Support staff Health and Fitness.

I would like to say about health and fitness. First of all I would like to say thanks to Mariyam ma’am to give me such a big opportunity to take this responsibility of health and fitness session . It is the most special topic now-a-days in this regularly deteriorating environment. In the real terms health and fitness are two sides of the same coin means both are very necessary to live a healthy and happy life. Without proper health and fitness one cannot have a feeling of physical, mental and social well being. It is the common understanding which everyone must follow throughout the life for the wellness of their life and keep body and mind functioning in balance.

      During this session Support staff learned about body system,Healthy lifestyle and Important of healthy food,I really enjoyed to taking this session because of support staff’s putting effort during the activity was up to the mark. During Support staff Health and Fitness session all member give them 100% during this session and they learned and enjoyed lot. Support staff willingly took the responsibility to implement the learning back at home.

-Anwer Hans


Can our surrounding environment help us to be healthier?

Did you ever think or experience how our surroundings can impact our living?

Yes, our surrounding environment has a lot of impact on our daily life – sleep, stress,etc. Here are the surprising ways our surrounding environment can help us to be healthier..

  1. Reduce screen time before bed, and sleep in complete darkness.
  2. Our body posture – Notice your posture and sit up straight particularly at work to keep you alert and ready for action.
  3. In between emails and meetings, take a deep breath in, and slowly exhale, and do your work from a place of calm.
  4. Reduce clutter in your surroundings
  5. Keep healthy foods within sight ( and junk food out of sight! )
  6. Clean out your news feed – Notice what it is in your life that brings joy and love, and bring more attention to that. Consider unfriending, unfollowing, and letting go of the media consumption that is not serving you – This is similar to Nipun Mehta’s one of the projects –

For more detailed scientific explanation follow the below link:



Welcome to Health And Fitness Club

A very warm Welcome to the blog of Health & Fitness Club@FS

“Health” and “Fitness” what comes in our mind when we hear these two words? Exercise, diet, doctor etc etc etc. We take care of our work, our family, our relations but how much we really care about our body? The body in which we live, the body who support us in every situation, but we just take it for granted! Don’t you think we should really take care of it?

We appreciate our staff members who promptly participated in Health Check Up and expect others to do so.

Let’s start with this – What’s the difference between being “HEALTHY” and “FIT”.

Healthy means being free from illness or disease, and not suffering from any impairment or pain.

Fitness – the quality of being suitable to perform a particular task. The state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.

It’s rather vague, but being healthy does not necessarily mean that you are fit.

An appropriate work out / exercise plan improves our fitness.

Thanks, Regards & Again A Warm Welcome,
Health & Fitness Club