God / Religion and Scientific theories / Modern society are similar. We want to believe but they will always evolve with our intelligence.

In my opinion, there are two ways of living: what is right and what is wrong. However, after attending critical thinking classes, I have come to realize that what we learn in these classes is essentially the same as what is taught in the Sanatan religion – that before taking any action or forming any perception, we should think critically and morally, and consider what is right and wrong for humanity.
This means that we should not judge anyone based on their religion, language, caste, place of origin, country, etc. With proper knowledge, we can avoid making incorrect assumptions, conclusions, and beliefs.
However, as we learned in the first two critical thinking classes, the truth can vary from person to person.
For example, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru are considered Indian freedom fighters, but at the time, they were considered terrorists. Even today, some still refer to them as revolutionary terrorists, while others consider them revolutionary freedom fighters. This is how truth can differ for different people, but the truth remains the same.
In the end, I believe that God and scientific theories are similar. In scripture, God is in a metamorphic form that evolves with human intelligence, just like scientific theories. Whether you believe in God or not, the question of being an atheist or theist will never have an answer.
There are some similarities between beliefs in a deity or deities and scientific theories in that both can change and evolve as our understanding and knowledge increase. Scientific theories, however, are based on evidence and subject to testing, while religious beliefs are often based on faith and personal interpretation.
Science is constantly advancing and new discoveries can lead to the revision or replacement of previous theories, while religious beliefs may change more slowly and often involve a reconsideration of tradition and doctrine. Scientific theories aim to provide a comprehensive explanation for natural phenomena, while religious beliefs may offer a metamorphic framework for understanding the meaning and purpose of existence.
Ultimately, the way people understand and interact with scientific theories and religious scripture and beliefs may vary widely based on individual experiences, cultural backgrounds, and personal beliefs.

is similar to today’s scientific theories

This similarity does not end here; it also shows many similarities between religion and modern society.
Overall, the similarities between religion and modern society reflect the enduring human desire for meaning and purpose, as well as the importance of community and connection in our lives. Whether it be through religious beliefs or social values, both offer a sense of comfort and guidance, helping individuals to navigate the complexities of modern life and find a path to personal fulfillment and happiness.

So whether you are an atheist or theist, a normal or critical thinker, it is important to not only consider your own well-being but also what is right and wrong for humanity as a whole. Seek a path that leads to personal fulfillment and happiness while considering the impact on others.

But after trying and rejecting the modern atheist system I will consider religious scriptures as my guidance and guardian.

Thank you for reading until the end.


God may not be existing but my belief exists.

My learning From CT is giving time to system 2 and analyzing it to taking a decision. We, humans, have confirmation biases so I will be mindful of biases and try my best for fairness.

Not blindly believe in hard news, so I will search and know more about reality.

About God – God for me is, inner peace and strength. I believe in god and I think this belief can not be changed by me as I see god as a positive energy it’s given me strength and belief in myself. however, I am not believing blindly in any religious organization. I do believe in the existence of some power or a spirit above us. However, I do questions before following religious rituals, if not get the answer, then I do search and get the answer but I found for many rituals do not have a proper answer so I do not believe in that particular ritual or I just follow the ritual because of the happiness of family members but do not promote it and also the ritual doesn’t harm anyone Sometimes I follow rituals for my happiness not for any other reason. For me, God is the power that relieves my stress and who guides me it’s inside me only. Overall, whether god exists or not, for me god is my goodness and strength. I respect each and every person who follows any religion or does not follow any religion. I will not force anyone to follow any religion, as every individual can make a choice about what to follow and what not. Overall humanity is Univers religion.

Citical Thinking Reflection

I believe there is a supreme power, which is always there, taking care of us, guiding us. You can call it intuition, your inner voice or God. If you are growing as an individual, improvising yourself then there is no harm in keeping the faith.  We should be open for other perspective also, need to question oueselves at times.
Critical Thinking has taught given me to question myself, my belief system. In many cases we may still use our emotions in making decisions but at least we are aware of the choices.
Thanks to Bhargavi and Shezin ma’am for explaining this beautifully.  

World of God and Religion

When your mind is full of assumptions, conclusions, and beliefs, it has no penetration; it just believes and repeats past impressions. It’s the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without just accepting it. So, after a lot of discussions on Critical Thinking aspects like System-1, System-2 , Knowledge pot holes, different biases somewhere I started thinking critically about my thoughts before making a perspective or decision. In this process the new journey was to find an old question which I think we all have inside: “What do we believe about God & Religion?” In fact does ” God” exists is also a question. As per our knowledge and experiences we tried defining ‘God’ and our believes about Religion and its impact on our and others lives. For me I don’t believe in a God figure or how religions are tagged and divided with names. I feel God is “Karma” that means doing deeds. And Religion is “Dharma” i.e path of doing deeds. I always believed in moving from finite towards infinite. Now after applying Critical thinking and listening to atheist I have a stronger clarity that I will keep thinking about thing with reasoning.

Critical Thinking – Think beyond our imagination

We have been believing in God since childhood because our parents have been following us in the same way. Never felt the need to quantify or question the existence of God, but critical thinking has inspired us to think ‘Is God really there or not?’ Religion or our religious beliefs always prevent us from doing wrong things, yet there are riots or fighting somewhere in the world, so we should think that we should follow such ideas so that we are not harming others.
Our guest Vardan sir gave us a new direction of believing the right things by answering our questions patiently, I learned from him that it is ok if we do not follow any religion but it is wrong to blindly follow any religion without knowing it. He also said that sometimes we get confused while taking decisions in life, and then we can take decisions according to what is right in that situation. Apart from the Guest session, I liked to read Sir’s blog which is in detail of description about GOD & atheists.  This session played a very important role in changing my beliefs.

We are grateful to our facilitator for this beautiful experience. and journey of Critical thinking which I can surely apply in my personal life & professional life as well.

With Gratitude,

Kunjan Gandhi


Critical Thinking – Reflection

“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”
― Christopher Hitchens

The last two sessions started with a discussion on Religion and religious beliefs. We were shown images as an activity where we had to reflect on our understanding on religion, followed by defining God, religious beliefs, rituals, customs and traditions and spirituality. Also there was a lot of discussion done for identifying the constraints in the pursuit of knowledge. During the discussions, I have observed people grappling with questions about the existence of God, the purpose of life, the validity and authenticity of various religious traditions, the role of religion in society, and how to reconcile their personal beliefs with the beliefs of others who may hold different views.

I think I still have a lot of questions about it but I am sure that critical thinking if practiced well will help me find answers to my approaches and interpretations to religion.

Where did your values and principles come from?

Today I completed my second season with Critical Thinking. In the last season I lost my “faith in God” and I thought I have lost all my grounds. But here I am successfully completing my second season. Not only that, I am really proud of myself the way I have turned out without “my faith in GOD”. It’s not that I was not thriving earlier but the fear of letting go of something to gain something – was something I had never done before.

Today when I hear anyone talking about how religious they are and how religiously they follow the practices- my response is – great – good for you!! and I move on. The reason I don’t try to change or question them, just because I have got my share of clarity is because -I took my own time and processing to come to this stage. I don’t want to take that right away from them. It’s a journey of evolution, self introspection and enlightment so it is better the individual experience it themselves at their own pace. During my evolution journey someone once told me – speed doesn’t matter – as long as you are growing. (PS – I have already expressed my gratitude to that someone.)

Saying that it doesn’t mean I don’t have any values or principles. I do and I very religiously follow them but the difference is – they are my selected ones – not imposed on me by anyone or anything. Thanks to the CT sessions and especially my facilitators for guiding me to create my own ground with my own set of values and principles. This is one of the victories for me at many levels – which is another story to tell. But by choosing “my own set of values and principles” I am not only enjoying the freedom with purpose I am role modelling the same for my kids.

Everyone knows to think just be little critical to start off. CHOOSE YOUR OWN GROUNDS.


Critical Thinking Day 7 and 8

We had a lot of discussion on religion, beliefs and their importance. I myself is a religious person and do have strong beliefs. During these 2 days I came across many different perspectives regarding religion and existence of God. Vardan sir’s session helped me understand that for being a good human (what all religions teach) we don’t need religion. We must have our own values which lead us to the right path. My new understanding after these classes is do think critically before following any belief and follow the practice which gives you peace. Your motive should be humanism and not religion. These sessions helped  me clear my knowledge potholes and biases.

Critical thinking- Priti Pimpalkhare

I think religion is the practice created by humans for society. People with the same thoughts and beliefs created their groups and named them religions. They follow different authorities which they named god. These Gods have different names and their identity, they are from mythology or some saints.

I am not totally against some beliefs as far as it’s not harming society and my self-esteem. I believe in some positive power that keeps motivating me to do the right things. I also chose saints such as Swami Samartha, and Sai baba to share my thoughts to ask some questions in my mind for which I get answers by myself. The statues or photographs are not talking with me but motivate me to listen to my inner voice for a sure. I think it’s a faith factor and not following religion blindly.

I started keeping my points of view about my beliefs too. I don’t allow myself to go to some pandit, baba to solve my problems, as only I am the person who can work on them.

But there are many people who are grappling with some beliefs like we can not do pooja during periods, Different communities have to follow only their religion, Only particular reason is showing the right path, and Follow the authorities blindly without thinking logically etc.

Critical thinking helps to be more open-minded and think logically about religion and beliefs. I will surely be able to question myself whenever I might have to take any decision about my beliefs or how to the extent I need to participate in rituals.

Apart from this System, 1 and System 2 helped me a lot. I have gone through a couple of situations where I was able to apply Think 2, take a pose, and react.

Though I am an open-minded parent, I will definitely work on that I will not pass on my beliefs regarding religion to my daughter and let her decide what is religion for her or whether she believes or does not believe in that.



Confused.. still moving on..!!

My journey of Critical Thinking so far has taught me to think two ways: Keeping your emotions aside as well as considering them.

There are many situations in every individual’s life where they have to think critically and hop to one conclusion. But is it easy?

I have learned to analyze a situation without overthinking. Critical thinking reflects that emotions and reasoning go hand in hand. It gives us ownership of beliefs. The decision between a fact and an opinion will be taken on grey areas and not black & white.

The question which still resolves is Who is God? I mean I have seen my family discussing about Lord Krishna because of which I have various images and types of GOD in mind. But, Now after the sessions and discussion, I am confused that no one has seen god, all these stories are assumptions that something of this sort must have happened and people are believing it since ages.

I never doubted on the existence of God! There is some creator and destroyer, there is some supreme being.

Religion what I believe is all man – made, people of same beliefs and location came together to form a group and then they made their own rituals and traditions and then domination started.

Also, learned that one should not be biased in taking decisions but think critically about what is actually important for us.

With gratitude,

Palak Joshi

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