Life Class 2020

Well, year 2020 has been a year of uncertainties and unseen challenges. Lives of almost every individual around the globe is forced to change with the current ongoing Pandemic. However, the opportunities to learn new things during this time were also more than the normal ongoing schedule and everyone had to accustomed with the term “New Normal”.

Life Class, no one had thought of going virtually using an online platform and performing activities online, but as the name of my life class(7 habits) suggests everyone to implement the habits in day to day life in order to be successful and happy, the same was very well implemented by the organisation and also by the facilitators and made sure the best was delivered using the new platform of knowledge.

The learning and knowledge which we gets in the class is something different and yes very important in order to live a successful and happy life. Yes, most of us might be knowing the 7 habits and definition of the same but the classes which we had conducted so far had shown us the ways of how to implement these habits in our day to day life and whatever we learned so far in the classes, many of us have already started implementing it.

The efforts of the facilitators to make sure everyone is involved in the class and everyone participate cannot be written in words, and I would like to thank you for conducting the class and showing us the right ways to live a happy life.

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