Concluding Integrity Life class

It was always fun learning life skills during all the life classes at FS. It gave me friends having different experiences and perspectives at same issue or problem. This life class taught me how to move our pains towards power. The session with HOS also added a different perspective on how he deals with pain and converts to power.

The last day of this life class session had brought us to old age home to learn and understand how they deal with their pain. The uncle’s I met were enjoying their life at this old age home. However, I had seen the hidden pain associated with them of being away from the family. They gave us advice of earn and save more for yourself so that you can afford your old-age.

I want to express my gratitude to my facilitator Puja ma’am and Deepti ma’am for such a wonderful sessions.

I want to express my gratitude to Pinaz, Gagan, Sajan, Tulsa, Krishna, Jyoti, Khadija, Neha, Afreen, Priya, Tabassum and Fatima for being good listener to my sharing and sharing your perspective on my pains. It helped me a lot.

Looking forward for more such life classes in future.

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