7 Habits Alpha- Hardik Bhimajiyani

I think every person in the world should go through the life class as all are so busy in their schedule that they don’t even realize or get time for assessing their life and check where they are heading in life.

I took a note to always rely on myself and trust my ability to achieve desired results. I have set some goals in life and these classes gave me a way to attain them. I am now proactive in achieving my goals.

I got this opportunity to invest time in myself and retaliate accordingly. I had a paradigm shift in my thoughts of looking at my problems, rating them and solving them as a whole. I learned good time management and planning skills. I also planned to give myself 7 hours a week for recreational purposes. 

I asked myself the question; “What is one thing that, if done on a regular basis, would bring a massive positive difference in my personal and professional life?” and was able to answer it at the end. 

Only when we become strong and confident in our mind, body, heart, and spirit we can help others by inspiring and motivating them to seek such success and effectiveness in their lives too.

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