Critical thinking D1-2 Eta

Both sessions were worthwhile and fascinating. I learned more about critical thinking over the course of two days, and I want to thank Bhargavi ma’am and Bhumit sir for their contributions to knowledge-sharing.I also found the sessions interesting while learning about the importance of critical thinking in life with real examples.We also engaged in group activities.Using examples, we also learned about systems 1 and 2..I particularly liked how our facilitators pushed everyone to participate in the deep discussions that took place over the course of these two days.We watched the film ¨Oppenheimer¨, and after that We had an in depth discussion on how we could relate the movie to other

Critical Thinking – ETA

The interactive approach and sharing of diverse perspectives enhanced my understanding. The Oppenheimer movie was like a catalyst that changed my perception. It emphasized on ethical considerations in critical thinking. The cases that were discussed and various perspectives helped us to understand situations cases through various lens.


There must be no barriers to freedom of inquiry … There is no place for dogma in science. The scientist is free, and must be free to ask any question, to doubt any assertion, to seek for any evidence, to correct any errors. – Oppenheimer

On the similar lines – Being open minded and look for diverse perspectives and gaining knowledge, correcting errors is how we humans grow. That is the essence of life and that is what we are trying to do through the Critical thinking classes.


Critical thinking

This life class helped me to realise the importance of active listening. Rather than merely waiting for my turn to speak, I now engage in active listening, focusing on understanding the speaker’s perspective fully. This shift has helped me identify any potential biases or assumptions that might influence my response. By acknowledging these biases, I can respond more thoughtfully and present my ideas in a manner that is both respectful and persuasive.  Also on day 2 experiencing dramatic experience by Christopher Nolan was super fun!

7 Habits & Love Day 1-2 (Gamma)

Firstly a big thanks to my facilitators Ravindra Sir and Vaishali Ma’am for giving us insights of the book, for their personal sharing, and of course the live guitar show for energizing us. These 2 days truly being informative and valuable as we learn how adapting these habits can make our life effective.

From drafting our perfect life to discussing the hurdles of it, from primary greatness to paradigm shift, from being proactive to discussing our circle of concern and influence, from making our personal vision mission statement to identifying our center we had it all, my understanding on all of these things got better by listening to my fellow colleagues experiences.

My Favourite from all of these is Identifying our rocks, pebbles, and sand and prioritization matrix. The matrix is going to help me balance my personal and professional life.

Lastly Thank you to Fountainhead School for giving us all the opportunity to learn and develop professionally.

7 Habits and Love – Karan G Sharma

In the life class, I’ve gained profound insights. People often create paradigm based on one’s past. My work priorities will be: spending time with family, pursuing my passion, then finding a job, going on trips, and limiting social media. Realizing life’s brevity, I’ll greet, help, and apologize to others. I learned to focus on my actions, not others, and to make my own choices. Grateful to Sufiyan sir and Jyoti ma’am for their guidance, they’ve taught me invaluable life lessons. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your thoughts and stories. These teachings have enlightened me, shaping a brighter path ahead.


– Karan G Sharma , AI CHATGPT

7 Habits and Love-Beta_blog post_Vijan Masani

Greetings to all. I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who put up with my bakbak during the full two-day sessions. A sincere thank you to our facilitators for leading such a fantastic session. @Sufyan Saiyed @Jyoti Banthia I may have come out as monotonous, boring, annoying, too detailed, or sarcastic at times, but everything I said was done only for the goal of sharing. I have a tendency to trust others joyfully, as well as to share ideas that make me glad or excited. without any awareness of when to pause or how much to say.. I’m still working on it, as well as improving my speech, pronunciation, and use of Oxford English. So I want to say thanks for being such an amazing audience, completely without judgment. Really, that means a lot.
Another crucial point is that I must make one important commitment. Essential agreement. All of the information about our life that we have disclosed is private and sensitive. In light of this, I hereby declare that I will not spread rumors about or disclose information about such talks to anybody else. Likewise, I expect the same from each of you. Within our small life class family, please keep everything secret.
– Assisted by CHATGPT.

Critical Thinking Day 1 and 2 (July 2023)

Great learning, great resources shared. There’s a shift in perspective. Both days were mind opening. Will definitely read the book Thinking Fast and Slow, having kept in my reading list for a while now. Like the body needs rest for rejuvenation, the brain needs Life Classes to think clearly.

Oppenheimer was good too, thankyou for the experience and for thinking and planning so meticulously. I will definitely be more mindful, analyze every piece of information and then form my opinion / perspective. Also, Critically Thinking ≠ Being Critical.


Thankyou Bhargavi Ma’am, Bhumit Sir and all the Life Class Participants.

7 Habits & love Day 1-2 (Gamma)

We had a two amazing sessions on Day 1 & 2 which were conducted by Ravi sir and Vaishali Ma’am. In the two day we had a group discussions and a lot of sharing about our thoughts and problems that are going in our daily lives and how these habits can help us to tackle those problems. The sessions were very Interactive and had a lot of fun while interacting with everyone. I learned a lot by listening to the problems of Ravi Sir as well as others. We all should focus on our circle of influence not on circle of concern. Thank you so much for the amazing session.

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