Integrity (Zeta) 2019-20

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others want you to be, rather than being yourself.”
― Shannon L. Alder

There is no doubt that the majority of people in the world are knowingly or unknowingly living a life which is not what they aspire for. A life driven and guided by someone else or may be to make someone or some people happy. This is a harsh reality and even if we ignore it, the bitter truth remains. Among all this chaos and hustle-bustle comes a breeze of fresh air in the form of life classes that we have in our school. It has been three years, we have been a part of these classes but we still feel butterflies in our stomach thinking about the next session. It’s not only the learning and new approach that we have acquired towards life through these sessions, but more than that it is the relationships that we have developed during the course that we cherish. We all are a part of Integrity class and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every session this year which began with the discussion of our prime thoughts and its possible effects in our lives. It was an eye opening session as we got to know the probable reasons of our certain behaviours which were unexplained earlier. We also discussed our personal and professional problems at great length and that was possible only because of the immense trust and respect that we have for everyone in the team. We listened to everyone patiently and analysed every problem critically and came to a unanimous conclusion so as to help everyone come out of any distressful situation they are in with a promise to follow it. But, alas the icing on the cake was the visit to the orphanage of differently abled which was a true realisation of why it is important to count your blessings. All the discussions and cribbing about our slightest discomfort in life looked so trivial in front of the challenges these people are facing. We spent a couple of hours with them and it was a pure joy to serve them or help them in whatever way we could. It was a lump in the throat moment to witness them savouring the simple meal or singing their favourite songs with panache. It was a moment of a lifetime and we left that place with a heavy heart and a promise to see them again. It is impossible to forget the lessons we learned and the camaraderie that we shared throughout the year and it will remain with us forever. I hope we continue to share the same bond and same members in the upcoming life classes next year with new goals, new insights and more wisdom.

Reflection of missed life class on the 8th of February 2020.

I was not able to attend the Life class because of my drama show in Bombay.

I am in the 7 habit life class, and the topic of the class was the 7th habit “Sharpen the saw”.

  1. First, everyone did Yoga after arriving at the school.
  2. After breakfast, everybody did the dance activity and then continued with the discussion left on the previous day, and it was to make a team of 5 people from your group or the class and it was the activity of 6th habit “synergize”, after that everyone had some conversation on the same and then reflected on their learning of the activities which they have done in the morning (Yoga and Dance activity)
  3. Sharpen the saw means to have balance in the four areas of life, like 1) Physical, 2) Social / Emotional, 3) Mental, 4) Spiritual. 
  4. All these four activities can help you to handle almost everything in life, Sharpen the saw can help you to be “YOU”. In this habit, we can say that everything that makes you happy you should do that activity to keep yourself happy and relaxed. 
  5. At the last, the facilitators asked everyone to bring a glass bottle and on that glass bottle, everyone has to do quilling activity to decorate the glass bottle as they like.
  6. If one is properly doing the “Sharpen the saw” then that person can do other 6 habits very easily because he\she is doing what he\she loves to do what makes them happy, so they can give their 100% in their job or other work.
  7. In the last facilitators asked to play a Kahoot game individually to everyone.

If I would say that listening to music and watching and doing Dramas make me happy and if that is making me happy I should do those things to make the balance in my personal life and as well as in professional life. 


Thank you.

Life Class (7 Habits – Alpha)

Life class was new for me when I joined the fountainhead school, and other organizations do not provide this type of class.

Life class is for life long learners. 

  • Mainly, It covers 4 parameters, which includes Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional dimensions of Life. As per my perception, If we balance above 4 parameters in our daily routine / our life, then we get the best result in professional and personal life with happiness.
  • Sometimes, I realize that some of the important factors & the negative factors of myself. I will work upon those factors & improve it.
  • We did many activities in Lifeclass, which was very interesting & interactive. All credit goes to Bhumika ma’am, Richa ma’am & Fountain Head School for giving wonderful insight about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

Ultimately, It is the process to build/create ourselves in a proper manner, which includes behavior, character, relationship, etc.


Life class teaches me a lot. 

All the members & facilitators of the ALPHA group – Thanks a lot.


Singing – Bhumit Kansara

The only thing better than singing is more singing. – Ella Fitzgerald

I was very passionate about singing and this year I got an opportunity to understand singing (vocals) in depth by getting myself enrolled for Singing in Life Class. Premsagar Sir started session with making us understand the basics of piano like classification of keys (Mandra, Madhya and Taar Saptak (Octave), its settings and adjustments, etc.

We were further introduced to:
– Different Raagas (Bhupali and Yaman)
– Breathing Techniques
– Sargam Geet with Raag Bhupali
– Aakars and Humming Practice
– Head and chest voice
– Notes (High and Low)
– Harmony Singing and Choir
– Ostinato
– Kharaj
– Rhythm
– Pitches (High & Low) and Voice Control
– Expressions with singing

We have practiced various songs in Hindi, Gujarati and Bengali languages.

We have also done individual recording of the song our choice. The link to my recording:

Thank you Premsagar Sir for conducting such wonderful sessions as I have improved a lot on my vocal skills.

7 Habits Alpha- Hardik Bhimajiyani

I think every person in the world should go through the life class as all are so busy in their schedule that they don’t even realize or get time for assessing their life and check where they are heading in life.

I took a note to always rely on myself and trust my ability to achieve desired results. I have set some goals in life and these classes gave me a way to attain them. I am now proactive in achieving my goals.

I got this opportunity to invest time in myself and retaliate accordingly. I had a paradigm shift in my thoughts of looking at my problems, rating them and solving them as a whole. I learned good time management and planning skills. I also planned to give myself 7 hours a week for recreational purposes. 

I asked myself the question; “What is one thing that, if done on a regular basis, would bring a massive positive difference in my personal and professional life?” and was able to answer it at the end. 

Only when we become strong and confident in our mind, body, heart, and spirit we can help others by inspiring and motivating them to seek such success and effectiveness in their lives too.

Life classes help me to see the situation and problems with different perspectives.It helps me to think about that, maybe others view are different from me but also their views are right on her/his side.After attending life class i try to make myself proactive not reactive, i will try to first understand what the other person wants to say then give any suggestion or explanation.
I am also thankful to Juhi ma’am Anita ma’am for giving wonderful insight about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people.
I am very grateful to Fountainhead school for conducting such sessions where we get the opportunity to learn.

Akash Gilitwala -7 Habits Alpha

Life class seemed intriguing to me, the name suggested a preaching methodology with a wholesome guidance or a path to sustain my life’s journey. On the very first day we were pioneered to the topic of PARADIGM and my paradigm a.nent life class was also detonated on that very day. It was more of a bilateral session between facilitators and us with lots of sharing of experiences.

Life classes enlightened me to introspect myself with a variety of questions which I had never even thought of. My extent of living and dealing with the same world with the same people before and after life classes have taken a turn completely. 

Something which I cherished in life classes were movie sessions, it was a different experience all together, I had outburst of my emotions in both the movies we watched, I cried and changed myself a little more. In the reflections of those, I spoke a little more. 

These classes were glasses to see people and the world in a different and better way. I became more empathetic and sympathetic. Assorted activities led me to melt, break the ice between souls and accredited me to put my point. 

We talked about 7-habits in session, it taught me to see, to evaluate and then to act. 

“I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday”.

I will try to be a model and not a critic, I will try to be a part of the solution and not a part of a problem.

7 habits Alpha

It’s within you! You are the creator of your own life!

I believe in 3C: Choice, Chance & Change. I believe that everyone has a choice to take a chance and make a change in their life. I attended so many classes in my life. But this life class change my perspective about what is life and what is really important in life through 7 habits.

I am also thankful to Bhumika ma’am and Richa ma’am for giving such wonderful insight about 7 habits of highly effective people.

A glimpse of life class

  • I change my paradigm about how people think for me.
  • Understand people’s perspectives and respect other’s viewpoints.
  • Art of listening 
  • Circle of influence and circle of concern
  • Making mission statements
  • 4 aspect of self-renewal (Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional)
  • Lots of fun and love from ALPHA group member and facilitator

Love & Respect,

Nikunj Patel

Pursue your passion

This year, I chose ‘pursue your passion’ as my life class option. I believe in equal rights for all living beings. My passion is to work on some of the SDGs which I have selected as my personal goals as a part of doing my bit for my surroundings.

I started with working on goal 15 of the SDG which is ‘life on land’. As a part of this, the first thing I wanted to do was to get the vaccination done of the dogs which stay on the streets as they have nowhere to go. These innocent beings can’t even express their grief.

So, the first two days of life class which were in June, following things were done- vaccination of dogs in two areas of the city. Meeting SMC officials to ask for allotment of land for the dogs in the city so that they do not need to live on the streets. This involved sitting for long hours waiting for the person in charge but with no success. This gave me a reality check about how things work when it comes to living beings other than humans. It was disappointing but had to accept it.

During the next two days of life class which were in August, I did not plan anything as I wanted to attend the Guru Cool fiesta so I attended fitness and singing class during these two days. It was such an enlightening experience to learn singing from a facilitator who has such in-depth knowledge of singing and appreciation for music.

Later, in October, I got a fracture on sports day so during life class in November, I had to continue with attending singing and fitness class.

In the meantime, right from August to November, a lot of things changed for me on a personal level as well in terms of my goal. I did a lot of research, watched certain movies on contributors to global warming and found out that meat and dairy are one of the big contributors. I never had meat in my life and I gave up on dairy products in September 2019 and became vegan, all for my love for animals and their rights. Of course it did contribute to my goals in some way.

So, right from June, I have been working on my goals related to SDGs, I could only use the first two official days of life class for the same but I have been working on it since then on days other than life class days and will continue doing the same.

I had to join singing and fitness group right from day 3 and 4 of life class for reasons mentioned above. Attending singing and fitness class was a worthwhile experience.

Life Class Reflection

As the name itself says Life Classes are all learning about life through a book “SEVEN HABITS” written by “Stephen Covey”. It is when you peak within yourself and figure out how you can make your life happier. It gives you more clarity of dealing with different personal and professional relationships around you.
The most important thing that I have learnt from this class is to sneak time for yourself and inculcate certain habits which are really very important. After attending this class I have started forming a habit of Reading. I have also learnt how important it is to cultivate healthy habits in order to live a healthy life. You can calmly handle everything around you and win hearts rather than frustrating and loosing relationships. I express my heartiest gratitude to fountainhead school for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much Juhi ma’am and Anita ma’am for being so patient and for all the sharing.

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