Integrity & Emotional Intelligence – Theta”The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

I loved the spirit and enthusiasm and great sense of humor of our facilitators. During these two days’ sessions, we discussed how to deal with our fears and what action to be taken. I feel that Many times, your worries are a direct result of the fact that you’re not in control of everything. The things that are in your control, you can manage just fine. If things are turbulent right now and anxiety is beating up on you, you can get your peace back. But it takes looking in the mirror, acknowledging the truth, and making changes. So training your brain to accept that there’s no threat will help you to switch off the fear response. You’ll soon realize that it’s the fear of fear that you fear, nothing else. And that will eventually become easy to manage.


Integrity + EI- Eta

The start to this year’s life classes was a great experience.Well, i knew what integrity was before we started but now the meaning has become purposive, and up until now i knew my mistakes as mistakes only but then we make mistakes due to some or the other factor and one such was FEAR.

The previous two years and this year’s two classes have already given a depth to the life I have lived till now, it is all coming together in a very positive way.  The activities firstly diminished the awkwardness within the newly allocated participants this year, the sharing gradually increased with comfort from each other and the facilitators have been patiently listening to us as well as catering to each and every participant’s understanding.


Looking forward to the next…..

Who tries to keep shut your critical thinking? and the truth is have two sides. with positive and negative effects.

The Critical Thinking session 1 and 2 was really very impulsive and heated. where we actually got to know how sometimes we are caught in our assumptions, conclusions, and beliefs without having proper knowledge which may lead us to wrong decisions. it also proves that if we have proper knowledge of any beliefs or conclusions they may be right but the truth can differ from person to person. a person may be wrong or right but the truth stays in its place.

And when it is wrong

Docter A:- You have an 80% chance of full recovery

Patient assumptions

Docter B:- There is a 20% chance that you will dai after being treated
Patient assumptions

What generally tries to keep shut your critical thinking?

Biasedness and Manipulation

How to avoid assumptions?
there are many ways to improve our chances — and one particularly effective technique is critical thinking. This is a way of approaching a question that allows us to carefully deconstruct a situation, reveal its hidden issues — such as bias and manipulation — and make the best decision.
steps to follow

1: Formulate your question.
2: Gather your information.
3: Apply the information — something you do by asking critical questions.
4: Consider the implications.
5: Explore other points of view.

My painting experience weekend

I was always interested in drawing, painting but I was not having the skill to do it. It was a wonderful opportunity to get myself enroll. I enjoyed both the days.

On day 1- I loved canvas painting. Where we observed nature, we reflect on our thoughts and portrayed it on canvas.

On the next day we learnt Phad art which was focusing on Rajasthani culture. We learnt how do they use colors, materials, design.

Indeed my weekend was colorful.

Where my thoughts, images, stories, color were on the paper

Making my heart sing…

and soul dance.

I went home feeling very happy and looking forward.

Reflection on the first two sessions of Integrity and EI class

Being the batch to have both the topics of Integrity and Emotional intelligence together, we had a very experience on the first two days of our session. We started the class with sharing personal thoughts on the topic integrity. We drew logo of what integrity means to us. A good sharing of the perspectives lead us to the clearer vision of how integrity is a set of values which include many things in itself. We then had discussion about what stops us from following the principles of integrity. This lead us the discussion of fear. We learned about the types of fear. We saw how each and every type of fear is connected and related them to our personal lives as well. We had a very good sharing of our perspectives and we also leveled our fears. We discussed how can the fears be overcome. Short videos that we watched gave us a greater insight on the topics of how we need to overcome our fear on our own for our own emotional and mental well being. I am curious to learn more about the topic. Glad to have facilitators that are so understanding and are always there to listen their group members.

Integrity at its best…! A talk from Intergrity & EI – ETA

A very worthwhile and very timely session for myself and for our fractured world. Connecting with others during the session through vulnerable, shared, human needs was so valuable. I liked constantly mixing up participants so we could interact with everyone. Our facilitators guided me all the way through by asking questions, standing with me when I was in pain, and maybe most important, holding space so I felt safe to dive into my pain. From this deepening experience, there was space to create a new belief!

Thank you @Urvashi mam @Abheek sir for this.

I found the session inspiring, interesting and so helpful to understand myself and my communication better. I have more clarity in understanding my feelings (and) needs and observing my judgments, stories, and assumptions. I found it very valuable to deeply understand my needs (before) choosing actions that I can take.

“Thank you, especially for the opportunity to learn new skills in a safe, friendly, peaceful space.

To our facilitators – you were kind, caring facilitators, friendly and approachable.

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