Chapter 8 – This chapter is all about the 5 obstacles that are generally observed in the people by the author of the book. He has advised to overcome these obstacles to make the process easier and more effective. 1. Fear. 2. Cynicism. 3. Laziness. 4. Bad habits. 5. Arrogance.


Chapter 9 – This chapter is all about the following 10 actions which one should always remember and follow during the process of wealth creation. There was too much to read and understand, but overall I can say that this chapter may help the once who are ready for the implementation of their learning from this book. 1. I NEED A REASON GREATER THAN REALITY 2. I CHOOSE DAILY 3. CHOOSE FRIENDS CAREFULLY 4. MASTER A FORMULA AND THEN LEARN A NEW ONE 5. PAY YOURSELF FIRST 6. PAY YOUR BROKERS WELL 7. BE AN “INDIAN GIVER” 8. ASSETS BUY LUXURIES 9. THE NEED FOR HEROES 10. TEACH AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE


Chapter 10 – This chapter is a kind of conclusion of the book in which author has suggested a list of “To do’s” thing. This chapter was equally helpful as chapter 9 for the people who wants to start with their actions. At the end of the book in epilogue author has given a final idea in which we can see that how one of his friends made $4,00,000 by investing just $7,000. And not only that but how he planed his retirement too.


My overall summary – I really like the book and the big idea of the author. The biggest learning for me is that “Don’t work for money. Make the money work for you” which sounds interesting at the same time challenging in practical way. I understood the importance of financial literacy and the science of making money. Another thing I learned is that never be dependent on single income if you ever want to be rich. And when it mean various incomes it doesn’t mean that you have to various jobs. I learned that it is very hard to get good staff for your business and three key management skills 1. Management of cash flow, 2. Management of people, 3. Management of personal time. This book is probably the best one for those who are courageous enough to be rich.


Thank you.

Critical Thinking – “ये सफ़र बहुत है कठिन मगर ना उदास हो मेरे हमसफ़र … “

Critical Thinking अंतिम अध्याय

आज का Critical thinking का विषय बहुत ही क्लिष्ट था | धर्म, आत्मा, मोक्ष, प्रार्थना,ईश्वर ………ये विषय ही ऐसे हैं , जितना सोचेंगे अर्थ गहन बनते जाएँगे |

मुझे जो महाभारत में धर्म की परिभाषा मिली वो बेहद सटीक लगी |

स्वकर्मनिरतो यस्तु धर्म: स इति निश्चय:।[3] अपने कर्म में लगे रहना निश्चय ही धर्म है।

कोई धर्म गलत नहीं है , मानवता श्रेष्ठ धर्म है ,उसका सही आचरण ही धर्म है |

इसलिए critical thinking अपने निजी जीवन में अपनाते समय थोड़ी कठिनाइयाँ जरूर आएगी, पर इसका इस्तेमाल कर के क्या सही और क्या गलत इसका उचित फैसला निश्चित ही कर सकते हैं |

“ये सफ़र बहुत है कठिन मगर ना उदास हो मेरे हमसफ़र … ”

अध्याय समाप्त !!

(अध्याय समाप्त हुआ है ज्ञान नहीं वह तो निरंतन बहता रहेगा | )

Rich dad poor dad – Chapter 9 & 10

I understand some key points to develop your financial genius and help us grow rich.:

Paying yourself first – When you develop the habit of paying yourself first, you become motivated by the fear of not being able to pay creditors. In turn, you begin looking for other forms of income like investment real estate, SIP, Mutual funds etc.

Train yourself to listen to what other people have to say, especially when it comes to money and investing. If you discover you’re ignorant about a subject, educate yourself or find an expert in the field.

Realize that if you want something, you need to give something first.

Filter negative people and their fears out of your life

Choose your friends carefully. Be careful not to listen to poor or frightened people.

Life Class Reflection_Integrity

It had been a great journey in integrity. I really was looking forward to learn from this sessions. Indeed!, I learnt a lot from online life class sessions. I learnt the meaning of the word Integrity and How it is different from being honest. I learnt how to shift one’s self from Pain to Power. It helped me solve many of my problems. I developed a new perspective to look at the problem and life. I learnt a lot from the sharing done by my colleagues and facilitators. Gradually, I feel I became a good listener. Here is a small reflection video that I have prepared to show my journey in the life class.

Credit –

Key learnings from Chapter 9 and 10

It summarizes the 10 key principles which we have complete control over and which will help us grow rich.
1)I Need a reason greater than reality: It reflects your inner do’s and don’ts . You need to have a reason and a purpose strong enough to chase the path that leads to financial literacy and financial independence.
2)I choose Daily: With each and every dollar you hold , the voice of investing it utterly lies within you . This choice will determine whether you would be rich , average or poor.
Invest first in Education. Before investing your savings first learn Investing by reading books or trending seminars.
3) Choose friends carefully: Choose your acquaintance wisely as may be able tap their wise wisdom upto the best of your advantage. You may also gain an insider information if your close friend is intimately associated with the firm . There are legal and illegal ways of insider trading. Legal ways of insider trading will help you gain quick information before it is made available to the public at large. You earn profit while buying not while selling.Today’s information age demands you to gain information way prior.
4)Master a formula and then learn a new one: Consistent  upgrading oneself is the key to success. Real estate foreclosure was a great deal then but it soon became obsolete . knowledge will become obsolete soon . Learning new skills quickly and applying it immediately is a key to success. Getting into action holds utmost significance.

5)Pay yourself first: No matter how much financial crisis you are going through paying your bills you need to identify alternate sources of income rather than liquidating your savings. Let the pressure built in .It will help you to become more creative in term of identifying ways and means to earn money.
6) Pay Your Brokers well: Seek professional assistance. They are the experts in their field.They will help you sail through smoothly and in return you need to pay them well. This also qualifies under Management of people , one should know this art in order to reap benefits of other’s intelligence.
7)Be an Indian Giver: There is a tale to this phrase what do you exactly mean by an Indian Giver. Simply put you are expecting returns on your investment . Choose high ROI and low risk stocks in order to yield highest ROI.
8)Assets buy luxuries: You need to generate cash flow which allows you to earn income through which you can afford luxuries. Rather than entering into the vicious cycle of earning, spending and getting more into debt .

9)The need for Heroes: Having a role model is crucial in achieving success. When they receive extraordinary success we are also tempted to think and believe we can do it as well

10)Teach and you shall receive: The power of giving shall never be undermined. Whatever you want you need to give that first in return you will receive multiple of what you asked for..God never asked you for anything , however humans should give.
In the concluding part an epilogue contains a story of a father who is in a dilemma and is struggling to work out a way which will help him gather $400,000 for his children’s college education. He resorted to Robert Kiyoski and invested in real estate then when  the real estate market of Phoenix was lame . At the end only and only by taking the risk of investing he was able to save $400,000 not only that he was also able to retire quite early. Robert Kiyoski wants to make a firm point that being unleash the financial genius within you.
Kinjal Morakhia

‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ – Reflection

किताब में बहुत कुछ दोहराया गया है या कुछ बातें इतनी तकनिकी हैं कि पढ़कर समझना मुश्किल है। फिर भी अब तक जितनी किताबें पढ़ीं, उनमे से सबसे अधिक सीखने, समझने और अपनाने लायक मिला।
Chapter 9 & 10

लेखक के अनुसार इंसान को सपने देखने जरुरी हैं, उसे अपने लिए अपनी जिंदगी से क्या चाहिए और क्या नहीं ये समझ लेना चाहिए। उसके सपने और इच्छाएँ उसे कुछ करने के लिए प्रेरित करेंगी।

आज के ज़माने में आगे बढ़ने या अमीर बनने के लिए नई कुशलताओं की जरुरत है, हमें हर दिन कुछ न कुछ सीखना होगा। सीखने के लिए अपना समय निवेश करें और उसे अपने जीवन में अपनायें।

लेखक ने अनुशासित होने पर भी जोर दिया है, यहाँ self -management skills पर बात की गयी है। अपना समय और पैसा सही जगह लगाएँ, सोच समझकर फैसला लें।

बाजार को समझें और सही समय देख कर ही निवेश करें। सबसे पहले खुद को भुगतान करें, यानि अपनी कमाई का कुछ हिस्सा अपने लिए सम्पति बनाने में लगाएँ जो आपके निवेश को दिन प्रतिदिन बढ़ाने का काम करेगा। अपने सलाहकारों को भी अच्छा भुगतान करें।

लेखक का यह भी मानना है कि हम जो दूसरों को देते हैं वही घूमकर हमारे पास लौट आता है। तो सीखने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका है कि आप लोगों को सिखाएँ।

ये किताब पढ़ते हुए मैंने महसूस किया कि हमारे समाज में खासकर महिलाएँ न तो निवेश करती हैं और न ही उस पर आपस में चर्चा ही करती हैं , वैसे भी धन संभालने की जिम्मेदारी हमेशा से पुरुष वर्ग की रही है। मैंने समझा कि मैंने अबतक क्या गलतियां की हैं और फैसला लिया है कि अब से मैं अपने धन को संभालने के लिए खुद जिम्मेदार रहूंगी और किसी पर निर्भर नहीं रहूँगी।
मैं इस किताब के साथ ही अपने साथी पाठकों की भी आभारी हूँ कि जीवन की इतनी बड़ी सीख में वो मेरे साथ थे। मैं अपने बच्चों को भी धन निवेश जल्दी और स्वयं करने की शिक्षा दूँगी।

Life Class reflection

Integrity life class is something which brings me positivity and motivates me to stay positive in all the situation. It teaches me that I should appreciate myself as well along with when we are doing others because appreciating ourselves make us feel worthy. It also teaches me that how to convert our pain into opportunity. It was an amazing experience to attend this Integrity class.

Be Happy :) – Integrity

A very big thanks to Ranjana ma’am and Chandni ma’am. It is a great journey with all the members. In integrity class i have learnt so much things, experienced many things. I enjoyed a lot. I speak very less but now i can able to express myself. And also remain positive in my life. I share my thought to my love ones and relatives. All sessions of integrity class were very interesting and joyful for me. I enjoyed it. My best trying is to continue living my further life with this understanding and knowledge.

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