Chapter 8 – This chapter is all about the 5 obstacles that are generally observed in the people by the author of the book. He has advised to overcome these obstacles to make the process easier and more effective. 1. Fear. 2. Cynicism. 3. Laziness. 4. Bad habits. 5. Arrogance.


Chapter 9 – This chapter is all about the following 10 actions which one should always remember and follow during the process of wealth creation. There was too much to read and understand, but overall I can say that this chapter may help the once who are ready for the implementation of their learning from this book. 1. I NEED A REASON GREATER THAN REALITY 2. I CHOOSE DAILY 3. CHOOSE FRIENDS CAREFULLY 4. MASTER A FORMULA AND THEN LEARN A NEW ONE 5. PAY YOURSELF FIRST 6. PAY YOUR BROKERS WELL 7. BE AN “INDIAN GIVER” 8. ASSETS BUY LUXURIES 9. THE NEED FOR HEROES 10. TEACH AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE


Chapter 10 – This chapter is a kind of conclusion of the book in which author has suggested a list of “To do’s” thing. This chapter was equally helpful as chapter 9 for the people who wants to start with their actions. At the end of the book in epilogue author has given a final idea in which we can see that how one of his friends made $4,00,000 by investing just $7,000. And not only that but how he planed his retirement too.


My overall summary – I really like the book and the big idea of the author. The biggest learning for me is that “Don’t work for money. Make the money work for you” which sounds interesting at the same time challenging in practical way. I understood the importance of financial literacy and the science of making money. Another thing I learned is that never be dependent on single income if you ever want to be rich. And when it mean various incomes it doesn’t mean that you have to various jobs. I learned that it is very hard to get good staff for your business and three key management skills 1. Management of cash flow, 2. Management of people, 3. Management of personal time. This book is probably the best one for those who are courageous enough to be rich.


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