Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results.

Abhi tak andhera sa tha jivan mai
Nahi pata tha kya hai mere maan mai
2 din ki kahani kuch lafzo mai bata nahi sakti
Kya kare tan maan mai beh rakhi hai aisi shakti
Naam sunne se hi khushi mil jati hai
Happiness karne se woh samaj bhi aa jati hai
Na roko khud ko, na socho dusro ka
Abhi toh hum sharir se nikle hai
Tai karna hai safar aur dur tak ka
Dukhi bhi honge mayus bhi
Par na bhulna thoda bhi kya kiya tha tai
Maan toh maan hai chanchal sa
Na rehna chahta kabu mai
Par hum bhi dikha denge usko
Hum mai kitna hai dum
Nahi kar payega maanmaani apni
Kar lo chahe jitne sitam
Khush rehna hai mujhe
Faisla meine liya hai
Par aise nahi hoga
Jo bola woh karna hai
Chamak uthega chehra mera
Khud ko shant karke
Maan bhi bol uthega
Ha dum hai bhai tujh mai.

Happiness is a mirage!!!

Having steped in the happiness world helped enlighten my mind and soul. Sidarshan kriya acted as fertilizer to help me relief  from my talkative mind and gain peace.Now I feel I am at the right  place, not in search of happiness because happiness doesn’t come with conditions we have to live in the present and be happy.

Lastly I like to end it with a quote by Mother Teresa which says:” Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

Be happy…no matter what!!


Happiness classes reflection.

I don’t know how to start and I am really not good at writing. I couldn’t come on the second day of the happiness class as I was not feeling well. I want to say that I had learned the ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ about 9-10 years ago, at that time this course was known as the ‘Basic’ course of the ‘Art of living’. That was a good experience, but this time I felt better than before. Better in the sense, I could see a ‘Chakra’ which was revolving and a flame during the meditation and something (a kind of string) was going upside from the bottom in the body. It felt like, ‘Na din tha aur na raat thi, bus mai tha sirf mai’ during the meditation. After the ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ whenever I do the meditation, every time I see a flame and the godess ‘Gayatri’. I really don’t know what it is, but it really gives me a pleasure. the ‘Yog Nidra’ after lunch was also a good experience.

My feelings – Happiness is within ourselves

My feelings 😊

Tuesday, the morning of 29th May, with great hope, I started my day with a thought that now I am going to learn how to be happy. Then facilitator said “No, I am not going to teach you all these things which you have think of.” What… why… how…all these thoughts were in my mind. 😱😨* ” *

Now I can understand what facilitator meant with her first line..  that happiness is within ourselves. Now it’s the time I need to open my eyes and look around me. I want to grab all the opportunities. I don’t want to loose this energy, so I will surely do Sudarshan kriya everyday. Thank you all…😀😀😀


Reflecting on the experience of Karma kitchen

Reflecting on the day actually helps you relive the day. I was happy from within as I served and received smile and gratitude from people.
the internal factors that were affecting was my back pain, I could overcome it easily when I received the lovely smiles and thanks from the heart. I even felt at one moment,which I shared with my facilitator that it would be more joy if we could have cooked the food ourselves.
Thinking about how to create a peaceful ambiance, working together to achieve the same was the unforgettable experience and moments to cherish in future.

Exploring Happiness

One fine day I stepped in the room to attend a session “Happiness” with many pre notions carrying with me. I was not having the idea of what I will have at the time of exit, but things happened beyond my imagination. The first surprise of understanding the 7 level of existence. knowing that breathing techniques is the path to happiness and then the 5 golden rules to be happy. Sudarshan kriya was the turning point of my life. I am person who believe in leaving each moment and accept people, things and situation as they come so this made me happy to pat myself for not being lost in world or be a football to others opinion.
lastly would like to add that the journey has started and long way to go, which I have to keep reminding my mind as I am the owner and I have to guide it.

Integrity Reflection

Fear is nothing but the reality which is not so real, and this makes fear more fearful. Because on a psychological level we believe it to be the true and the ultimate reality. But that is not true. Ignorance leads to fear. What we have not experienced and what we do not want to experience, both adds to the fear. This further leads to incompetency because we’re stuck in these fears. These are the biggest barriers to ones progression and exploration and can be experienced on different levels. In the workshop we discussed fears of different levels. Wether constructive or destructive they have huge impact in shaping our lives. So it is essential to know our fears and work to overcome it.

Reflection: Fears

It was an amazing experience in the first life class (integrity). I got to know about the different fears and its levels for each individual. The fear someone has may not affect me but it means a lot to the person who has it. I also learned that I have to work on my self to overcome my fears. Also, the sharing done by my classmates were amazing and I could relate to the situations they shared.

I also thank Ms. Bhargavi and Ms. Kavita for giving such a wonderful and friendly environment to learn and grow.

Fear: Is it really bugging me!

I have always been considering ‘Fear’ as a kind of ‘challenge’ to show or check my capabilities. I always feel that the fear which i had few years back is not with me now. So every moment or years or decades there are new fears, which i believe can be  overcome by spiritual practices.

I learnt that if you are EMPOWERED then there is no room for FEAR!
So choice is yours : Either be powerful or Fearful !

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