Reflection on D5 and 6 Critical thinking class-Lota

On D5 and 6 of our Critical thinkig life class, The exploration of religious biases left a lasting impression on me, unveiling the intricate ways in which our perspectives and convictions ebb and flow with the tides of circumstance. The diverse array of learning tools employed, including videos, articles, group discussions, and debates, has been instrumental in cultivating a more nuanced and critical approach to understanding topics as complex as belief systems, rituals, customs, and traditions.

One of the key takeaways for me has been the realization that critical thinking is not merely an intellectual exercise but a dynamic process deeply intertwined with our values and actions. The class emphasized how it’s important to combine our beliefs with careful thinking about what is morally right. This mix is crucial for dealing with the complexities of ideas like God, religion, and tradition.

The guest speaker sessions with Vardan sir and Parag sir were particularly illuminating. Their insights not only broadened my perspective but also provided practical insights that I foresee being immensely beneficial in navigating future discussions and debates. The diversity of thought they brought to the table served as a powerful catalyst for fostering an emerging thinking power within me.

In essence, these two days have been pivotal in shaping my understanding of critical thinking and its applicability to topics that often elude easy comprehension. I feel equipped not only to engage in thoughtful discourse but also to approach these discussions with a heightened sensitivity to the diverse beliefs and values held by others.

Life Class – Love (Beta) (Day 5 & 6)

Days 5 and 6 of the life classes were centered around the profound theme of “Love,” offering participants a rich tapestry of insightful discussions and enjoyable activities. The sessions not only delved into the nuances of love but also began with an exploration of discipline and its diverse array of tools.
The discussions on discipline provided a platform for diverse perspectives, offering a holistic view of its application in our lives. Exploring the intersections of “Discipline” and “Love” allowed for a deeper understanding of how these concepts intertwine. The invaluable insights gained from the discussions are poised to become a lasting takeaway.
One highlight was the exploration of four seemingly simple yet challenging tools of discipline. Recognizing their significance in fostering a life imbued with love, these tools are now poised to become a guiding principle for personal growth. The commitment to incorporating these tools into daily life reflects a genuine desire for a more fulfilling and love-infused existence.
The inclusion of engaging activities, presentations, and skits added a layer of enjoyment to the learning experience. The combination of fun-loving elements and thoughtful discussions created a dynamic and enriching environment. Participating in skits not only provided entertainment but also served as a creative outlet, reinforcing key concepts in a memorable way.
Energizers, woven into the fabric of the classes, served as vital breaks, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding among class members. These moments of shared laughter and connection contributed to the development of stronger bonds within the group.
In essence, the classes on “Love” were a holistic experience, seamlessly blending insightful discussions with enjoyable activities. The exploration of discipline and its connection to love, coupled with the practical tools introduced, has left a lasting impression. The collective journey through activities, presentations, skits, and energizers has not only enriched individual perspectives but has also deepened the sense of community within the class.

Life class – Love (Beta) (Day 5 & 6)

Life class continues to be a fun, philosophical ride. Having finished with the 7 habits, we had Love class this time, where we learnt about the types of pain (legitimate and illegitimate), as well as discipline, and what real love looks like.

My key takeaways was how to build discipline realistically – not to rush everything at once, but to take things one day at a time, and being consistent. I also got to know of a recommended self-help book – “The Road Less Travelled” by Scott Peck, and I am going to check it out at the earliest.

I like how we were set up with a random person from the class, and got to know them better. My conversations with Mahmood sir were illuminating, and we shared conversation about life and world, and I learnt to consider new perspectives which I appreciate.

I also appreciate the potluck as it brought us closer, a lighthearted moment in between the sessions.

The movie served as a CFU for all our learnings – as well as being a valuable experience for what NOT to do in some situations 😛


Entering the magical world of the “Love” class had me excited because, well, love is just so interesting! I’ve been through the happy and tough parts of love, so I was eager to learn new things and maybe make sense of my own experiences. Even though I didn’t read “The Road Less Travelled” by Scott Peck, the cool stuff the facilitators shared totally made sense to me. Legitimate pain and illegitimate pain were like new puzzle pieces that fit into my understanding.

I liked when we all shared in groups and talked about our feelings. That part always helps me learn from others. But you know what? I kinda wished we moved around more or did more activities to really get the lessons into our hearts. There were fewer games and stuff this time compared to the class about the 7 habits.

The potluck thing was a surprise, but it made the class feel like a big family dinner, which was nice. The movie we watched on the last day was cool, but what if we flipped things around? Imagine watching the movie on the first day and then having the class connect the lessons to it. Oh, and a fun game or quiz between two groups on the last could make it super fun!

Big thanks to our facilitators, Jyoti Banthia and Sufyan Saiyed. They were calm and understanding, like the cool big siblings you can talk to about anything. They shared their wisdom, and I’m thankful for that. Can’t wait for the next edition!

Life Class day 5&6 blog( Critical Thinking)

Life class about critical thinking gives me an emerge thinking power about different topic like Believing in God, Religion, Ritual, custom, tradition etc. I got to know that moral values and action is must required along with believing in something. Through life class i also learned about how does ethics work in prioritizing things. ultimately the session was quite interesting and thoughtful.

7 habits & Love class- Beta (Days 5 & 6)

Days 5 & 6 offered us new perspectives as we explored the complex concepts of discipline and love. It’s funny how life gives you reality check sometimes, and one of the most important lessons we learned was that life is challenging. The irony is that the difficulty seems to lessen as soon as we completely understand and embrace this fact. Knowing life’s challenges reduces their complexity, much like deciphering a hidden code.

As we investigated the ideas of legitimate and illegitimate suffering, our inquiry into the understanding of pain took an intriguing turn. Even while I debated calling some illegitimate pain unjustified, I couldn’t argue against the need of accepting and recognizing it. Maybe I simply dislike the fact that some pain is so disregarded by society that its cause becomes logically insignificant to the person too leading them to repress it. 

Discipline turned into a focus, and a fellow member said something that stuck with me- love is a verb which is an action word, and love as an action, necessitates discipline. It was quite beautifully put according to me. Our investigation of the four discipline tools –  delaying gratification, acceptance of responsibility, dedication to truth, and balancing – opened up a world of introspection. My group was assigned the task of explaining acceptance of responsibility, which turned out to be not only entertaining but also extremely insightful.

According to Scott Peck, the discussions on love were equally fascinating, ranging from personal definitions to debunking misconceptions and exploring non-examples. Love, as we discovered, transcends conventional notions, and it was eye-opening to challenge our preconceived notions about it.

We concluded the day by watching the film “Fair Play.” Even though I didn’t particularly like it, it did a good job of portraying the harsh reality of the power relationships between men and women. It served as a sobering reminder of how intricately relationships are constructed. All in all, I had a great time during these sessions, and I want to express my gratitude to the school and our facilitators for providing such a rich educational environment. We are continuing to explore the complexities of life, and I am grateful for the insights and lessons gained. I am looking forward to the next and sadly our last 2 sessions with great anticipation.

Beta_7 Habits & Love_2023-24′(Day 5&6)

Grateful to the facilitators for the insightful life class on love, covering aspects like pain, discipline, responsibility, truth, balance, openness to challenges, and delayed gratification. This impactful session not only fostered personal and professional growth but also included engaging activities like games and debates, deepening our understanding of the subject. My thanks extend to the school and facilitators Jyoti Ma’am and Sufyan Sir for providing valuable growth opportunities for teachers. The recent enriching session fuels anticipation for upcoming ones, reinforcing our commitment to continuous learning and the pursuit of fresh insights.

Life class day 3 & 4 (7 Habits & Love: Beta)

I grew up knowing about the 7 Habits as an FS Alumni, however, experiencing them as an adult under the guidance of Sufiyan Sir and Jyoti Ma’am was an entirely different story. These two days consisted of a combination of reflection, teamwork, and self-discovery.
We began with a recap before moving on to Habit 4: Think Win-Win. We played games and spoke about scenarios that helped me view these tendencies in a more mature light. Habit 5 was the next topic, which was seek first to understand and then to be understood. We had a listening circle for this and it dealt with verbal and nonverbal communication as well as the essence of listening. Parag Sir and the entire listening circle imparted a lot of wisdom to us on its importance in this noisy world. I realised that genuine listening is somewhat uncommon today.
Next was the outdoor adventure at KG Farm, with an emphasis on Habit 6 – “synergy.” However, we initially became overly fixated on winning the games. We learned the value of teamwork through the intense, entertaining, and even rowdy gameplay, especially tug of war. We tackled Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw, which is about taking care of yourself so you last longer, just like an axe. The way we studied listening through role-playing and games struck me as the most significant aspect of these days. We developed these behaviors because of the atmosphere in the classroom.
Thanks to Jyoti Ma’am and Sufiyan Sir for making these two days not only jam-packed with knowledge but also incredibly entertaining. I would also like to thank Fountainhead School for sustaining this educational process not just for the students but also for the staff. Now that the 7 Habits journey has commenced, I’m eager to see what lies ahead.

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