Last day we visited to Ambika Niketan, an old age home. I had very good experience meeting these old couple and knowing their achievements and fears they were facing. They just wanted to share their experiences. They were content with everything. Just one fear they had that was to get people know about their willingness to stay there and people in the society taunting their sons for keeping them there. It was a great opportunity to hear and feel their love, warmth and feelings. I saw the reflection of my grandparents in the way they were sharing everything. Being in their company for a few hours, I developed a bond that would be cherished for years to come.

Overall it was a really great experience with our facilitators. Thank you Dipti ma’am & Puja ma’am for understanding us!

Integrity IOTA – dar key aagey jeet hai

The last day of integrity leaves us with lots of memories to overcome our fear. Introspection is the key to understanding one’s emotional needs. The group discussions and the discussion with Vardan sir were insightful. The visit to the old age home did shift my paradigm a bit. It also gave me a scope to understand multiple perspectives. Overall, it was a wonderful journey. Thank you to our fascinating facilitators Puja Agrawal and Dipti Sehgal for a memorable journey.


The experience and activities of life class has been enriching… There will always be things where our perspectives come out different but life classes have taught me to accept and consider all perspectives. There is nothing right and nothing wrong as long as you are true to yourselves. That is the most lovely takeaway for me. That’s integrity summed up for me.

I would also like to take this opprotunity to thank my facilitators for being patient and understanding. Being a fresher, you guys made all the possible efforts to make these classes interesting and interactive.

Thank You.


This life class allowed me introspect myself. To identify my biggest fears and work on them. To hear others stories and understand that it’s okay to be unhappy. All the sessions planned were systematic and helped us in our personal lives. Thanks for making me feel better.

Concluding Integrity Life class

It was always fun learning life skills during all the life classes at FS. It gave me friends having different experiences and perspectives at same issue or problem. This life class taught me how to move our pains towards power. The session with HOS also added a different perspective on how he deals with pain and converts to power.

The last day of this life class session had brought us to old age home to learn and understand how they deal with their pain. The uncle’s I met were enjoying their life at this old age home. However, I had seen the hidden pain associated with them of being away from the family. They gave us advice of earn and save more for yourself so that you can afford your old-age.

I want to express my gratitude to my facilitator Puja ma’am and Deepti ma’am for such a wonderful sessions.

I want to express my gratitude to Pinaz, Gagan, Sajan, Tulsa, Krishna, Jyoti, Khadija, Neha, Afreen, Priya, Tabassum and Fatima for being good listener to my sharing and sharing your perspective on my pains. It helped me a lot.

Looking forward for more such life classes in future.

A day at old age.

Last day of integrity class has really been fruitful where we have visited old age home. It helped us to understand the various pain that people around us are having and the way they are dealing with it. It lets you introspect deep and think about the way you want to spend and take decisions in your life. Deepest gratitude for all the good in life and also the facilitator for helping us with different perspectives and strategies throughout the Integrity class.

Integrity Iota the last day!

Feeling good to complete the journey with a family of a very different set of people. Made new relationships, learned about each other, and learned from each other. Cool facilitators who gave us all space we needed to ponder reflect and supported us to delve deeper to explore ourselves more. At this moment I feel I would like to explore all the good in my life, the people around me, in the events happening around me to fill my and others’ lives with a lot of positivity. Being resilient is not a compromise but it is a strength that comes from within by facing and fighting your fear, believing in yourself, identifying your strength, your mission, and your ways of dealing with different things and people. That’s what I am taking back with me for the rest of my life and will surely add up more.

Dar k Aage Jeet he

It all started with a clueless person who had no idea about how to communicate, how to open up and be expressive. Over the period of past three years I have grown tremendously. I have applied these live teachings at places where even I am not aware of. It had made me love myself, having a balanced life and to lead a life where fears are going to come and to give my best to strive through it.

Integrity – IOTA

It was quite a good journey of integrity life class, we started this journey with a learning that one should not be judgemental , as everyone is going through different life situations. Then we explored different fears, and how to overcome those ie from pain to power. We made many real life connections. We made a rap sheet where we mentioned about the mission statement and find out is the pain legitimate or illegitimate. We also discussed about types of truth and our responsibility ie to be responsible and not to blame anyone. We saw many movies which were relatable. Today in the last session we visited old age home which made me realise how much life is important and grateful and how we can share happiness and love and make this world a better place to live. Thank you to the facilitators Puja ma’am and Dipti ma’am for making this journey a wonderful one.


The journey of Integrity class has been a roller coaster ride. Through the ups and downs of our life we learnt the to understand and accept our fears in the Integrity class. We travelled the journey of “Pain to Power” together. We understood legitimate and illegitimate pain with various perspectives from the sharing of the team members. We understood the other side of life during our visit to old age home. The journey surely made us embrace the life, family and friends that we are blessed with.

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