Guilty – For not facing fear

The session initiated with a thought-provoking message showing the reality of the society through the movie -GUILTY. How we are not ready to face reality and live the comfort of the cocoon that we have knitted for ourselves. The lingering fear is hidden somewhere beneath all layers of facade waiting to emerge and disrupt the peace. Its time to remove those layers and acknowledge the fear and pain so that we can live the life in true peace and tranquillity. Integrity classes are proving to be the medium through which we are able to unravel these hidden fears and emotions, acknowledging it for the first time in many years and accepting the reality of life.

No Gain without Pain

For me, the quote No Gain without Pain has transformed a little – Gain (Power), with pain Out.
After this one day Life class of Integrity, I have realized that I can make best out of situation to overcome my fears. Instead of running away from fears, face them to over power them and become more stronger than myself.
Insights are overwhelming but will take time to imbibe.


Even though the life class was only for a day it was well planned. We watched a movie and later discussed our mission statements. It was conducted wonderfully by both the facilitators. Both of them are empathetic listeners and they genuinely want us to frame an achievable mission statement based on our learnings. It was a great session and kudos to your efforts!!

Pain To Power

Black Lives Matter Pain GIF by INTO ACTION
मन के  किसी  कोने में
डर का पहरा होता है।
मन में शूल की भांति,
चुभता हुआ दर्द देता है।
कठिनाइयों से जब हारकर ,
चुप्पी साधे इंसान बैठता है।
ऐसे में जीवन का ज्ञान,
उभारने का यत्न करता है।
न हार कभी हौंसला ,
ले हिम्मत से काम।
सत्य को स्वीकार कर,
अखंडता का ले हाथ थाम।
फिर देख जग भी ,
हो जाएगा तुझ पर कुर्बान।
यही सीख पाई हमने,
Integrity कक्षा के दौरान।
Rita Hasani


It was only a one-day session but beautifully catered by both the facilitators. We watched a movie and discussed the important point in the context of guilty and tried to connect/find out the similar or kind of situation in over life and decided to come out by setting up the Mission Statement. We have applied the Pain to Power vocabulary strategy to meet out. I must say it was a well-designed session.

Thank you!

Sagar Gohil

Pain ->Power

Once again, learning which was somewhere in the back of the mind but was highlighted to be worked upon. The transition from pain to power. We all have various issues ion life, well, if we treat them as issues. Life classes have made me take such issues as opportunities and this is my take away too from session 3 of Integrity. The journey from pain to power, simultaneously working on many pains to convert in power and yet new pains keep on coming. Finding new comfort zones and each time, it is better than the last. Identifying the pain as to was it actually a pain? If yes, can I work upon it? The powerful vocabulary which says, “I hope”……..Nooooo, “I KNOW”….”What can I do?” NOOOO, it is “I KNOW I CAN HANDLE IT….”..this truly brings in the positivity in you, at least the motivation. Such inspiring reality checks, help you to move ahead. The movie was chosen well, it showed the true essence of the journey from pain to power. Not only NANKI, but there were also a lot of characters who made us introspect. Looking forward to furthering sessions.

  Gym Motivation quote: Turn the pain into power and conquer your goals.

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Critical Thinking: A new lens to look at same life.

Well! The journey from Emotional Intelligence to Critical Thinking feels like a balance we carry where both sides are filled with various thoughts and we have to balance the scale by applying our EI + CT and take the right decision and make the right choices. Where EI helped us to take the right pause at the right time and not to let the trigger shoot our emotions and flow them off at the same time CT enables us to see beyond, not judge, cultural norms, and learn how to understand other factors that can influence our decision-making.

We often don’t notice the importance of critical thinking in everyday life. Every day we all make decisions that affect ourselves, our families, our country, and our world. But with these sessions, I understood how our brains are somewhere trapped by confirmation bias and cognitive bias which may hinder us from taking the right actions and reactions.

It was great learning so far and I am looking forward to more such wonderful learnings.

Our brain is just amazing!

Our brain is just amazing, provided we give our actions and our thoughts, a critical consideration! Isn’t it?

Well, did you know that your mind is like a gearbox, though with two gears only? Yes, that’s true! Operating from System 1 or System 2. While the first one relates to your impulses, your immediate reactions even animal urges (if I can put it in a not-so-polite way). Something like you reached home from work in your thoughts and reaching your door-step you wonder, “How did I reach? I don’t even remember what I saw on my way?” that was your system 1 guiding you. Your system 2 allows you to prove that Yes! You are human. Thoughtful computation, careful efforts, deliberate practice and consciousness in the action. Here, you are not just reacting, you are responding. When you respond, “Hold on a second, let me think this through.” You are in your gear 2, I mean system 2.

We say that every child is different, well our minds are different too. So, one may see an ace of spade, another may see a floral design! Of course, both the minds are right, they are looking at a member of a deck of cards. This is about perspectives. When you want to give critical thought to something, you likely want to look at the matter from all the different angles. In fact, you may also want to be open-minded to other people’s perspective. However, that’s going to be debatable and why not? We are doing critical thinking.

While your beautiful brain is smarting out for being smart, psychiatrists have given an endless list of ‘cognitive biases’ – a systemic error in your thinking for all the worldly reasons. When you thought your husband left a wet towel on the bed, just to tease you, you might be experiencing intentionality bias or when your parents just do not wish to visit the doctor with a variety of excuse, they might have an ostrich effect going on. In a way, hiding away from reality.

And finally, when you learn to be a critical thinker, this is what you do – “Murder your darling.” That’s what we did, we deliberately researched, keeping our confirmation biases aside, about the true picture of our favourite product or a brand. Something like looking at the flip side of the coin. A side that you are most likely not going to like. In between of these, we debated on China and Covid-19 and gave our opinions on politics (not so the favourite subject of mine). At the end of Day 3, we halted at culture and critical thinking.

Learnings from Critical Thinking Session

In my opinion ,most of the decision in life need critical thinking and with the help of these sessions, I come to know about my own thinking & how implicitly i apply it in day to day routine . Even I was not aware that my thoughts depend on many biases until I came across the list and as I started reading it I felt that Hindsight bias and the confirmation bias I affects everyone by default. Tuning in and To Murder our darling research activity gave insights about different products and their impact on individuals. It was an enriching experience to hear from different people of our group.

Reflection of ” Who moved my cheese”. -Short Books-

Title of the book: Who moved my cheese?

Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson

The genre of the book: Self-help

Key Characters of the book: Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw represent the simple and complex parts of ourselves. Sniff represents someone who sniffs out change early. Scurry represents someone who scurries into action. Hem represents someone who fears and denies change. Haw represents someone who learns to adapt in time when he sees change can lead to something better.

The plot of the book: “Who Moved my Cheese?” is a simple story that reveals simple profound truths about change. It’s a fun story of 4 characters who live in a maze and look for cheese (job, money, relationship, etc.) to keep themselves happy. The story revolves around how each character reacts when an unexpected “change” in circumstances deprives them of the cheese that they loved so dearly. Their reaction to the situation gives away valuable lessons that can help one discover for himself how to deal with change so that he can enjoy less stress and more success in his life.

Personal opinion about the book: We all know that CHANGE is inevitable so we should anticipate changes in our lives and be prepared to adapt to them. We need to enjoy the process, the adventures of life.

Have you read something like this before?: I was able to relate the book “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Should people read this book ?: Everyone must read this book.

Key takeaways: 1. If you do not change, you can become extinct. 2. Smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old. 3. Imagining yourself enjoying the new cheese leads you to it. 4.Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again and again.

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