Life class 7 Habits

I joined Fountainhead in the crucial year 2020. Being new to the school and even to the online teaching technology I was a bit apprehensive regarding my performance. However my strong will, help from the team and the team leader and support from my family members I was able to do it. Life classes at FS are helpful in building the values and helping live life to the contentment. Life classes help us share our experiences and learn from them. This is the platform where we can share our weakness and work upon it. Expecting to learn and develop more of positive vibes from the life classes at FS. Thanks to the management for such an amazing thought for the teaching staff !

Life class – 7 Habits

2020 has been one challenging year. It was at this time that I learned my roles and responsibilities as an HRT and got acquainted with the FS culture. I saw myself adapt to newer technologies, new ways of teaching, getting to know the new team that I’ll be working with through the current academic year, and better time management. 


The life classes provide great mental stability to handle unforeseen situations. It helped me transition to an online mode of education just because all of us believed in being prepared beforehand. The knowledge gained in the life class helped me become more practical in looking at the problems in life. We have healthy discussions in the group which helps us understand the different perspectives towards life. The facilitators ensured that everyone is comfortable, involved, and participative in the class. I heartily thank FS for conducting such classes that act as a guide, not only in professional development but also in personal growth. 


Overall the sessions were fruitful and it was a beautiful learning experience!

My Learning Journey till Now

Year 2020 marks my entry in FS as a Career Counselor. Just a month had gone since I joined, when the pandemic put the world in a fix. No one had ever thought that such a challenge would be coming up. But it’s already the end of the year and we all have been working from our homes since March. During this entire time, I learned my roles and responsibilities as a career counselor and FS culture. I saw myself learn new technological tools, new ways of communicating better, team-work and better time management. Every evening when I saw myself perform as per my expectations, I had a sense of satisfaction and also huge gratitude that I had a job during this pandemic and a good support system. This was also the time when I got to be a part of the Life Classes. The way FS emphasizes on following the Bible of efficient work and effective people (The book- 7 habits of Highly effective people), is commendable. The very foundation of FS people ought to be so strong that no doubt it is a great place to be associated with. The founders, staff, teachers, facilitators plan and work together so efficiently that we could deal with this pandemic with flying colors. I can easily say that we could transition to online mode of education just because all of us believed in being prepared beforehand. The life classes provide great mental stability to handle unforeseen situations. I am looking forward to a New Year with a hope to work in school and to interact with everyone like we used to. Fingers Crossed!

7 Habits

2020 is a year full of uncertainties and challenges. I never expected that we would be doing the 2nd term virtually as well. The first few weeks that I was in school, I had heard a lot about life classes. My colleagues would keep talking or asking me if I know what it was. I was a little curious as well since the name life classes sounded very interesting. As a person, I keep reading motivational books, watch life coaches videos. There were mixed reviews about the life classes for sure, but I wanted to know more about it.

The learning and knowledge in the class is something different,and it is very vital in order to live a successful and happy life. I was aware of the 7 habits but never looked at them in this way as discussed in the class. Having the discussions did help me implement in my life and has helped me look at things differently and deal with them in a different manner.

Life Class 2020

Well, year 2020 has been a year of uncertainties and unseen challenges. Lives of almost every individual around the globe is forced to change with the current ongoing Pandemic. However, the opportunities to learn new things during this time were also more than the normal ongoing schedule and everyone had to accustomed with the term “New Normal”.

Life Class, no one had thought of going virtually using an online platform and performing activities online, but as the name of my life class(7 habits) suggests everyone to implement the habits in day to day life in order to be successful and happy, the same was very well implemented by the organisation and also by the facilitators and made sure the best was delivered using the new platform of knowledge.

The learning and knowledge which we gets in the class is something different and yes very important in order to live a successful and happy life. Yes, most of us might be knowing the 7 habits and definition of the same but the classes which we had conducted so far had shown us the ways of how to implement these habits in our day to day life and whatever we learned so far in the classes, many of us have already started implementing it.

The efforts of the facilitators to make sure everyone is involved in the class and everyone participate cannot be written in words, and I would like to thank you for conducting the class and showing us the right ways to live a happy life.

“When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.”
I came home and did some thinking on what I could do to possibly relieve some of the stress building up in my life. I took part in Life class and found some guidance for the situation which I need to deal with.

“Be Proactive”-Make me to feel that I am an in-charge of making my own fun in the life.Instead of thinking a lot,that statement teaches ‘Apna har din ese jiyo,jaise ki akhiri ho’-and I started to enjoy each moment.This encourages uniqueness and how to recognize the inner voices that are calling you to your purpose.

“Think win-win”-Previously I was thinking from my side.Now I am thinking from both sides which make the relationship strong.
It seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions.

I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for all.