LOVE….. A philosophy of life

It all started with

“Congratulations!!! you have successfully completed the Life classes and now you will be moving a step ahead to the Love class”

Honestly, with a lot of curiosity and doubt, we gathered for the first love class, wondering what all are we going to talk about for the entire year on “Love”?, How are the mentors going to be?

It is a human psychology, whenever we hear a word, our brain starts building a picture of what we have experienced in the past/whatever we have learnt of that word. When we hear the term Love, it is generally taken as a romantic relationship.

It is only through Love class, I realized that the term ‘Love’ is not only restricted to a romantic relationship. It is beyond that, which all of us have experienced but dwells in our subconscious. Love can be self love, love for your friends, love for your children, for that matter love for anything that exists in this world.

Love means a strong feeling of affection”. During the Love class, we spoke about the myths and facts of love, marriage, parenting. Personally, I was really enlightened by the parenting session that we had for 3 days. Not because, I am a “new mom” but also because it makes me ponder upon the odds that the parents face in convincing the previous generations and how the scenario would be, if they were taught parenting.The class provided us with a medium to share our thoughts with the family, with facts and research (which is more effective).

I am really thankful to the school management for providing us an opportunity to learn about life, which actually matters and especially to the facilitators- Brinda ma’am and Krishna ma’am. They both made the sessions more lively and enthusiastic by sharing their personal experiences.

Thank you and have a LOVEly  year ahead.

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