In Awe of The Human Spirit

It was really worth the wait of looking forward to a LIFE class. I really wish if something like this would have been taught to us earlier in student life then a lot of time and energy could have been utilized in doing the better stuff than those invested in trials and errors of merely trying to get by our lives dealing with its issues.

Nevertheless better late than never. So, first of all thanks to Sir and Ma’m for imbibing a program like this as part of our professional development which actually leads to development at personal level too and thanks to our Facilitators Mitali Ma’am and Tasneem Ma’am for being good listeners and facilitators. I had goosebumps hearing the challenges faced by my colleagues and amazed at the thought as to what all one can go through and still go on living so normally, so humbly so ferociously. So I would even go all out to salute each one of them to live it all courageously. It was an eye opener and just helped me to put my life and issues in perspective, yes in the right perspective that I, me, my life and my problems are not the center of the universe and that it is in every way possible to go beyond them and resurrect to a better place, person, situation or a better life. So it was a good lesson in itself, a precursor to the Habit 1: Be proactive leading me to be In Awe of The Human Spirit.

Life Class – Seven Habits

I am glad to be a part of Fountainhead School wherein nine days in a year are religiously dedicated to personal development which can help us grow not just in our workplace but in general in our everyday lives to solve the paradigms that we have in our lives.

The principles are easy to understand but like all best and simple models, it is difficult to apply and practice. The desire of a paradigm shift triggers introspection in varying degrees and entails serious changes in the thinking process and acting patterns.

I am eagerly waiting to explore and discover how we will analyse the seven habits and apply them in various ways in our lives!


Reflection: Integrity first session

The idea to appreciate our group members and facilitators was a good start through which we got comfortable with each other.

While sharing the 7 bucks moment we recalled our tough times and became courageous to overcome the same. We came to know each other. After listening to the sharing of all the participants we felt that we are not the only ones to face the challenges, which made us more strong.

We also shared our fears in front of all through illustrations

Special thanks to our facilitators for providing enough time to every one for sharing.

See you soon.:)

Dharini and Priyanka Patel

” Righteousness”

Reflection – Integrity:
                  First of all, would like to appreciate & thank  Vaghisha Ma’am as well as Jyoti Ma’am for conducting the Integrity classes in such an organised & smooth manner. All the batch mates were sincerely involved & there was no uninteresting moment at all during the entire workshop. Honest sharing & learning from each other’s experiences was one of the key features of the workshop.
             The most effective learning for me was to never judge a person immediately because you never know what must be going through their mind / life. Also, appreciate the way most of the people in the group shared about the difficult times faced by them and how courageously they fought & came out of it. Sharing one’s fear & the seven bucks moment also proved to be very effective as it took us all back to those challenging moments which could have resulted in break down & how we managed to tackle the difficult situation strongly.
Learning from self & other’s experiences is definitely going to help  during the various tricky circumstances in life. Thank you FS for this wonderful idea of life classes as this gives us an opportunity to take a pause, know ourselves better & work towards improvement.
Looking forward towards the next Integrity session.


Someone rightly said that ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and it’s perfectly applicable for the life class sessions I attended. To be honest, before the start of the sessions, I was skeptical about it and had thought that it would be a mundane and futile session but I was wrong. It turned out to be a very fruitful exercise and the learnings and sharing from the classes gave me a new insight about life and helped broaden my horizon. It made me understand about the paradigms which we carry with us all through the life and its impact on our lives. We also discussed our problems which could be professional, financial or personal and its possible reasons and solutions. We then categorized them and discussed them individually. We also understood the difference between character and professional ethics and figured out how character ethic is more important to achieve success in life than professional ethic. After that, we learned about Maturity Continuum and how it varies from Interdependence(We) to Dependence(You). At last, we discussed P(Production) and PC(Production Capability) Effect and Balance in life. Overall it was an enlightening experience and session which was conducted well by our Life Class Mentors and I am looking forward to our next life class session.

Integrity – Reflection

One of the best things in Integrity Class was Seven Bucks Moment. There was a lot of sharing happened and got to know each other. Participant open-heartedly shared experiences from their lives.

I relived the my Seven Bucks Moment where I recalled my break-down moment and also found myself so courageous to overcome it. I am now feeling even more courageous to face any circumstance and confident enough to get out of it.

Thanks to the facilitators Vaghisha Ma’am and Jyoti Ma’am for providing such a space to everyone to open up.


Moments re lived !

In Integrity, a lot of sharing was done by all the participants and I came to  know that I am not the only one with challenges.

The tough moments were recalled and how we have overcome that too, was shared. ( But feelings & hurt still remains…at times)

I would specially like to appreciate my facilitators Jyoti and Vagisha for conducting the Life Class very wonderfully and there was not a single dull moment during those two days.

Looking forward to meet everyone once again… 🙂





my reflection.

I am a very different person from what I was before joining Fountainhead. I learned management skills and I can lead my life by following few principles. It has helped me to grow professionally and personally.

It was wonderful experience to get a platform where we can share our thoughts , pains and we all followed our essential agreements and the sharing always remained within the group.