Critical thinking involves reasoning, evaluating and making decisions——-

I kept this critical thinking at last as an option of my life classes, because I thought that it may be heavy and overwhelming. But after attending these two days sessions I got to know that critical thinking is a disciplined process of thinking where we need to think by keeping our biases aside. In this session, we discussed Sushant Singh’s death mystery, in which we thought from different angles. Then we discussed two types of thinking fast thinking and slow thinking, after that, we discussed the five steps of critical thinking and in the second session we discussed the research task on Homeopathy, through this task we tuned into biases, that affect our life or decisions that we make. The activities and the tasks helped us to analyze everything from all the perspective and how to use it in our daily lives. The sessions were very much engaging and interesting, I am eagerly waiting for the next sessions.

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