Don’t just live your life- Feel it!!

When I go back and look at the first day of Life Class, almost a year back, I would not say I was not hoping for something to happen. I was actually very hopeful, expecting a change and I do have a reason to it. I have actually seen someone very close to me, grow, change for better, with time, across years, because of these professional development sessions. But then ‘Life’ happened.

Life Class was a learning experience to get back to, each day of my life. It made me realise there is A LOT to LIFE. A lot to experience… A lot to live… A lot to give.. And trust me. It is not easy to put, everything I have learnt, to practice. But it has also given me a strength to hold on.. To never let go.

I am heartily thankful to my facilitators Mrs. Kruti Dholu and Mrs. Tina Bhatt, for being so open and considerate towards all the insights that we shared and share their own experiences at each point of time, which made me realize that Life is not as easy as it is spelled but if you have the metal to deal with it, it can be as smooth as butter.

I would finally like to conclude by quoting William Barclay which says, “There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” and Life Classes has immensely helped me ponder upon the WHY.

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