We started this class with revising of previous classes and than we share our learning and experience of life class with other class . and also we done some hot seat activity and listen other fear and compare to own fear. we watched de one wonderful movie (MY LIFE)and end of the day we attend amazing guest speaker session with vardan sir .


We learned that Critical thinking involves asking questions, defining a problem, examining evidence, analyzing assumptions and biases, avoiding emotional reasoning.Critical thinking skills allows you to examine the information and classify what’s more valuable and what’s less. Then we learned about implicit bias. Implicit bias is also known as unconscious bias.these biases come from our surrounding people, our experiences, our culture, etc.We understood that we should be aware of the reasons for these biases and should take decisions after critical thinking.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking-

Today’s session was started with the topic ‘Women smile more than men’. A video was shown to understand the different perspectives about it. Then a movie was shown to understand implicit biases which we all have. The movie helped us to get aware of our biases which maybe we are not aware of. All these biases come from our surrounding people, our experiences, our culture, etc.

We understood that we should be aware of the reasons for these biases and should take decisions after critical thinking. Steps of scientific methodologies will also help us while raising questions. first of all, we should be aware of what do we want to know and then frame a good question. After it, research and evidence should be there to prove our point of view. Article reading on Manipulative Advertisements was read and discussed with examples. Six common Manipulative Advertising tactics like; Price, Promotion, Fear, Aspirations, Peer Pressure, and Novelty were to understand how Advertisements attract customers.

The sessions were helpful to learn and open our minds in all situations.



Critical thinking

आज मैंने manipulative tactics और implicit bias के बारे में सीखा | हमें जीवन में साहसिक बनकर और Scientific method के द्वारा अपने विचार दूसरे के समक्ष रखने चाहिए |

7 Habits Alpha – Reflection

Someone rightly said that ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and it’s perfectly applicable for the life class sessions I attended. It was the time to learn, unlearn and relearn. I have experienced  positive changes in my life as a participant of 7 Habits. I have become more empathetic, positive and humble. It helped me to understand that we may have different perspective/views but still we can work collaboratively by respecting each other’s views, beliefs, likes and dislikes. The concept which I learned in life class which  touched me was “Emotional bank account”. Each life class was filled with full of learning, positivity, fun and full of good vibes. Life class also helped me to understand myself and areas where I need to improve. I am really thankful to our both the facilitator Jimmy Ma’am and Rashida Ma’am, they were amazing throughout the life class.
Thanks a lot!!


In session had activities which included critical thinking, where in the group the members had to think critically about how we get influenced by misleading advertisements and how it affects our buying decision.We also discussed six common manipulative advertisement tactics. The movie was also very interesting which made us think critically.

Session makes me think on some points critically.

Do we think critically without emotion?

Do we become problem solvers?

Do we think of our own bias when we look at something or some situation?


We are almost towards the end of our life class journey and I have nothing but gratitude for my facilitators and teammates. These days were filled with mixed feelings and emotions. It has become like a safe space in our lives wherein we can share freely without the fear of being judged. Such sharing sessions have proved to be a great learning experience. Little did I know that sincerely implementing these habits can change one’s life. I could observe a positive attitude towards life. I’ve learned to be expressive and to embrace the feeling of emotions. It has taught me that you will reap the benefits from taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally over every other facet of your life. I am working on how to prioritize my activities according to my goals to turn them into a reality. I look forward to more such learning experiences.

7 Habits Alpha -My Reflection

I think about life classes is how much I’ve learned in these 8 days. Many things I already know but those are “precious and must applicable things”, here in life classes I learned this. Like for example, today on Day 8, there was a question, What is important assets do you think you have?. I answered My adaptability and Family. But eventually it was “My HEALTH”. I always knew that Health is wealth but here I come to know it’s importance after healthy discussion.

Meeting people with different background, sharing with them and listening from them was the incredible experience. Like many other people I do have a list of task to do. But how to manage important things and put first things first is something I learned from here. We also watched “Wake up Sid” and learnt about how to be proactive and take charge to your own life and live life with full enthusiasm. Making your own emotional bank account which helps in making and maintaining our relationship with others. On day 7, we watch a Bollywood movie “GOLD”. Though this film I come to know that every one is best in his/her field. But what makes you to achieve your goal is, “Team Work”.  Visitng on Suwali Beach and playing there with colleagues take me to my childhood. This is possible in Life class where you live like you are there only, forgetting all the worries and pressures.

Thank you to our Facilitator, Ms. Rashida Golawala and Ms. Jimmy Lineswala. They are fantastic in carrying out these sessions with full enthusiasm. I also saw teamwork between them. They never made boring and ensures everyone to participate. Thank you again Ma’am.

A Memorable Life Class Journey (7 HabitsAlpha)

So to start with there is no better place than FOUNTAINHEAD SCHOOL to work in.

Well the concept of life class is very unique and exclusive as it gives us a chance to show our most brightest side and also our most darkest side of our life.

I was a very shy person when it came to speaking in groups but when I joined the first class from that day till today I learnt to mingle up with everyone around me as the fear of being judged was never there. While learning the 7 habits I also simultaneously started applying it in my personal and professional life which brought a lot of changes in me, I became more confident of myself, I started sPeaking out where I should, I started to look at things differently for e.g previously when I use to watch any movies I never use to think much but now when I watch any kind of movies I start thinking about the logic about what learning i got from it. A lot of positive changes happened with me while taking the life classes along with going in detail about the habits….Not to forget our facilitators Jimmi Ma’am and Rashida Ma’am whom I thank from my ❤ as the way they took the classes without letting us get bored for a minute also with delivering the purpose.

Last but not the least the blog I am writing today I think I could not write it better if this life class was not there.

Thank you FS and all my group members for being kind, helpful and friendly….

7 Habits Alpha

It was an amazing journey. It was full of fruitful exercises and the learnings and sharing from the classes gave me a new insight into life.  We also discussed our problems which could be professional, financial, or personal, and their possible reasons and solutions. It changed my point of view to live and lead my life. 7 Habits taught me to categorize the important thing in life based on its urgency. It taught me the importance of sparing some time for myself. It made me realize that two heads are better than one head. There are some Aha moments about life class like we spend some good time on a field trip in Suvali beach where we learn how to work in a team to produce efficient results & writing the thank you letter to whom you love. Overall it was an enlightening experience and session and I am thankful to our facilitator Jimmy ma’am and Rashida ma’am for giving me a choice on how I can explore my life by keeping these habits in mind. I am looking forward to our next life class session.


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