My journey for working on myself started on 29th May 2018, through my journey at FS which started on 5th Feb 2018. Within the span of three months, all I heard were the stories of the upcoming life class that I had to be part of. All I knew was that 9 days where you will be taught about “7 habits of highly effective people” Inspired by Stephen Covey.

I never knew that “Being Yourself” is okay. NO need to impress or make everyone Happy. I overcame my paradigm of not being forgiven for my mistake by forgiving myself first. The sessions were designed to have a combination of activities leading to the discussion which help us relate to each habit and how one can inculcate habits in their life to change oneself and be a Better version of oneself by each passing day.

The session helped me with overcoming my paradigms, fear, vulnerability and kinds of negativity I had in me, and filled it will Happiness Shifts, Respecting Perspective, Synergize to have Fun learning, Love yourself to be Loved, Empathize, Thinking Critically and Creatively, Forgiving oneself and others. Talking on my professional front, I learned the skills to Manage my work (Time and Self), Learned Synergizing with my team members to achieve the desired goal and Being Dedicated towards my work. Overall it helped me grow professionally as well as Personally.


Nurturing a grown Baby

‘For once in a lifetime, everyone deserves a Restart button – not for actions but for emotions’. – Richa Shah.

“Life Class. A class about life? How absurd does it sound? Yet how valuable can it be. Ever seen a grown up learning ABCD’s of life? Does something as such exist?”

Things going on my mind round and round on my birthday when I had my very first life class. I was of course excited about such next concept. However, not much happy. Celebrating your birthday with 20 unknown people and with 2 unknown facilitators could be something with least priority in my list. Little did I know how keenly I would be looking forward for rest of my life class sessions just after those few hours.

It was a journey that did not change me but grew me as a person.
‘Acceptance of Oneself’

Can anything be more peaceful than this?

We as humans have flaws, we cry, we get hurt, we hurt others, we hurt ourselves and we spoil everything. But, then we get up, stand, collect those million pieces, frame the broken picture into an abstract image. Far more beautiful and intricate.

Life class’s ‘Death Activity’ was something I connect to the most. It is that one activity which makes me understand the urgency to sharpen my saw, be proactive, understand others, synergizing and doing all that is right in right way.

I would want to thank all members of my Life class, my patient facilitators and the stubborn, naive me to give the new, a bit more learned and happy Me all the wisdom and softness of heart I have gained in these sessions.

Learning about life.

I remember when I read this book (7 habits) by Stephen Covey during my training the short stories seemed very interesting, and I wanted to explore more about them. I feel obliged and thankful to Fountainhead School for this opportunity as these values are something that we don’t generally think about, but listening to other people’s life experiences or doing activities with others, made me realize that there are many things in life that we generally treat as casual but are very important. I think there are many things that I would take back to my personal life and have observed myself unconsciously remembering these values in life situations.

Journey Of Life Class

It was really a great to having a life class in school . It helps us to know other teachers life journey and their nature . It help so much to create bounding with everyone. Life class helps me to understand the importance of family , because i am not able to give time to family due to my schedule .

I always enjoy every moment of life class .  I would like to thank all the people in the school (leaders, facilitators, staff, peers) who have played a crucial role in my learning and/or organizing this life class for me. It has definitely deepened my knowledge and the way now I look at things now!


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Don’t just live your life- Feel it!!

When I go back and look at the first day of Life Class, almost a year back, I would not say I was not hoping for something to happen. I was actually very hopeful, expecting a change and I do have a reason to it. I have actually seen someone very close to me, grow, change for better, with time, across years, because of these professional development sessions. But then ‘Life’ happened.

Life Class was a learning experience to get back to, each day of my life. It made me realise there is A LOT to LIFE. A lot to experience… A lot to live… A lot to give.. And trust me. It is not easy to put, everything I have learnt, to practice. But it has also given me a strength to hold on.. To never let go.

I am heartily thankful to my facilitators Mrs. Kruti Dholu and Mrs. Tina Bhatt, for being so open and considerate towards all the insights that we shared and share their own experiences at each point of time, which made me realize that Life is not as easy as it is spelled but if you have the metal to deal with it, it can be as smooth as butter.

I would finally like to conclude by quoting William Barclay which says, “There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” and Life Classes has immensely helped me ponder upon the WHY.

7 Habits Journey(Harleen & Roma)

When we started with the journey of our first life class which was related to Stephen Covey 7 habits we felt it was an utter waste of time.But slowly and gradually when we understood the essence of it we realized that if the perspective changes life can be better.Throughout the journey of these life classes we could inculcate all the habits with an improvised version of our own self.It helped to infuse positivity into our lives.It helped us rejuvenate relationships with others.The new learnings of paradigm shift has helped us to widen our horizons.Overall it has been a stupendous journey as we gained newer insights and our perception towards life has changed in literal sense.

The unexamined life is not worth living-Socrates

Some said the life class is boring; the others said it is very interesting. And here I am, the life class has almost ended and now I can share my outlook about it.

Well, it has helped me grow. I try to look at the situations from different point of view, plan and organise the things, take responsibility of my actions and not hold accountable anyone for it.

The various activities like “ Emotional Bank Deposit” and “Death Exercise” helped me build my relationship with my loved ones stronger. The classes were not restricted to four-walls but we had many outdoor activities too which gave us the least opportunity to get disinterested.

I examined my life and the areas where I need to refine and try to acquire the qualities that would make my life smoother.

So, in my opinion, one must experience the life class in order to understand its essence.

Life Classes

Thank you Fountainhead School for providing such an opportunity (Life Classes), which has helped us in balancing our personal and professional life. Life classes were well conducted as they gave us more insight on the 7 Habits and the importance of their application in our life. They were kind of an eye-opener as it made us come face-to-face with certain realities of life which though we knew were important but were not serious towards them. They made us more aware of our strengths and weaknesses and the areas where we need to focus with persistence. We have started working on some and can feel the little change. We are sure that the consistent implementation of it will help us evolve as a better person both personally and professionally.  


Shraddha Bhatt

Richa Patel

Life Class- Change prespective to see the world

Earlier being having a corporate background. There was no clue what is a Life Class and started asking everyone. But it is a great experience being in a Life Class and learn about 7 Habits. It is very informative and their is new path to our life.

I am really thankful to FS and our facilitators for broadened my understanding on the values of life.

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.” –Stephen R. Covey

Look how far I’ve come!!

My “Happiness Program” experience –

Life is full of small events and most of the time we get stuck into it, giving it full importance and value. Enjoy all such events – witness them. If you get stuck on it, then you will never enjoy & also you will “miss out the learning of the event in your life”.

Forgiving is the best option in any fight. If you can’t forgive, then it will only trouble you more.

Confidence is something which you already have – you just have fear of what people will think about you. If you can overcome this you will become confident enough to enjoy 100% in front of millions.

We are mostly driven by emotions and feelings in our life & thus laziness, arrogance, doer-ship, irritation & all negative feelings came in. Yoga, meditation & Sudarshan Kriya helps you to overcome your emotions and feelings.

The purpose of our life is something which we need to find out.

Unshakable smile, confidence & clarity of mind is what I got!

You must experience this workshop once in your life! 🙂

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