The importance of “how to think”

We do a lot of thinking, analyzing and checking the pros and cons before taking any decision in our lives. But in few things we just blindly follow others or go with the blind belief system that we have. Here in critical thinking sessions we did few exercises that helped us analyse and dig deep to find and look into all the aspects of that particular situation. It gave me the understanding that before getting into any conclusions, how to check all the aspects 360 degree. I came to know about the different biases, we work with and how it influence us in our decision making. Of course it is not easy at all. But it will  definitely have an impact on the way we think now.

We are all critical to the world around. But we seldom think critically.

Initially, Critical thinking seemed to be just another familiar jargon. As it is rightly said by Scribe in Soliloquy – We are all critical to the world around. But we seldom think critically.
I assumed i am a critical thinker just because i critically think when it comes to buying a product. Looking for reviews, new trends, negative reviews, thinking of biased reviews, asking some known person about it and what not. But i think i am selective because if my decision to buy a product was incorrect i just have to face monetary loss which is bearable. But Critical thinking is more than that and i have often compromised it when it comes to emotions and relationships. Questioning my Mom about her blind faith in God has always been a  bitter experience for both of us. In such cases at any point of time my priority would always be relations/importance of that person in my life. I just wish that by too much of critical thinking , i do not stop believing in most of the things which i have believed for so many years. I am sure my closed ones would find it difficult to accept me with this new change in me.

On the contrary, “Thinking Fast and Slow” seemed to be more of similar to being reactive and proactive if i had to compare it as an extension to Seven Habits session. It would take a lot of efforts to train our mind to respond appropriately. But as per our discussions during the session, it is always easier said than done. There are a lot of biases and situations in life where we have to rely on intuitions. But at least giving it a thought to analyse the situation critically can be worthy.

Critical thinking sessions/content has helped me in conducting TOK classes with students and seemed to be very effective. I am glad that i have applied something that i have learned. One thing that i wish to change in me is to not to be gullible at times. Hoping for more lovely discussions to happen in coming sessions.

Till then keep questioning and critically thinking !!!


On a lighter note 🙂

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