Reflection on D5 and 6 Critical thinking class-Lota

On D5 and 6 of our Critical thinkig life class, The exploration of religious biases left a lasting impression on me, unveiling the intricate ways in which our perspectives and convictions ebb and flow with the tides of circumstance. The diverse array of learning tools employed, including videos, articles, group discussions, and debates, has been instrumental in cultivating a more nuanced and critical approach to understanding topics as complex as belief systems, rituals, customs, and traditions.

One of the key takeaways for me has been the realization that critical thinking is not merely an intellectual exercise but a dynamic process deeply intertwined with our values and actions. The class emphasized how it’s important to combine our beliefs with careful thinking about what is morally right. This mix is crucial for dealing with the complexities of ideas like God, religion, and tradition.

The guest speaker sessions with Vardan sir and Parag sir were particularly illuminating. Their insights not only broadened my perspective but also provided practical insights that I foresee being immensely beneficial in navigating future discussions and debates. The diversity of thought they brought to the table served as a powerful catalyst for fostering an emerging thinking power within me.

In essence, these two days have been pivotal in shaping my understanding of critical thinking and its applicability to topics that often elude easy comprehension. I feel equipped not only to engage in thoughtful discourse but also to approach these discussions with a heightened sensitivity to the diverse beliefs and values held by others.

Life Class day 5&6 blog( Critical Thinking)

Life class about critical thinking gives me an emerge thinking power about different topic like Believing in God, Religion, Ritual, custom, tradition etc. I got to know that moral values and action is must required along with believing in something. Through life class i also learned about how does ethics work in prioritizing things. ultimately the session was quite interesting and thoughtful.

Checking the ground of religion, ethics, and morals

On Days 5 and 6 of critical thinking skills, we learned about religion biases and how our views and opinions change with the situation. We will think critically if our loved one is not involved, but as soon as our family member or loved one gets involved, emotions and impulsions hack the critical thinking. Apart from this, one needs to think rationally and critically at the same time to make a better decision.

Critical Thinking Reflection D3 and D4

What excites you the most about being part of this CT life class?
This class has a way to make you think differently. The discussions we had in the two days were enriching. The sharing also made me think of how 1 thing can be thought of in so many different perspectives. It has taught me to pause, process and research any information or fact thoroughly. I absolutely enjoyed learning about logical fallacies which has become somehow a part and parcel of how we perceive things. To learn about biases and logical fallacies was the most exciting part and I have often gone back to them and even discussed the same with my constants on how we tend to use it in different situations! Now most of the time when an opinion comes to my mind, I love to sit back and analyse if there is any logical fallacy puddle I have slipped in while forming that opinion. This class has stretched my mind in many ways and have done so in the most delightful way!

What are your key takeaways from Day 3 and 4 of CT life class?

Research is extremely important when we are taking in any information. The activity where we murdered our darlings was enlightening, how often we fall in to the charms of good marketing and dont focus on whether we should really be using that particular product. It was fascinating to learn how we dont really use our second type of thinking here and how most such decisions are just based on impulse and they may be actually having a continuous impact on our lives. The knowledge continuum activity was also a lot of fun. To actually understand the sentences and make careful choices really helped in molding how we use words while expressing opinions and facts. These two days have been full of learning for me and I am looking forward to the rest of the class.

Enhancing Critical Thinking skills

The 3rd & 4th Life classes were very informative and had a lot of new topics which I discovered of.

I find group activities during life class sessions more enjoyable, but I also appreciate our facilitators who always tells us to keep our own perspectives first and then mutually come to a common decision. When involved in group activities there are a lot of new points which gives me a new perspective that I would have never thought of, due to which my brain engages in a bit more exercise to explore alternative and creative perspectives.

My takeaways from these recent life classes is that I learnt some disciples about human being where the points I liked were:

  1. Human is a sophisticated mechanism on the planet.
  2. All desires evolve with time and age.
  3. What we accumulate from our surroundings is ours and not of others.
  4. Faith is a blind power which paralyzes our brain.
  5. When you fully accept your lack of knowledge for anything, that’s when you’ll truly begin to inquire and seek understanding.
  6. Everything which comes to our mind is from our 5 senses.
  7. There is a very vast difference in the words “belief” & “faith”

A very nice activity which had different types of biases and its meaning where we could ourselves identify where and how we apply those biases and how we can overcome certain biases with something positive.

The movie “The Man from Earth” which was shown to us was quite interesting and it portrayed how different people react differently on the same situation, which makes us think that how we are grown and what all intakes we accumulate while growing is how we react at any situation.

At the end CT is helpful in life but it doesn’t come in just few days, it takes time and positive initiatives by our own self to come to that level of thinking.

Critical thinking

The foundational components of critical thinking were revealed over the first two days of our Critical Thinking Life class. During these sessions, it was emphasised how crucial critical thinking is to making decisions and conquering obstacles in life.
We had conversations about Astrology, Vastu Shastra, and politics, emphasising the value of critical thinking in deconstructing complicated subjects.
The stimulating film “Oppenheimer,” which was shown on the second day, sparked conversations about morality, knowledge, politics, individual prejudices, biases and the mechanics of education. Both days were an entertaining and educational trip into critical thinking, giving us useful skills for selecting wisely and managing the complexities of life.

Critical Thinking: Theta (Chaahat)

In kickstarting the critical thinking class for the year 2023-24, we delved into the realms of critical thinking, theory of knowledge, and the exploration of sources of knowledge. The agenda was thoughtfully designed to foster discussions on the interplay between science and beliefs, the importance of critical thinking in real-life scenarios, and the examination of the movie “Oppenheimer.” Throughout the session, we engaged in stimulating conversations about critical thinking, its significance in our lives, and its application in various scenarios. We explored the intricate relationship between science and beliefs, delving into the complexities of reconciling empirical evidence with deeply held convictions. One highlight of the life class was the screening of the movie “Oppenheimer,” which provided a thought-provoking exploration of critical thinking and its ethical implications. We analyzed the characters’ decision-making processes, dissecting the moral dilemmas they faced. This exercise allowed us to reflect on the importance of critical thinking in navigating complex situations and making sound judgments. Furthermore, we delved into real-life scenarios where critical thinking becomes paramount. From ethical dilemmas to problem-solving challenges, we examined how applying critical thinking skills can lead to better outcomes and more informed decision-making.
Overall, the life class was an incredibly insightful experience that left a lasting impact on my approach to knowledge and decision-making. It reinforced the significance of critical thinking in our personal and professional lives, empowering us to question, analyze, and evaluate information more effectively.

– Chaahat Dhall

Critical Thinking: ETA’23-24

Both the sessions of the Critical Thinking life class have been truly insightful as well as thought-provoking. It’s not just about analyzing arguments; it’s about refining my own thoughts, questioning assumptions, and making well-informed decisions. It has helped me recognize and identify things around which was unnoticed or never thought of, approach issues more openly, and engage in more meaningful conversations. My major takeaway from both sessions has to be thinking more openly and analyzing things from various perspectives.

Morality v/s Responsibility

Critical thinking liberates us from prejudice, bias, and ideological brainwashing. Critical thinking is essential for both realisation and defence. Moral decision-making and analysis is the process of trying to differentiate between what is right and wrong and then selecting and justifying one decision.
The Oppenheimer film was highly appropriate for our topic, we learned about the complex nature of critical thinking. Oppenheimer’s unwavering commitment to critical thinking, his constant search for knowledge, and his battle with the weight of responsibility can be seen throughout the film. As the experiment proceeds, he begins to doubt the morality of developing such a deadly power, as well as the consequences of its use in combat.
This movie brilliantly shows how capable humans are of both creation and destruction, and it challenges us to critically think about the importance of using knowledge responsibly and the risks of unchecked advancement.

Life Class Eta 2023-24 Afsar Shaikh

Critical Thinking is definitely here to change the way we think. I have been looking forward to attending this Life Class for as long as I have heard about it from other teachers. The discussions taken up in the session are really eye-opening and shows how differently people can perceive things and so many things that we may find trivial are not so.

The discussions have just begun but I can see the willingness of my classmates to listen to other people’s perspectives and then respond with a balance of Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence. The facilitators are great mediators in the session and have always made sure that everyone is given a chance to speak and is heard as well.

The movie screening of Oppenheimer was an amazing kickstart for the session. The discussions taken post the movies were of great help in understanding the development of Scientific ideas.

Looking forward to many more such sessions.

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