7 Habits & Love – ALPHA

Life is a journey that often requires a map to navigate through its complexities. In the realm of personal development and self-improvement, Sean Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” offers an invaluable guide. With the help of this live class session the facilitator took us on a journey of the practicality of life. We did a lot of self reflection on a few critical real life situations which we don’t wonder about on a regular basis and to my knowledge I mark it as the climax of the session. Furthermore, we focused on our understanding of paradigm and the proximate shifts of it pertaining to our mindset. 

This session intrigues me as I learned a lot about myself and about how to live a more effective and fulfilling life, to which I can say that will help me make more sound judgments. I am grateful for the facilitator’s guidance and support. It reinforced the significance of critical thinking in my personal and professional life, empowering me to question, analyze, and evaluate the significance of my actions more effectively.

Huge shout out to our facilitatorsThey’re the best, of course.

(Miss. Munira Navsariwala and Miss. Jahnvi Mulchandani)



7 Habits and Love – Alpha

I’d like to seize this moment to express my sincere gratitude for the dedication exhibited by our facilitators Miss Munira Navsariwala and Miss. Jahnvi Mulchandani. From the very beginning, the session was engaging, and in a short span, they skillfully kept us united. The workshop proved to be exceptionally beneficial in unveiling habits and emotions. The spectrum of feelings that each participant shared during the workshop served as a clear testament to the triumph of the event. Hats off to the facilitators for their unwavering efforts, and applause to the team members for being attentive participants and partners in our collective growth.

Critical Thinking: Theta (Chaahat)

In kickstarting the critical thinking class for the year 2023-24, we delved into the realms of critical thinking, theory of knowledge, and the exploration of sources of knowledge. The agenda was thoughtfully designed to foster discussions on the interplay between science and beliefs, the importance of critical thinking in real-life scenarios, and the examination of the movie “Oppenheimer.” Throughout the session, we engaged in stimulating conversations about critical thinking, its significance in our lives, and its application in various scenarios. We explored the intricate relationship between science and beliefs, delving into the complexities of reconciling empirical evidence with deeply held convictions. One highlight of the life class was the screening of the movie “Oppenheimer,” which provided a thought-provoking exploration of critical thinking and its ethical implications. We analyzed the characters’ decision-making processes, dissecting the moral dilemmas they faced. This exercise allowed us to reflect on the importance of critical thinking in navigating complex situations and making sound judgments. Furthermore, we delved into real-life scenarios where critical thinking becomes paramount. From ethical dilemmas to problem-solving challenges, we examined how applying critical thinking skills can lead to better outcomes and more informed decision-making.
Overall, the life class was an incredibly insightful experience that left a lasting impact on my approach to knowledge and decision-making. It reinforced the significance of critical thinking in our personal and professional lives, empowering us to question, analyze, and evaluate information more effectively.

– Chaahat Dhall

7 Habits & Love – Alpha

A Warm Thank You to Jaanvi Mulchandani Ma’am for this session.These two days of Life Class of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that really being informative and valuable as i learn how these habits can make my life effective.The knowledge I acquire from this session will positive effect on my professional growth and as well as my Personal development.My understanding became better about this live class when I saw the experiences of my colleagues.

7 HABITS AND LOVE – Uday Patel

Imagine your very first session exceeding all expectations, filling you with delight. Jaanvi Mulchandani wonderfully used real-life stories to unlock fulfilling life. With her engaging style, learning became pure fun. By sharing relatable examples, she showed us how to embrace habits that bring peace and happiness. A big thank you to Jaanvi Mulchandani for a session that promises to shape a brighter future. Let’s take these lessons to heart and embark on a journey to a more peaceful and joyful life.

Critical Thinking: ETA’23-24

Both the sessions of the Critical Thinking life class have been truly insightful as well as thought-provoking. It’s not just about analyzing arguments; it’s about refining my own thoughts, questioning assumptions, and making well-informed decisions. It has helped me recognize and identify things around which was unnoticed or never thought of, approach issues more openly, and engage in more meaningful conversations. My major takeaway from both sessions has to be thinking more openly and analyzing things from various perspectives.

Morality v/s Responsibility

Critical thinking liberates us from prejudice, bias, and ideological brainwashing. Critical thinking is essential for both realisation and defence. Moral decision-making and analysis is the process of trying to differentiate between what is right and wrong and then selecting and justifying one decision.
The Oppenheimer film was highly appropriate for our topic, we learned about the complex nature of critical thinking. Oppenheimer’s unwavering commitment to critical thinking, his constant search for knowledge, and his battle with the weight of responsibility can be seen throughout the film. As the experiment proceeds, he begins to doubt the morality of developing such a deadly power, as well as the consequences of its use in combat.
This movie brilliantly shows how capable humans are of both creation and destruction, and it challenges us to critically think about the importance of using knowledge responsibly and the risks of unchecked advancement.

Life Class Eta 2023-24 Afsar Shaikh

Critical Thinking is definitely here to change the way we think. I have been looking forward to attending this Life Class for as long as I have heard about it from other teachers. The discussions taken up in the session are really eye-opening and shows how differently people can perceive things and so many things that we may find trivial are not so.

The discussions have just begun but I can see the willingness of my classmates to listen to other people’s perspectives and then respond with a balance of Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence. The facilitators are great mediators in the session and have always made sure that everyone is given a chance to speak and is heard as well.

The movie screening of Oppenheimer was an amazing kickstart for the session. The discussions taken post the movies were of great help in understanding the development of Scientific ideas.

Looking forward to many more such sessions.