Entering the magical world of the “Love” class had me excited because, well, love is just so interesting! I’ve been through the happy and tough parts of love, so I was eager to learn new things and maybe make sense of my own experiences. Even though I didn’t read “The Road Less Travelled” by Scott Peck, the cool stuff the facilitators shared totally made sense to me. Legitimate pain and illegitimate pain were like new puzzle pieces that fit into my understanding.

I liked when we all shared in groups and talked about our feelings. That part always helps me learn from others. But you know what? I kinda wished we moved around more or did more activities to really get the lessons into our hearts. There were fewer games and stuff this time compared to the class about the 7 habits.

The potluck thing was a surprise, but it made the class feel like a big family dinner, which was nice. The movie we watched on the last day was cool, but what if we flipped things around? Imagine watching the movie on the first day and then having the class connect the lessons to it. Oh, and a fun game or quiz between two groups on the last could make it super fun!

Big thanks to our facilitators, Jyoti Banthia and Sufyan Saiyed. They were calm and understanding, like the cool big siblings you can talk to about anything. They shared their wisdom, and I’m thankful for that. Can’t wait for the next edition!

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    During the love session of life class we learned the unexposed facts of love with any relation like I never thought of love in disciplined way of course . We all know that love also has it its boundary but when we discuss this with our peers that to so freely get the new definition of love in which the 4 parts given by Scott peck helped a lot to understand the various aspects of love. The film also make us realised that it is very necessary to put the efforts by both the partners .
    apart from the learning we enjoyed a lot the gaming session planned by our facilitators which indirectly suggested the different ways of love also the food we enjoyed together plays a key role to make us more comfortable to each other . we came to know each other more closely and had a great time during these two days. It was a memorable time with all of them.
    thanks a tonnes for the facilitators who listen to eachone very calmly and patiently when we open our hearts,

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