Perssonal Project Service

As part of life class -personal project-SERVICE, we went to Dumas Beach for a clean-up drive.

Shortly after reaching the venue, we realized that it would be a hard task as there was litter all around us, there was absolutely no spot without waste. plastic food packs, tin cans, wastage plates, some biohazardous substances, etc. we found all this near the shore, and it’s really harmful to all the living beings. our initiative was to collect all this waste from the shore and gather it at one place and then to dump it at an appropriate place.

While we were cleaning we met a couple of families and a few boys and girls who had come to the beach to enjoy the atmosphere, but as soon as they saw us cleaning the beach, and they came to us and appreciated us for our responsible initiative and they also helped in collecting the waste.

It was a really nice experience for us to SERVE our community by cleaning the beach and our actions inspired others to join hands with us which was an AHA momnet for all ofus.

We all cleaned it up with utmost hard work and made sure to leave the place in a much better condition than it was.As the IB says the EARTH is our shared resource and we need to take care of it, we were pleased to do our bit.

We would also like to thank the school for trusting us and also supporting us in this initiative, adding more to this we will be looking forward to such initiatives by giving our best in it.

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7 Habits | Gamma

Life in a workshop? 

Yes, Life classes added life to the learnings that helped us see through a new frame of mind. We were able to build over our preconceived knowledge like; often, we tend to be driven by the circumstances, we obliterate good vibes and signs, we consign to oblivion. However, plunging optimism and patience at that very moment is the proficiency that we need to work upon. 

Second and one of the important factors for me was “realisation”. Realisation if struck at the correct time, it’s a Jackpot! Discerning that humans on earth go through different nature of problems in different phases of life and comprehending that there is always an upside of irrationality, we understood that life without problems could be monotonous. So, let’s live it right!

The limelight for me was “Paradigm shift”. Consciously, we could trace some paradigms that we do believe in. Surprisingly, we had a perspective built since childhood, cultural background and with our experiences. We do follow some unknowingly whereas, we wish to change some attentively. Most importantly, it is possible to can make an attempt, to understand, to seize the particular moment and make some changes according to the current time, place and surroundings.     


Critical thinking involves reasoning, evaluating and making decisions——-

I kept this critical thinking at last as an option of my life classes, because I thought that it may be heavy and overwhelming. But after attending these two days sessions I got to know that critical thinking is a disciplined process of thinking where we need to think by keeping our biases aside. In this session, we discussed Sushant Singh’s death mystery, in which we thought from different angles. Then we discussed two types of thinking fast thinking and slow thinking, after that, we discussed the five steps of critical thinking and in the second session we discussed the research task on Homeopathy, through this task we tuned into biases, that affect our life or decisions that we make. The activities and the tasks helped us to analyze everything from all the perspective and how to use it in our daily lives. The sessions were very much engaging and interesting, I am eagerly waiting for the next sessions.

Integrity – Eta

In life class we discussed on “judgement” and Shared problem of life.

I learned –

1. rejection, Pain,Fear  are comes regulary comes in life.

2.  “I will handle it”.

we seen 🎥 “Fatherhood” movie –  connect with the integrity topic.

We shared our point with our facilitator (Kavita Ma’am & Manisha Ma’am).


Critical thinking class 1

Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. The mind’s processes have two distinct systems: System 1 is the brain’s fast, automatic, intuitive approach. system 2 activity is activated when we do something that does not come naturally and requires some sort of conscious mental exertion. While people like to believe that they are rational and logical, the fact is that people are continually under the influence of cognitive bias. Types Of Cognitive Bias: The Confirmation Bias, The Hindsight Bias, The Anchoring Bias, The Misinformation Effect, The Actor-Observer Bias, The False Consensus Effect, The Halo Effect, The Self-Serving Bias, The Availability Heuristic, The Optimism Bias. I enjoyed a lot in critical thinking classes and learn so many thing. There were many activities that made me engaged in the sessions. All participants have shared and enjoyed. I will wait for the next critical thinking life class. I will apply these critical thinking knowledge in my life. Thanks Tabassum ma’am and Sarika Agarwal ma’am. 🙂


શરૂના બે દિવસ નો અનુભવ ખૂબ જ સરસ અને રોમાંચક રહ્યો હતો. બંને દિવસ ની સરુવાત ખુબજ સરસ પ્રવૃત્તિ થી કરવા માં આવી હતી. આ બને દિવસ માં, જીવન માં આપણા રોજિંદા વિચારો અને મુદ્દાઓ નો ખૂબજ સ્પષ્ટ અને સંક્ષિપ્ત રીતે, સરળતાથી કેવી રીતે સંચાર કરવો જોઈએ તે શીખવા અને જાણવા મળ્યું.

Critical Thinking

In this two days I learnt more about Critical Thinking and I would like to thank Kinjal ma’am and Khushboo ma’am to spread the knowledge with explicate examples. System 1 and System 2 is better way to think critical. Critical thinking help to understand and assess a situation based on all the facts and information available. After listening about Critical thinking I came to understand that it can help identify and address workflow inefficiencies, improve management techniques, guide financial decisions and cultivate a strategic mindset in almost any position.

Critical Thinking is not Criticizing

Critical thinking… what do I have to learn to be a critique now??

And I was hoping to have sessions full of heavy gyaan, a lot of reading, and reflecting.  But to my surprise, the engagements and provocations were such that, I was actually looking forward to more. I found the sessions interesting while learning about the importance of critical thinking in life. Through analyzing various situations, listening to multiple perspectives, questioning all the possible outcomes to solve a problem was an enriching process. I learned the wonderful tool with a five-step process that increases the number of positive choices we make. It helps us to look through a sea of information and find what we’re looking for. It has the power to make the world a more reasonable place. Another interesting learning was about different types of biases and the best part was when I was identifying my own biases. I am hoping to see myself applying my learning from these sessions and I am happy that I learning to become a critique of my own thinking.

Looking forward to more such sessions!!! Can’t wait to Murder My Darling 😉

Critical Thinking- Reflection

पहले मुझे लगता था की Critical Thinking का अर्थ किसी भी चीज़ में गलतियाँ ढूँढना हैं परन्तु Life class में मुझे पता चला की किसी बात पर गहन अध्यन करना Critical Thinking करना होता है | हमने साथियों के जीवन के उदाहरणों से बहुत कुछ सीखा | मैंने सीखा कि अक्सर हम bias होकर अपने निर्णय लेते हैं | जब हम कोई भी निर्णय ले तो उससे पहले हमें अच्छे से research करनी चाहिए |


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