Critical Thinking: A new lens to look at same life.

Well! The journey from Emotional Intelligence to Critical Thinking feels like a balance we carry where both sides are filled with various thoughts and we have to balance the scale by applying our EI + CT and take the right decision and make the right choices. Where EI helped us to take the right pause at the right time and not to let the trigger shoot our emotions and flow them off at the same time CT enables us to see beyond, not judge, cultural norms, and learn how to understand other factors that can influence our decision-making.

We often don’t notice the importance of critical thinking in everyday life. Every day we all make decisions that affect ourselves, our families, our country, and our world. But with these sessions, I understood how our brains are somewhere trapped by confirmation bias and cognitive bias which may hinder us from taking the right actions and reactions.

It was great learning so far and I am looking forward to more such wonderful learnings.



    Indeed!!!. It was an eye-opener session for me also and even I was surprised to know-how for the simple situation we think critically to come to any conclusion.

  • Well said PS, we must strike a balance of EI and CT. I think when we take a pause and not let our emotions overrun, that’s the pause for CT and to think consciously about what’s happening. Both are the wheels that balances our ‘life ki gadi.’

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