Reflection on the first two sessions of Integrity and EI class

Being the batch to have both the topics of Integrity and Emotional intelligence together, we had a very experience on the first two days of our session. We started the class with sharing personal thoughts on the topic integrity. We drew logo of what integrity means to us. A good sharing of the perspectives lead us to the clearer vision of how integrity is a set of values which include many things in itself. We then had discussion about what stops us from following the principles of integrity. This lead us the discussion of fear. We learned about the types of fear. We saw how each and every type of fear is connected and related them to our personal lives as well. We had a very good sharing of our perspectives and we also leveled our fears. We discussed how can the fears be overcome. Short videos that we watched gave us a greater insight on the topics of how we need to overcome our fear on our own for our own emotional and mental well being. I am curious to learn more about the topic. Glad to have facilitators that are so understanding and are always there to listen their group members.

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