Reflection of Love class

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my wonderful journey of love class.

Before attending Love class, I thought that love is only for your partner or your spouse but then I realized that it is not only with your partner ,it is for all with whom you are connected to.

My thinking was “Everything starts with I, Me and Myself”. I was desperate to receive love but I was not giving love, and that’s why I was loosing my relations but that was all before the love class, now I have started implementing whatever my facilitators has taught me.

At last, I would like to thank Brinda Ma’am and Krishna Ma’am who have helped me to understand the real meaning of “Love”

I would also like to thank the school and the management for conducting such training where an individual gets a platform to grow professionally as well as personally.

Love is action

We listened to different songs to understand the various definitions of love,balloon activity was very interesting.

We understood that romantic love is a myth. We performed drama on myths of love.

Love is :




Self Sacrifice



Definition: The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth—Scott Peck

Love is an act of will– intention(desire) + action
Extending = going into newer and stranger areas which is frightful and is against laziness.
The first extension was difficult, caused anxiety but once done, you have evolved in the process.Human mind will not regain its original shape once extended.
To love others means also to love myself.Love is effort full.

It is a choice we make and not by default.

Love is an act of will!

The journey of the love classes by far has been an eye-opener for me since I was unaware of the fact that love too demands discipline. Till now, I believed that when a person is in love, he/she gives all of the world to the beloved. Least did I know that it is accompanied by self-sacrifice in most of the cases.

Falling in love doesn’t happen all at once. It indeed is a process called ‘cathexis’ comprising of attraction, investment and commitment. Being with your beloved despite the flaws in him/her. Choosing to live together because you want to. Not that you need to. Love is acceptance. It is breaking off all boundaries to nurture your as well as your beloved’s spiritual growth. Love is all about being happy and being you. Love involves courage and risk. Risk of losing. Risk of independence. Of commitment. Confrontation. And hence, it requires discipline.

The road is yet to be travelled further…

Real Love is a permanently self-enlarging experience

I would like to share my understanding of Love.

According to the Author, Scott Peck Love is Desire + Action. One needs to love with Courage, Discipline and true love.

In true sense, Love is Responsibility, Risk, Trust, Care, Understanding, Knowledge and Respect. Love does not have ego boundaries, Cathexcis, Romantic, Self-Sacrifice, Dependency, etc.

So ultimately, what I learned is about True Love which requires our dedication and effort. Love classes have been a great platform for me to introspect and understand what is love.

Lastly, I would say “Genuine Love is precious”.

A Big ” Thank you to facilitators”

Thanks and Regards,
Archi Shah

Reflection by Sagarkanya

All throughout my life, it never occurred to me that Love can be such a debatable topic. However, after reading few pages from “The Road Less Traveled” by Dr. M Scott Peck’s during the love classes, it seems as if I am a novice at understanding the value of love!


I would not say that I strongly agree to Dr. Peck’s believes, yet I did have a few self-realizations during these few sessions.


It is very true that in order to strengthen any relationship we have to face some difficulties or go through some pain and make that extra effort to make the other person feel loved. Acceptance, respect, commitment and discipline are essential for any loving relationship but a selfless and unconditional love is as true a feeling. Judgement does play an important role but I believe that the selfless act also arises from the very knowledge that you love a person no matter what.


I wish I could have continued with these sessions in future and found out more about this intriguing aspect of life but I am having to leave Surat soon, so I guess I have to learn the rest from my own experiences. However, I will definitely treasure the learning and reiterate the same to implement in life.

Last but not the least, a hearty thanks to the facilitators, Priyanka ma’am and Nandini ma’am, who invested their time and energy to plan for such sessions and listened patiently to all our concerns. I enjoyed the discussions a lot!




Love is a myth

Honestly, these classes have been more than hard for me to attend.

Love classes are just not about romantic love or parental love as per say, it is about self love!

Too often when we hear about love myths and realities we examine our partners or others. How often do we have the courage to introspect. I tried and I guess that’s the reason these classes became unbearable after a point.

“Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.”
~ Unknown

Love is such a vast feeling that can not be summed up in few words or classes. Nonetheless, Brinda ma’am and Krishna ma’am have done a remarkable job trying to get us into the essence of what love really is about.



Fatema Topiwala

What love is………..

Love gives you the feeling of independence. So love is not being dependent on each other.

Love is when two people capable of living without each other choose to live together. It is voluntary.

Love is giving the space to each other to grow.

Love is acceptance of each other without expecting to change.

Discipline is the fuel to love.

To summarize, love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth,” which also results in one’s own spiritual growth.


Credits – The Road Less Traveled by M Scott Peck, Brinda Ma’am and Krishna Ma’am.


LOVE is about truly knowing,understanding and what you do for another person

In the love workshop we were introduced to the book- “The Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck.

Here Scott Peck shares his perspective on love that love is not a feeling, it is an activity and investment. He defines love as, “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth”. Love is primarily actions towards nurturing the spiritual growth of another.

The first part of the book consists of discipline, which Scott Peck considers is essential for emotional,spiritual and psychological health and which he describes as “the means of spiritual evolution”.

In the second part, Peck addresses the nature of love, which he considers the driving force behind spiritual growth. Here,he shares the nature of love against a number of common misconceptions about love, he considers it as a very destructive myth when it is solely relying on “feeling in love”.He also says that love is related to dependency and that true love is linked with the feeling of “falling in love.”

I would like to thank the management for arranging such classes for common people like us.We are blessed to get such opportunities:)



Jyoti Pugalia



Leap towards LOVE!!!

Wow moment for me in the 4 sessions uptill now would be the definition of ‘LOVE’.

“The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own and another’s spiritual growth.” – Dr. M Scott Peck.

Being in the  mindset that that love is merely a feeling , where now I have had a paradigm shift that Love is not merely a feeling, in fact love being a feeling has no value till there actions justifying the same.



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