Life class 2020 reflection: Journey so far.

Undeniably, 2020 has been the year of an online platform for most of the sectors, especially the education and learning sector. With such, my first experience of Life classes at FS (online) has been amazing with insightful sessions till now (and I am sure would continue to happen in the future too).
The sessions on the first 5 habits(till now) were conducted exquisitely well with different learning engagements like jigsaw reading, video watching, case studies, expressing emotions and sharing ideas, group discussions in break out rooms, and in between great energizers, to keep our energy uplifted.
The sessions were started with tuning into the significance of 7 habits, about the book, ‘7 habits of highly effective people’, written by Stephen Covey. As I dig deeper into understanding, I understood the significance of internalizing his principles into habits. It is important to focus on “actually be” rather than “appear to be”. It also helped me further realize that there is a connection between Habit 1 and Habit 2, ” Habit 1 is a creator, and Habit 2 is the first creation”. Habit 2 helped in getting clarity and better understanding in terms, “we should always know our passion, where we to reach”, i.e; to see the bigger picture, what is deeply important to you?”.
Understanding the circle of concern, the circle of influence, my mission statement added more values in my knowledge nutshell chime. The session on habit 5 was summed up well with the insight on types of listening. “True listening is not just hearing but also understanding what a person truly means”.
Overall, the sessions were conducted in it’s best possible manner in these times. “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”.

Life Class

The journey of life class for me until now was quite amazing. I was always curious to know what life class is all about but after attending these sessions I must say it was quite relaxing and got a chance to look within. I got to meet my colleagues, everyone from different backgrounds with different experiences. The activities which we did in life class was quite interesting. Overall, I enjoyed attending life classes. Thanks to the facilitators and all the members.


Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. For me, Integrity means “being true to ourselves and others” and “knowing and doing what’s right.” During the life-class, I got the opportunity to identify acts of integrity through some written scenarios. Scenarios for discussion are the focus of this lesson during the sharing throughout the session.

In nutshell I like the session

7 habits-Alpha

Ever since I joined the school, I had been listening about life classes. There were various perspectives of people and most of them were speaking about the changes in their lives after the life classes. So, I was also very excited about attending and witnessing the journey of transformation. But back in my mind, I was thinking what are life classes? How could they bring change in anyone’s lives? But to my surprise(as FS never fails to surprise the teachers), it(life classes) indeed bought a little change in me too(complete transformation is a long process.)

The very first habit of ‘Being proactive’ instead of being reactive taught me about how I could not react to situations merely by judging them. Moreover, ‘Begin with the end in mind’ really left us thinking that we should stop cribbing over materialistic things because it is people who matter the most and also start to decide your goals(where ones want to reach and plan accordingly. The best take away from the sessions was the paradigm shifts as well as the circles of concern and circles of influence and moving from independence to inter-dependence as well as creating the personal mission statement which will help me to stay more focused.

The habit of ‘Put first things first’ taught me how little things also matter along with big things and life should have everything in it but you need to adjust according to your needs. The four quadrants proved useful to bifurcating our priorities. The habit ‘Seek first to understand and then to be understood’ taught me the importance of empathetic listening and how being heard is of utmost importance to everyone.

I would like to thank FS for helping me to learn new things as well as bringing a change in the way I think which will definitely change my life to an extent.

बीत गई सो बात गई !!

हर दिन नया , रात नई होगी,
हर पल तेरे  सामने
कोई बात नई होगी।
कुछ बातें बहुत अच्छी
तो कुछ परिस्थियाँ बुरी भी होंगी।
हर उस बात से
कुछ शरुआत नयी होगी।
मिलेंगे तुझे कई सुझाव ,
दिखेंगे कई विकल्प !
सही राह चुनने में
करेंगे तुम्हे समर्थ।
बीती बातों का दोष देकर
आगे बढ़ना होगा व्यर्थ।
“बीत गई सो बात गई”
यही सोच लेकर तू चल.
जीवन आगे बढ़ जाएगा
स्नेह , स्मित से होकर सबल।
Rita Hasani


Identifies the fear and obstacles, understanding of forgiveness and collaborative session of VK helped me to understand different perspectives and stories. This shows my understanding about the session – Understands the truth  – Acceptance – Forgives to own selves as well others and light up actions to achieve the goal and live life happily. I believe these steps could help me to deal with any kind of situation and grow.

Are you serious about your aspirations?

Integrity sessions this weekend was filled with sharing, a session by Vardan Sir, short films, movies, and a lot of learning. The “Large short films” on the first day, opened my eyes to so many other possibilities of life and how we are constantly running without experiencing life. The movie inspired us to experience life by loving ourselves and getting out of our comfort zones. I believe that’s what integrity sessions are about, “Facing your deepest fears, acknowledging them, and doing our thing anyway”.

The session by HOS brought a lot of sharing from both batches. Real, complicated problems were discussed with some amazing solutions. Often, we know what we need to do in order to solve our problem but we believe that someone will get offended/get hurt/feel sad, etc. The conclusion is, “You can’t keep everyone happy. No matter what you do, you’ll always end up making someone feel sad/angry/frustrated. But that’s not in our control and we must start being okay with that because we are here to do our own thing. This day was filled with a good amount of sharing from everyone which made the sessions interactive.

Chal Mann jitwa jaiye

How many times do we reflect on actions and reactions of past , present and future. How many times we hold on to things that hurt us only. Time to let it go. Let the past not decide what I am today or stop me from what I want to be or what I want to do. Present is in our hand. So this life class proved to be the light house which directed this lost ship towards a safe harbor. The harbor of peaceful life. I was really touched by the incidents shared by the others and realized that everything is not going to be as we wish or plan but how do we come out of these obstacles, not blame ourselves and others for the same and make the best of what we have and what we can do.

Integrity Reflection #4 [CD]

We have a session by VK, which was really intriguing. One of the most peculiar things that we realised from the session was the introspection on how often we blame people for something, because of-course, that is the most easiest of easy resort. We further had a discussion on how ‘legitimate’ it is to blame others for something happening to us. There was comparatively a lot of sharing.

We all have been talking about our fears. We even revisited back to the level of fears, which definitely now I have a greater clarity about, and I am able to categorise my fears better. One major takeaway  from the session was – ‘Acceptance is the key’. Because I fell, that lack of acceptance is the reason that we tend to blame others and put others into positions of guilt in our lives, which is harmful for both us and them as well. Our conversations revolved around fear, guilt, acceptance and forgiveness. We had to write a forgiveness letter, which i wrote to myself, for time and again blaming me/myself for prioritising things over others, this was surely liberating and made me realise things I had been blaming myself for, but had not even realised or introspected on.

We concluded the session with people sharing their fears from their RAP sheet. And like i always say, it is always good to have a conversation with someone on the outside rather than having it within your brain!


Reflection of Life class – 7 Habits class

For me, attending a life class is being a wonderful experience. Each habit teaches how our life can be worth living both the way, professional and personal. I have started identifying what’s good and bad in me. I never realised this before. I am really grateful to this. In the class each habits are being explained with certain examples and true/realistic instances. There we can join the dots where this can relate to our lives too and there we are being able to identify and analyse our ongoing life. The best part for me was the second habit which is “Begin with End in mind”. That touched me a lot. In fact I have started working on it too. I think I have started prioritise my work in a well manner At school and at home as well. Thus I get a time for Me and able to focus on myself/my likes-dislikes/my dearest people.
I would like to thank Fountainhead school for giving such exploration and our facilitator for taking each wonderful sessions. This couldn’t be as fruitful as really it is without their support and their involvement.

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