My quiz result…!!!


I attended a quiz shared by Mariyam mam. Being honest while answering the questions of the quiz, I came to know that which bias is directing or driving my thoughts. The AAHA…!!! a moment is that I completely agree with the result of the quiz. Here it is.

Thank you Mariyam mam and Shezin mam for all your efforts.

Integrity : 1-2 sessions

Fear comes in many ways. The answer to all kinds of fear is “I can handle it”.

This may seem an ordinary sentence when read first but when inculcated it makes wonders. Its in ourselves both : fear and courage . Different situations teaches us how well we are capable of handling them.

Sharing of experiences by team mates is a boon for all of us as it helps each one to cope up with what they can relate to.


Support staff Health and Fitness.

I would like to say about health and fitness. First of all I would like to say thanks to Mariyam ma’am to give me such a big opportunity to take this responsibility of health and fitness session . It is the most special topic now-a-days in this regularly deteriorating environment. In the real terms health and fitness are two sides of the same coin means both are very necessary to live a healthy and happy life. Without proper health and fitness one cannot have a feeling of physical, mental and social well being. It is the common understanding which everyone must follow throughout the life for the wellness of their life and keep body and mind functioning in balance.

      During this session Support staff learned about body system,Healthy lifestyle and Important of healthy food,I really enjoyed to taking this session because of support staff’s putting effort during the activity was up to the mark. During Support staff Health and Fitness session all member give them 100% during this session and they learned and enjoyed lot. Support staff willingly took the responsibility to implement the learning back at home.

-Anwer Hans


Facing Fear!

FEAR has two meanings:

Forget Everything And Run   OR   Face Everything And Rise

And here I am trying to face my fears with the “Integrity” Workshop. I would surely say that this workshop is relatable in so many ways. We, being involved in our own lives at all times feel that we are the only ones in pain, we are the only ones who have fears deep inside. However, after listening to the fears of fellow members, I felt I am not the only one with them and I can surely work upon these fears and let it go…


I am looking forward to understanding my fears, develop an action plan for those Level 1 fears and face the fears which aren’t discovered yet!


As very well said by Nelson Mandela, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”, I would like to conquer my fears as well.



Heta Rana.


Life Class on Integrity_Reflection 1

What is Fear ?
F…E…A…R…False Evidence/Expectations Appearing Real (From and that’s why perhaps it is said to face the fear so that one realizes that it is not real but appearing to be real.

Knowing oneself through identifying one’s fear was the focul point of the discussion in Integrity classes. It was fascinating to think about the fear that has emerged suddenly and recently. Moreover, understanding the meaning of Integrity from various perspectives as well as fear has helped me analyse my fears in a better way. It means that I need to work on them in the days to come.

Thank you, both the facilitators for giving us this wonderful opportunity to reflect and all the participants for sharing your experiences which has made the workshop an enriching experience in the true sense of the term for all of us.

Mohini Bachani

First 2 days of Integrity

To have LIFE CLASSES in the school is a very good experience, it helps us to know ourselves better.

The first part of INTEGRITY was introduction section where I could express myself with a poem which was my own creation. I never thought about this earlier and was happy to do so for the first time in life.

We shared all our fears where I could reflect upon my fears and how I fought with them and today became a confident human being who do believe that everything is possible and I am capable to handle anything and everything.

Thus, this type of discussions and sharing helps one to be confident. The truth that it is not only you who is facing problems in life makes you the problem solver. 


Love Class

It is great to have life classes in school. It was fun as well as new learnings in the Love Class.

When I first said that LOVE is feeling and later it was discussed as it is not. I kept on thinking for long and realized it was a matter of language for me as I was thinking in Hindi where I mean ‘Ehsaas’ by the word feeling where it was used as ‘Emotions’ by others. This was probably my first learning in LOVE Class that words matters to express your thoughts.

Also, love is action…… one’s actions themselves express the love.

Love is to understand, trust, respect, care and take responsibility.


In other sections, we discussed marriage, parenthood. Most of the things were known or experienced but I could reflect on my past experience and could relearn these aspects.


Yes, I agree that love is to grow together, extending oneself for own growth, partner’s growth and children’s growth.


Last but not the least, a hearty thanks to the facilitators, Priti ma’am, Roshan ma’am and Manisha ma’am, who invested their time and energy to plan for such sessions and listened patiently to all our concerns. I enjoyed the discussions a lot!

Showing integrity to oneself….

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The AHA moment for me would be discovering the actual meaning of integrity and how thin a line exists between honesty and integrity, which often confuses us.

This session made me come to face with many of my base fears and some unexplainable too. How strangely are they connected to each one and our behavior is astonishing. Integrity class and the members especially were a great support for me to able to face my fear and more importantly able to share and talk about them.

We usually are under the impression of it’s our life that’s quite difficult and how unfair it is to us. Listening to everyone’s sharing was truly an eye-opener and building up of strength to actually face our fears and making efforts to try overcoming them, doesn’t matter for it to be just a fraction of improvement.

Looking forward and much positive about the upcoming integrity classes. 🙂


Inhale COURAGE. Exhale FEAR !

Fear. A word so dreadful to make us shiver. So impactful that a drop of sweat runs down our spine. So powerful to stop us from reaching the seventh sky!

Fear- of failure, of losing all that we have, of being mocked by others and what not. Fear of facing our fears.

And yet here we are, in a room full of courageous people talking anything and everything about their fears; admitting and accepting our fears with open arms.

Kudos to all of us and to the facilitators to instill bravery within each other to face these fears of all kind. I hope we conquer them before they conquer our happiness and dreams.

Take every chance. Drop your FEAR!

Conquer your fear

Reflection of Integrity class

First I want to thank to my group members and facilitators who motivates me to share my personal life without any hesitation.

In those two days I have learnt about different stages of fear. I got to know my fear and also got different strategies and the solution to overcome it.

I want to share my AHA moment is before we started our session we all were in that sense that we all know each other very well because since from 2 years the batch is same but when session started we got to know that no still there are things which  we don’t know.

I liked the movie also because from that I got to know to how fear is doing great part in your life so you should overcome your fear.

After love class  I heard that Integrity class will be boring but I really appreciate to our facilitators that I have enjoyed the session the most.

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