Reflections after the 3rd Circle


We listened and shared our thoughts and views on organizing and being connected with each other. We talked about moving from transaction to trust in all our relationships and how that would help us deepen our connections.

We delved into deeper understanding of organizing and connections and how these are same and different from our friendships at the workplace and beyond that.

Reflection by Ritu Chopra

Reflection by Sanjana Amarnani on work life balance

Reflection by Ankita Diwekar Kabra on the above article

This article reminded me of something.
In the past, I have had this conversation with some teacher who said there is a lot of ” work pressure” or ” work stress” at fountainhead . I said there is a lot of work yes.. the pressure and the stress is something that we need to work on because work will always be there.

Thoughts of the anchor:
Great share !
As I ponder on work/ life balance, a very important perspective which is very interesting to dive deep in to is,
Are there any answers to questions of life?? Or the mind which poses such questions is more important to understand then the questions itself??


Gender bias (Can it influence the way we think?)

Whenever I conduct a session on Life Skills – Finance with any grade, I mostly observe boys taking active part in the discussion and learning but not all girls participate. I thought initially may be it is only in one section and then may be only in one grade. But no it was consistent almost all places.

Do we have a gender bias or any paradigm here? Why there are few topics from which we refrain to participate? Why there are so many mental blocks, which stop us from being the part of discussions? Why we think it is okay to ignore or at times to accept?

Few instances from my life where I thought not to respond, but not sure if that was the right thing?!

— I was at a birthday party few days back. One of the females was discussing about how one CA – Mr. A is earning good because of his practice. To which my mom responded my daughter is also CA and the female’s immediate response was “Arre re then why are you a teacher?” not stopping for me to respond she concluded “Ya but for females, having own practice is not the right option, teaching is safe.” I ignored responding her then.

— In order to retaliate after the 18 September attack on the army base in Uri in Indian-administered Kashmir, MNS wanted to ban release of movies like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Raees because both movies had Pakistani actors in leading roles. In a heated argument at home where almost all believed that this is right, I wanted to say it was not logical to ban the movie. I had reasons too (a) the actors were not to be blamed for this and (b) even if you want to blame them/the entire Pakistan for this attack, still how’ll it create a loss to them. They did the movie, they got money and now if the movies are banned it is a loss to our people (Indian economy). But again I thought it is better not to respond.

Today I came across this very short video which talks about, how from childhood a girl is conditioned into what she can’t do and what she should do. If she is a leader she ll be labelled as bossy. Rather than supporting her to fulfil her ambitions she ll be asked to change them completely. This video made me think that is it possible to completely come out of these biases or will I pass it on further to others in future?

Also after watching the video I went to the site of Ignite, the organisation that made this video. Some interesting things they are doing, worth a look. This organisation aims at building a political ambition in young girls. They are into various activities, which you may like to explore. I liked one of their programs wherein they are making attempts to empower young girls along with their mothers, in politics. The program is for mother-daughter together.

(P.S. – I have used “we” but I know not all females specially in our CT group fall into this category, but then still there are many who I think ll be able to relate to this post)


Critical Thinking- Reflection!!

Before starting the class- critical thinking- I always believed that  we all do our best by thinking rightly and making correct decisions- about our choices in life- whether it’s planning for career/ finance to the smallest thing like buying a soap.

So I wonder what will be there in this workshop- Are there types of thinker? Or guidelines about thinking in a correct manner.

In this complex world- I choose to lead a happy and simple life and during any problem or on taking decisions- I mostly prefer to choose things which are simple and quick.

Once the workshop started we were asked about our own definitions of critical thinking- For me- critical thinking is thinking by considering all the aspects like- impact whether positive or negative on my life and people associated with me.

I was happy with my answer as I believed I am doing pretty good job in taking decisions…

After attending the sessions- I was able to reflect that I too have many biases which do reflect in my thinking which eventually affects my decisions.
I realized that I have Bandwagon effect- which states- The tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same. I have always been told- You should respect your elders and never question their decisions- So many times I just do the things which they have done- whether choosing a restaurant for giving parties or going to the same doctor or investing in fixed deposits. I even realized that many time I feel it’s safe and why to waste time in searching.
I also have- Duration neglect- I believe I have lots of time in the world. So I tend to delay things- There are many things but majorly I feel I neglected my health thinking I have lots of time for which I do feel guilty after realizing.
After the session, I have started keeping a check on my decisions and doing my best to avoid these biases.

After 4 sessions there has been a small change in my thinking- now I try to evaluate things and take decisions- Like planning a holiday- considering all factors- seeing through a different lens- moving out of my comfort zone- trying to read reviews as well as cross questioning my beliefs.
I try not to be judgmental- instead, I try to find out- try to understand/ experience and then decide.
I started prioritizing things by changing my mindset and understanding value of time.

I understood in life choices can be simple but while making a choice one must be a critical thinker!!


Thank you 🙂