Are you serious about your aspirations?

Integrity sessions this weekend was filled with sharing, a session by Vardan Sir, short films, movies, and a lot of learning. The “Large short films” on the first day, opened my eyes to so many other possibilities of life and how we are constantly running without experiencing life. The movie inspired us to experience life by loving ourselves and getting out of our comfort zones. I believe that’s what integrity sessions are about, “Facing your deepest fears, acknowledging them, and doing our thing anyway”.

The session by HOS brought a lot of sharing from both batches. Real, complicated problems were discussed with some amazing solutions. Often, we know what we need to do in order to solve our problem but we believe that someone will get offended/get hurt/feel sad, etc. The conclusion is, “You can’t keep everyone happy. No matter what you do, you’ll always end up making someone feel sad/angry/frustrated. But that’s not in our control and we must start being okay with that because we are here to do our own thing. This day was filled with a good amount of sharing from everyone which made the sessions interactive.

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  • Agree to you Nisarg Sir, the session was interactive. We all must learn to say ‘NO’ somewhere. Yes, we cant keep everyone happy and if we work at least for our own happiness, then that is it.

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