Love Classes

Being a parent and raising children is not an easy job. There is no thumb rule the way children can be brought up. It’s like learning ‘on the job’ and with experience. Some action may work for one and may not work for others.
The body language,the voice tone,facial expression is observed and absorbed by the children.Children should always be spoken in positive language. It helps in the development of the children. One should stop and think how many times one talks negatively to the children. We should empathize by feeling about a boss/or an elder treating you negatively.
To Discipline a child one can set rule, and a rule without consequence and consistency. Consistency sets an example of what is expected from our children.
The we time with the children is really important and logically giving reasoning for every “no” is important.
Children learn from role modelling so one needs to keep a check that ones behavior needs to be positive.

Rekindling the soul

The last day of the love class beautifully designed by the lovely facilitators…revisiting the myths of parenting, a movie on tolerance, loyalty, teamwork and trust in others and scrumptious moments of gratitude.

This year, attending Love classes at FS has been moving away from the myths of love and parenting and having rendezvous with many insights from learning experiences that help me take on the world in new, possibility-filled ways. The beautifully designed lessons of love filled me with fresh perspectives and forward-moving actions. I am so thankful that I went through these learning opportunities. They made me realize things that I didn’t know about myself (correction: that I never admitted to myself). I know that I will live a more fulfilling life, thanks to the realizations I came to using love classes. Readings of tender poems and insightful articles rekindled my soul as a parent and I know, I am a better parent and a more love-giving teacher who know the importance of rewards- hugs and  compliments for my kids. They fixed me!

Spread LOVE…

” Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only LIGHT can do that. Hate cannot drive out that, Only LOVE can do that”. – MARTIN LUTHER
If a relationship have understanding, care, kindness and respect for each other, then we say, Love exists. It is all about your happiness and dreams including others happiness and dreams. It is about giving freedom rather than holding on to each other that affects the dreams, goals or success of other partner.

Let go and let forgiveness lead the way forward in LOVE.

Without self-love, you can never truly give love to or receive love from another person.

Don’t let go of your dreams! A strong relationship in LOVE lets you be who you want to be. In a solid, secure relationship, partners support and nurture one another in pursuing their goals and dreams. Being in LOVE doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your dreams! It means to pursue your dream with stronger determination and support.

Love is nurturing yourself and others for enrichment  and progress. It is growing spiritually together.

A wonderful journey of Love classes ends here with a better understanding of what is LOVE and what is being in LOVE.

Thanks and Regards,

Ankita Nandwani.

Love is…..

To understand something, we at times understand what it isn’t. Love isn’t a need, it isn’t a forever promise, it isn’t always a sacrifice from one end. Scott Peck defines love as “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own and another’s spiritual growth”. This definition actually helped me to understand the meaning of love, if you love someone, you prioritize their growth. You extend yourself and it involves risk, courage, understanding and care. However, it isn’t necessary that you show your love. It is a feeling, an understanding which is to be known and accepted.

One more important learning was about forgiveness.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover that the prisoner was you.” by Lewis B. Smedes.  You forgive, you open the gates wide open for your growth.

I would like to express my gratitude to Brinda Ma’am and Krishna ma’am for constantly sharing their life stories with us. You motivated us to actually introspect and bring this workshop to life.

Chandni Relwani

Love Epsilon – 2017-18


Its Love… Yes all we’re looking for is love!

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”- George Sand

Yes, Love is all we want, may it be self love or love from your partner or from your parents or from your kids or from your loved ones. Through this workshop my belief of what is love has evolved leading to more healthier and happier relationships.

I believe self love is the one which is of utmost importance. Loving yourself isn’t conceit, it’s love. Love means kindness, acceptance, encouragement and care. Conceit is none of those things. With love, doubt disappears, fears fade and there’s a comfort that develops which makes even being alone a place of solace. You’ll help to heal and inspire others just by being yourself. You’ll help them to discover that it’s possible for them to do too.

Thanks to the Zeta group facilitators- Brinda ma’am and Krishna ma’am for conducting such a wonderful class that helped me transit from believing “love is always romantic“, to “love is growing spiritually along with your loved ones“.


With lots of love,

Heta Rana

LOVE….. A philosophy of life

It all started with

“Congratulations!!! you have successfully completed the Life classes and now you will be moving a step ahead to the Love class”

Honestly, with a lot of curiosity and doubt, we gathered for the first love class, wondering what all are we going to talk about for the entire year on “Love”?, How are the mentors going to be?

It is a human psychology, whenever we hear a word, our brain starts building a picture of what we have experienced in the past/whatever we have learnt of that word. When we hear the term Love, it is generally taken as a romantic relationship.

It is only through Love class, I realized that the term ‘Love’ is not only restricted to a romantic relationship. It is beyond that, which all of us have experienced but dwells in our subconscious. Love can be self love, love for your friends, love for your children, for that matter love for anything that exists in this world.

Love means a strong feeling of affection”. During the Love class, we spoke about the myths and facts of love, marriage, parenting. Personally, I was really enlightened by the parenting session that we had for 3 days. Not because, I am a “new mom” but also because it makes me ponder upon the odds that the parents face in convincing the previous generations and how the scenario would be, if they were taught parenting.The class provided us with a medium to share our thoughts with the family, with facts and research (which is more effective).

I am really thankful to the school management for providing us an opportunity to learn about life, which actually matters and especially to the facilitators- Brinda ma’am and Krishna ma’am. They both made the sessions more lively and enthusiastic by sharing their personal experiences.

Thank you and have a LOVEly  year ahead.

A Reflection on my journey.

Today is the last session of the Love class 2017-18. And while the participants are writing their reflections, I thought why not to pen down some of my thoughts too! This was a first stint as a ‘Facilitator’ for me and I must say it was worth taking up. Yes, it calls for extra efforts and time but  I’m thankful to my entire group and buddy -Priyanka Chhabra for helping me sail through this responsibility. I must say many of the participants of our group brought life to the sessions by sharing their stories and almost all were open to listen and may be question their paradigms too. All these years with Life class, sharing my thoughts & ideas and listening to others has really helped me to reflect on myself as a person, my paradigms, my relations, the way I handle situations, the way I raise my kids and what not. As they say, awareness is the first step towards bringing a change, it is really important to be aware of your actions and thoughts which define us and our relationships. Having said that, I also admit that it is not always easy to respond in the most appropriate manner or not to operate from our paradigms. It is a conscious effort that we need to make and it is very much possible that we’ll falter. Honestly speaking, it is work in progress for me and I’m sure for most of us. But I personally feel these life classes are an important component of our personal development at FS and also help us to perform better at our work. I look forward to explore and discover more of myself further in the upcoming life class.


Interconnectedness of Life= Love=Marriage=Parenting


After finishing life class my conclusion is, Life is like you are allowed to scream, you are allowed to cry, you are allowed to be happy and make everyone happy but do not give up in any damn condition. Life is sometimes you learn and sometimes you win.


Life without love, you can’t even imagine. I have learned from love class that we should not change for people to like us, be yourself and the real people will love the real love you. The love classes helped me to identify that immediate solution of a problem with my partner. After joining love class I got to know the real relationship between us. Sometimes doing things for others may be categorized as love but it is just a feeling of acknowledgement that we seek.


The definition of love given by M. Scott Peck, “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth”, sounds practical as it focuses on the selfish nature of the love as nurturing spiritual growth of one own’s  as well as selfless nature wherein we are working for spiritual growth of others. Love is not about how many days, weeks or month you have been together, its all about how much you love each other everyday. If you understand your partner the you have feeling of independence. It is a combination of compromise, adjustment, responsibility, respect, honesty, love.


There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one. I can say that raising children is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. I have learned so many things about parenting like myths, facts, responsibility.

I just loved this love class and of course my both facilitator… Brinda ma’am and Krishna Shethji ma’am thank you so much to taught us.


Priti Patel (Arts)

Learning for life

I am thankful to FS for providing these wonderful 9 days and making me think about my life. I am thankful to the facilitators (Ms. Tasnim Batliwala and Ms. Mitali Shah) who guided us in the right direction throughout this journey. Also, thankful for the efforts of all staff to make these days successful. I would conclude my learning as follows:

3 things that I liked –

  1. Sharing our personal and professional life with complete strangers and hearing about the same from them.
  2. Finding out the answers to all the WHY’s of our life.
  3. Creating a strong bond with the members ending up in friendships for the lifetime.

2 things that I implemented – 

  1. All the habits that are discussed elaborately in life classes have an impact on our lives. To be specific, I have understood the importance of listening. So, I am trying to become an empathetic listener to increase my Emotional Bank Account.
  2. After attending the life classes, I have understood the importance of LIFE. I have become more attentive towards my body, mind, and soul. Now, I often listen to them.

1 thing that I need to improve – 

  1. Begin with the end in mind. I still need to improve my thinking skills to foresee the results of my actions. I want to achieve excellence in planning things and implementing them on time.


With gratitude and warm regards,

Vaishali Chauhan 🙂

Life Class-reflection

A famous quote says that, “A man is known by the company he keeps”. This quote becomes significant in the context of our life class sessions on 7 habits. These classes not only gave us an opportunity to be in the company of people who opened up new avenues of thinking for us but also taught us the value of inculcating and pursuing habits which are essential to be an effective personality. Having such habits will not only benefit us as an individual, but will also have a positive influence on the people around us.

To be honest, I enjoyed these classes from day 1 as it gave us an insight about our own life and others too. It taught us that how we all are different as individuals and how everyone is fighting their own battle. It also taught us what kind of sacrifices we have made and how much we all have suffered to reach to a point where we all are right now. Having said that, the best part of these classes is to get to know that despite all these there is always a silver lining in every cloud and all the hardships has an end. We all just need to have a different approach towards life and few changes in our habits and mindset will definitely take us to a long destination.

I would particularly like to say that these classes were a huge factor for our individual and professional growth. Sometimes we all get stuck as a person and don’t know what to do and which path to follow, but now we are confident that we have a tool in our hand in the form of right habits and practices which will definitely serve us to take an informed and correct choice. The hard work of our facilitators and active participation of all the members made these classes a huge success and we are thankful to the school to gave us this opportunity to participate and be a part of this learning expedition. In the end I would only say that it’s not  the end of the life classes but a new beginning of inculcating and practicing the habits and values learned in real life. It is the time to apply everything practically to become an effective and morally sound individual.

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