Pain to Power-Integrity Day 3

After a good recap, We started up with the movie Guilty, which helped us to understand that all of us have fear which are giving us pain and it is upon us how we take power to overcome our pain. Making the pain to power chart was a good introspection of our pain and what we are basically doing to covert it into our power. On which step you are and how much more you have to work. It is equally important to take responsibility of your own actions.

My Session III – Integrity

It was our third session and I was wondering if I am going to work on my Mission Statement and consolidate it. But, after this session I would definitely like to ponder upon it more as I would like to add or edit my mission now both professional and personal. I would like to check with the words I leaned today, don’t remember them but would issue a book and that would help I guess. I am looking forward to relook and keep reflecting on my pain to power chart too. I think I myself needs lot of clarity. Hence, overall I am taking back something to work on and introspect and spend time with myself.

Pain to power

The movie and role play helped us to understand how we can be in charge of our life and move from pain to power. The session helped us understand how we can take responsibility. When we take responsibility we don’t blame others or ourselves. We are aware of our inner thoughts and use more affirmative language so that we give love and respect to ourselves as much as we give it to others. The learning I will take home today is instead of just cribbing about a situation I must work on the action plan and be aware of our choices. Looking forward to sliding smoothly from the pain continuum to the power side.

Pain to power

The session empowered us identify our pains, suffering, fear and distinguish how much of it is pain and how much of it is power. The movie helped us identify the concept more deeply.
Also reaslised what responsibility brings along with it. Not blaming others, not blaming self, being aware of triggers and understand how to handle them.

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