7 habits Alpha

The very first thing that comes to my mind when I think about life classes is how much I’ve learned in these 5 days. It has taught me something that I couldn’t possibly learn in all these years. It has been a pleasure to learn from my life class co attendees. It is pure bliss to see strangers turn into buddies. Our group is blessed with people of different backgrounds and histories. Learning from their past experiences has been a true treat. We’ve learned to be expressive and to embrace the feeling of emotions together. Little did I know that sincerely implementing these habits can change one’s life. I could observe a positive attitude towards life. Appreciating little things in life is the key to our happiness. All of this wouldn’t be possible without our facilitators Rashida ma’am and Jimmi ma’am. They’ve helped us in creating a positive environment with a sense of belonging and security. I look forward to learning and growing together!


Fine tuning of Mission statement

The RAP sheet helped to reflect on the fear I have. The questions of it helped me to introspect the paradigm I was I having about the fear. This also helped me to create an action plan to move from pain to power.

The movies shown in 2 days lifeclasses also contributed to help me understand legitimate and illegitimate pains we carry if we don’t take act.


Integrity !

In these two days’ sessions, we discussed how to deal with our fears and what action to be taken. We saw two movies and a short film, by which real-life connections were made. We also filled the Rap Sheet, which brought us more clarity. We framed the mission statement, and the paradigms behind the action to be taken.

It’s all in our head

Life is a learning curve. We can make our goals and we can reiterate time and again. I realised that there are so many things I have to achieve and it is a step wise thing, I will learn and I will continue to grow and follow an action plan and I might grow in the due process.

Pain to power

With the help 2 movies “Kuch bheege alfaz” and Mimi we related to different levels of pain, legitimate and illegitimate suffering and plan of action in order to overcome that pain. We also filled a RAP sheet that was supposed to help us dig deep the pain and fear and plan of actions, based on which we wrote personal and professional mission statement.

Rap sheet- Day 4 and 5

We saw 2 movies(Kuch beegey Alfaz and Mimi) which helped us understand how we should take responsibility for our fears. It was evident through reflection and sharing that till we don’t deal with our innermost fears it will hamper our present in some ways. We also filled the RAP sheet which helped us frame our mission statement.

Integrity- Theta

Are you responsible for your pain? Do you blame others for any wrong doings with you? Is it you who is actually in charge for you pain and thinking? What made you fixed on your old paradigms?
And many more questions around this to ponder on in the session. Filling up RAP (Results Action Paradigms) gave me more clarity and power to own thoughts, actions and pains. Ohh and let’s not forget how gala our session was with fun and laughter with our amazing participants.

Integrity theta day 4&5

I have understood the type of fears and level 3 fear and i have seen the movies and discuss the reflection. We understand the type of fears with movies. We also read about responsibilities and how to accept it. Sir also talked about accepting  mistakes and  moving ahead  in life.


straining in this class we reframe are mission statement and work on RAP sheet .  we watch a movie “MIMI” and its so hart touching Movie for me ,  learned in this class so many new thing and also connect with own life .  and most important think we realized  how we are responsible for our own actions and blame to others .

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