7 Habits Alpha – Reflection

Someone rightly said that ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ and it’s perfectly applicable for the life class sessions I attended. It was the time to learn, unlearn and relearn. I have experienced  positive changes in my life as a participant of 7 Habits. I have become more empathetic, positive and humble. It helped me to understand that we may have different perspective/views but still we can work collaboratively by respecting each other’s views, beliefs, likes and dislikes. The concept which I learned in life class which  touched me was “Emotional bank account”. Each life class was filled with full of learning, positivity, fun and full of good vibes. Life class also helped me to understand myself and areas where I need to improve. I am really thankful to our both the facilitator Jimmy Ma’am and Rashida Ma’am, they were amazing throughout the life class.
Thanks a lot!!

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