Life Class – 7 Habits

A lot of apprehension, a lot of expectations, a lot of craziness and a lot of memories.


The first life class introduced us to the world of deep understanding about how people are, how do they feel, how do they respond.

I to we – we to us.

The bond was formed- the respect was initialized.

Stephen Covey- The Seven habit of effective people

We the group of not so effective individual started our journey to the self realization and towards the common and yet individual goal of becoming the best as a person and doing the best in what we do.

The book unraveled section by section page by page- stimulating various feeling and emotions, invoking great inner turmoil, contemplation, inquiring, leading to  self realization.

Step 1- The first lesson learnt- Be proactive

Taking the responsibility of our own action. We knew all along and yet started following thence.

Being ready and taking care of each detail to achieve the perfection became our common goal and together we learnt the how to be proactive.

Step 2- The Second lesson learnt- Begin with end in mind

All running towards something but towards no destination, the lost souls. That’s how we were, no destination , no goals to achieve, no plan , no vision, no thought. By sharing the experiences and self realisation we found the beautiful boulevard directing us towards our destination and goals.

Step 3- The Third lesson learnt- Put first thing first

Not knowing the destination we wander around doing so much but actually doing nothing. No aim, no goals can be achieved without organizing, without completing what is most important and then what next is to be done. With this new weapon we the warriors entered the battlefield of life. Conquering the world with dedication and sincerity.

Step 4-The Fourth Lesson learnt – Think Win Win

Battle cannot be fought and won alone. Its group effort. Each mind, each strategy, each perspective, each thought counts. Together we grow, together we learn, together we flourish. Striking the perfect balance is the key when working in groups. Think win win where no one loses and all win.

Step 5- The Fifth Lesson Learnt- Seek first to understand then be understood.

Pehle aap. When we give a complete attention and good ear to someone we earn respect. That’s the way life works. Knowing this and respecting others first we reciprocate the same feeling. Hence not only succeed relationships but in life.

Step 6- The Sixth lesson learnt- Synergize

We the unique souls, We the unique individuals. So different yet bound to be together. Co- existing,  co- surviving, co-working, together we strive ahead together we prosper. How well do we gel with each other,  working over weaknesses and strengthening the potentials. That’s how we moved ahead and learnt to be more accommodating and respecting each other differences.

Step 7- The Seventh Lesson learnt- Sharpen the Saw

Here we come. The New Group of people. We are proactive, We begin with end in mind, We put first thing first, We think win win, We seek first to understand and then be understood, We synergise and We sharpen our saw. How do we do that? We find our own element that soothes us, fill us with vigour and energy. That unleashes all the potential and brings the best out. The need to sharpen our saw is vital if want to be never tiring and ever moving ahead.

A heartfelt Gratitude to the everyone who helped us in this journey of self realization and to metamorphose.


Yasmin & Chaahat

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