetic, where else  I was feeling low and was having fever a day before. Evening I went for a walk and 2 km was so easy for me even after the long day chores. The knowledge points gained in the session was also somewhere helping me to overcome my stress. I watched few videos of guruji where he spoke about the significance of turmeric and alkaline water.

I hope  this new learning will help me in future as well but only if I practice it religiously.

Reflection of Happiness

‘हैपीनेस’ जैसा नाम वैसा परिणाम,

जी लो, जैसा है जीना, कर लो मन जो चाहे करना,

तुम्हारी ख़ुशी किसी के लिए मत छोड़ना,

क्योंकि लोगों ने तो कुछ भी है कहना |

बहुत सोच लिया दूसरों के लिए,

अब तो खुद के लिए सोचो ,

बहुत जी लिया दूसरों के लिए,अब तो अपने लिए जी लो

बहुत मिल लिया लोगों से , अब तो स्वयं से मिल लो
स्वयं को जाने बिना क्या दूसरों को जान पाओगे ?

और क्या कोई तुमको ख़ुशी दे पायेगा ?

ख़ुशी ढूंढ़ते फिरते हो ,

कभी यहाँ , कभी वहाँ,

कभी मोबाइल में और कभी महंगी गाड़ी में |

पर ये जो खुद बेजान हैं, हमें क्या ख़ुशी दे पाएंगी !!!!

श्वासों की प्रक्रिया ही हमें हमारी ख़ुशी से मेल करवाएगी,

लेकिन यह सब नहीं इतना आसान,

करना होगा खुद से वादा,

खुद के रोके से भी न रुकेंगे |

कुछ यो पीड़ा सहनी होगी ,

तभी तो ख़ुशी की हमारे जीवन में कोई कीमत होगी |


Power lies within you

Every one has some or other problems or fears.  We general think why it is always me. Life is all about ups and downs just like our heartbeats if it is a straight line then we are not living. Accept it face the reality. Never Judge your life on many bad instances. If we will not come out of comfort zone and explore you will not able to know how much you are capable of. How much your life has stored for you. If you will get stick on past  sit and think  and then never able to live present and we waste your precious time.  Yes it is difficult it take time to come out of it. It is all about choices  you make in life can turn your life. When you  take power in your hands, change your thoughts. To live peacefully to move in life forgiveness is very important for healing growing. Forgive Live love laugh explore that’s life!! Cheers for your dreams!!


The Queen of My Own Life

There is always something new I learn everytime I watch “Queen”. It reminds me to never ever waste a Schengen visa (whenever I get it) for whatever reason. It teaches me to be brave and face whatever challenges life will tend to pose at any time. We are all someway or another someone as vulnerable as the lead character in the movie. The movie shows us that all it takes is really just that one push that is needed to break open from the chains of societal paradigms. Kuch toh log kahenge… Logo ka kam hai kehna..

Integrity_Queen Movie Reflection

Movie Queen talk about equality and being positive towards life, For being happy and to live your life fullest. You are the only reason to be happy, your happiness is not depend on anyone else, if you are not happy, you can not make anyone happy. We all have the fear to face the truth the reality and that’s what is there in the movie … face it, accept it and live your life as today is the last day, live it fullest as your happiness is not depends on anyone else but its only YOU who can make yourself happy, find the happiness in yourself.

It is very important to know, understand and most importantly, explore yourself, love your own self to be happy with someone else. Traveling to new places, meeting new people, and collecting different experiences develops your personality, and your outlook towards life. It is important to “meet yourself” before you meet “the one” to whom you would want to submit yourself in love.

your true friends will always be there with you in all your ups and down in your life, so cherish their friendship, love them unconditionally.

Don’t be scared, don’t runaway from the reality the fact accept it and live your life the way you want because you are the one who can make yourself happy, you don’t need anyone else to be happy and always remember that NO ONE CAN HURT YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION…

INTEGRITY-Queen Movie Reflection

face the reality, face your fear, face the fact the present situation, whatever it is however it is accept it ..it may be you dated a wrong person so what ? from that u learn a hard lesson. you chose a wrong major and had to start all over again. You cherished a friend who turned their back on you. it’s life. we LEARN, GET HURT, GET LOVED, WE CRY WE LAUGH and we do it allover again. Each experience we learn something and thats what we make us unique.

Don’t be puppet whose string in someone else’s hand, be independent and for that know yourself, do what you love to do, enjoy your own company, meet your true self and love yourself for all the things you love to do. Make a mark wherever you go, like in the movie after being dumped by the groom, Rani still went on the planned honeymoon alone and thats where she meet her self, where she met new people, make new friends, learn new things and become more confident.

Enjoy your freedom, be free from the sociatial thoughts and taboos, make your own rules to lead your life, Don’t let anyone over power your soul, your thoughts and real you, dont destroy your dreams and yourself for the sake of someone else, instead get up, gather the courage, face the fear and be ready to accept it in your own way.

Live your life in such a way as your never going to get another one, another day another moment. There is no way to hide, ignore or runaway from the present moment or reality, Always remember thats its only you can who can make yourself happy…. 🙂

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Image Source : https://bit.ly/2OMofz3


The sessions began with understanding the term – “Integrity”. Then the discussion revolved around the fears that we have. In the process of identifying, it was realized that what seems to be a fear on the surface, may not be the real fear. In fact, the root cause of it will lead to the other fear.

The movie revolved around a girl who takes challenges in her life and tries to come out of her comfort zone. This movie shows fears that she has and how she tries to overcome that. In the earlier sessions, we already discussed our fears and problems. We also tried to understand the root cause of it. In the final analysis, it came to “I can’t handle it.”. This movie also helped us relate this statement with our lives as well.

It was relatable as the message from the movie was clear – “You only have to work on your fears. Accept them and try to overcome them by facing it. In the process, you confront your emerged self.”

It has been an enriching experience so far. Thanks to both the facilitators for creating an opportunity to grow.

I look forward to having the same sessions and discussions.