Eternal Happiness!!

Living in the present and enjoying each moment is Happiness.

Vital learnings:-

# The water can stop flowing in the river and the mountains can be moved but stopping your mind from thinking is IMPOSSIBLE.

# Some things are not in your hands and letting go is the best option.

# Dont blame your self and other because people are different and they will act differently.

# Opposite values are complementry to life, you gain more knwoledge which leads you to become a better person.




Great learning experience

In the beginning it was an unknown journey.But later,it helped me to grow in all the aspects of life. It really helped me to gain confidence to believe in yourself.It helped me to be expressive when we disagree to certain aspects. I have build upon better relationship in both personal and professional life.Thus, it helped me to be better individual a person who acts proactively,who does multi tasking well,etc.
The new learning of paradigm shift has helped me to widen my thoughts that I am capable to do everything.

Habits: the building blocks of change

“Sow a thought, and you reap an action; sow and action, and you reap a habit; sow a habit, and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny.”        

  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

 ‘’WE CAN’T CHANGE THE FRUIT WITHOUT CHANGING THE ROOT’’                                                                                                      – Stephen Covey

The most important aspect of nurturing a tree is to water the roots. Similarly, cultivating good habits is the most important aspect of nurturing one-self. If we want to excel in life, we need to track our habits. Stephen Covey’s ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ is a great guide to inculcating positive habits, thereby eliminating the negative ones. This is exactly what the Life class was all about; nurturing the roots of our character by incorporating positive and life changing habits.

The life classes were very thought provoking and revealed various aspects of life that I need to work on. I just didn’t realize when the life class journey culminated. It has really helped me to become self-confident. The ‘Death Activity’ taught us the importance of time by focusing on the activity which has the highest priority. A quote by Mahatma Gandhi is along the same lines – “ Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.“ I learnt how to be more proactive by managing my schedule in a way that we always are mostly in the ideal quadrant i.e. the 2nd quadrant (not urgent and important). The Eisenhower Matrix, also referred to as the Urgent-Important Matrix, is practically helping me in prioritizing the tasks at hand.

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest; we have to be more disciplined than the rest.” -Warren Buffett

Self discipline and self mastery is a prerequisite for building healthy relationships with others. Stephen Covey calls this the habit of ‘personal management’. This is about organising and implementing activities in line with the goals outlined in habit 2. Stephen Covey says that habit 2 (At the beginning of any activity, keeping the end goal in mind) comes first, while habit 3 (Prioritization) comes second. Let me share an example wherein I tried to incorporate these habits to manage my time. The end goal was clear to me(habit 2), however that wasn’t enough to make it happen. Dreaming about it was never going to make it a reality because there is no substitute for hard work. I started maintaining a ‘To do list’ on a weekly basis outlining the activities and their priorities. The key point is that I learnt to be persistent and not give up when there are failures or setbacks.

The philosophy of EBA (Emotional Bank Account) was something that I came across for the first time.I can clearly envision the power of this philosophy because it can improve one’s relationship with others, which is a very difficult thing to do.

The habit on which I need to work upon the most is ‘Sharpen the saw’ which is the habit of self renewal. Covey divides this habit into four components – the spiritual, mental, physical and the social/emotional. It encompasses all the other habits and encourages and enables them to grow. We cannot achieve success in our lives if we are not nurturing the four parts.

In a nutshell, a life class has the potency to change a person’s approach towards life. It has helped me to become a better individual; a person who listens empathetically and who acts proactively.


Reflection for 7 habits – Manisha Guha and Harsh Parchwani

In this daily hustle bustle of making a living, we have forgotten to live the life for which we are doing all this. Life class gave us a chance to jell up with other members from FS family, peep into their life. We tried to understand the different perspectives and the ways they look upon life in their own ways.

It changed our outlook on life in a better way. The journey of life class had made a paradigm shift in our thoughts beliefs and the way to see the world. All those tense sessions which taught to begin with the end in mind gave us the concept of looking at the big picture in life. Fun team games in life class made us realize the importance of health and synergy with the team members.

Importance of win-win concept, which we usually hear a lot nowadays, in leading a peaceful life was understood through rigorous discussions and case studies.

Life Class – 7 Habits

A lot of apprehension, a lot of expectations, a lot of craziness and a lot of memories.


The first life class introduced us to the world of deep understanding about how people are, how do they feel, how do they respond.

I to we – we to us.

The bond was formed- the respect was initialized.

Stephen Covey- The Seven habit of effective people

We the group of not so effective individual started our journey to the self realization and towards the common and yet individual goal of becoming the best as a person and doing the best in what we do.

The book unraveled section by section page by page- stimulating various feeling and emotions, invoking great inner turmoil, contemplation, inquiring, leading to  self realization.

Step 1- The first lesson learnt- Be proactive

Taking the responsibility of our own action. We knew all along and yet started following thence.

Being ready and taking care of each detail to achieve the perfection became our common goal and together we learnt the how to be proactive.

Step 2- The Second lesson learnt- Begin with end in mind

All running towards something but towards no destination, the lost souls. That’s how we were, no destination , no goals to achieve, no plan , no vision, no thought. By sharing the experiences and self realisation we found the beautiful boulevard directing us towards our destination and goals.

Step 3- The Third lesson learnt- Put first thing first

Not knowing the destination we wander around doing so much but actually doing nothing. No aim, no goals can be achieved without organizing, without completing what is most important and then what next is to be done. With this new weapon we the warriors entered the battlefield of life. Conquering the world with dedication and sincerity.

Step 4-The Fourth Lesson learnt – Think Win Win

Battle cannot be fought and won alone. Its group effort. Each mind, each strategy, each perspective, each thought counts. Together we grow, together we learn, together we flourish. Striking the perfect balance is the key when working in groups. Think win win where no one loses and all win.

Step 5- The Fifth Lesson Learnt- Seek first to understand then be understood.

Pehle aap. When we give a complete attention and good ear to someone we earn respect. That’s the way life works. Knowing this and respecting others first we reciprocate the same feeling. Hence not only succeed relationships but in life.

Step 6- The Sixth lesson learnt- Synergize

We the unique souls, We the unique individuals. So different yet bound to be together. Co- existing,  co- surviving, co-working, together we strive ahead together we prosper. How well do we gel with each other,  working over weaknesses and strengthening the potentials. That’s how we moved ahead and learnt to be more accommodating and respecting each other differences.

Step 7- The Seventh Lesson learnt- Sharpen the Saw

Here we come. The New Group of people. We are proactive, We begin with end in mind, We put first thing first, We think win win, We seek first to understand and then be understood, We synergise and We sharpen our saw. How do we do that? We find our own element that soothes us, fill us with vigour and energy. That unleashes all the potential and brings the best out. The need to sharpen our saw is vital if want to be never tiring and ever moving ahead.

A heartfelt Gratitude to the everyone who helped us in this journey of self realization and to metamorphose.


Yasmin & Chaahat

Life Classes = Live Classes

Since from last 8 years of teaching I experienced peolple are listen to reply.Here things get chancge. Everyone willingly listen to Understand. In life classes I understand all three constants in life…change,choice and principles. I learn time management through four quadrants. Through circle of influence and circle of concern I understand what I suppose to do. I commemorate my school day where I did death exercise earlier also. In nut shell Life Classes is equal to live classes..Here I would like to thank our both facilitators Kruti ma’am And Tina Ma’am & request that to facilitate us further during next love classes

7 Habits – Life Class

When a year ago I heard about the life class I was very excited to be a part of it and it turned out to be an amazing journey.

I am very thankful to my facilitators – Mayur Sir and Khushboo ma’am. They were more like friends and they shared their experiences.

Life classes have changed my perspective towards the people I meet. It helped me to understand what is habits that make us and paradigms which break us. I applied the learning of the habit- Begin with end in mind by setting up the goal in my life and prioritize them, I learn about self-awareness and ability to choose how we respond to the other things around us, to determine the response as a proactive decision in our daily life and not a passive reaction. I also learned how to work with my team with synergy, collaboration, and communication skills, and moving from independence to interdependence.

I am really thankful to Fountainhead school for conducting such type of classes.

Thank You…!