The love classes, led by Mr. Wilmot and Mr. Utsav, were truly inspiring and offered valuable insights applicable to individual lives. The sessions commenced uniquely, incorporating a concept-driven story that resonated deeply with the topic of discussion. Furthermore, well-planned activities enhanced the connection to the subject matter. Both facilitators shared personal insights, allowing us to delve into specific points in greater detail. Participating in these life classes was a pleasure, providing a comprehensive understanding of this aspect of life, and I look forward to applying the lessons learned.

Reflecting on Brilliance: A Journey of Facilitated Learning

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

As I conclude this transformative class, my gratitude extends to our incredible facilitators, Ms. Bhargavi and Mr. Bhumit. Beyond conventional methods, they infused interaction, hands on experiencing, humour and group tasks into every session, creating a conducive environment. Throughout the course, they adeptly integrated authentic videos and readings, seamlessly bridging theory with real-world applications. They guided us through explicit tasks and detailed explanations which served as lifelines through even the trickiest concepts. When navigating the scientific method, they provided a clear path and scaffolding by Ms.Bhargavi is commendable. While encountering knowledge potholes, participants were skillfully guided through the complexities, making these topics surprisingly comprehensible.

It’s not just about completing a course; it’s about igniting a lifelong love for learning. My personal take away from this class is the clarity of concept or practice of being extremely skeptical or gullible. Moreover, a clear vision of how EI and CT are connected can be seen now. Knowing a few technical terms (though have to refer to notes each time) would help in articulating the findings better in future run now. As I reflect on this educational journey, I’m immensely grateful for Ms. Bhargavi and Mr. Bhumit, who transformed a class into an enjoyable exploration of knowledge and passion.


In this class, we delved deeper into subjects of love, stages, major principles to survive the relationship. At first we pondered on the big question, why marriage is important for oneself. The few answers to it was Emotional Support and Companionship, Commitment and Stability, and others

We further went deep into studying stages of marriage life. Which is divided into 8 parts:-

  1. Falling in love
  2. honeymoon
  3. period of adjustment
  4. something is missing
  5. crisis
  6. forgivemess
  7. norming, performing
  8. attainment

Later we went to meet our new mentor parag sir, who gave an insight of types of relationships. Which are divided into mainly 3 catagorries. 1) kingly 2) friendly 3) beggerly.

A kingly relationship is where the purpose is solely to offer and serve without expecting anything in return, embodies the essence of selflessness and generosity. In such a relationship, one person adopts the role of a benevolent ruler, guided by a genuine desire to uplift and support the other without seeking personal gain or recognition. Here’s a description of this type of relationship. Unconditional Giving- In a kingly relationship, the giver offers their support, care, and resources unconditionally, without expecting reciprocity or acknowledgment. Their acts of kindness flow freely from a place of genuine concern and empathy for the other person’s well-being.

A friendly relationship built on the foundation of good bonding, no expectations, and true love is a beautiful manifestation of genuine connection and mutual affection. In such a relationship, both individuals prioritize nurturing a deep bond based on trust, respect, and authenticity, without seeking anything in return. Joy in Each Other’s Happiness: In this relationship, both individuals find joy in each other’s happiness and success. They take delight in seeing the other person thrive and grow, knowing that their love and support have played a part in their achievements.

In a beggarly relationship, the dynamic revolves solely around transactions, with little to no genuine connection or emotional investment between the individuals involved. Each interaction is driven by a desire to extract value or benefit from the other party, with little regard for mutual respect or reciprocity. Unlike healthy relationships built on mutual trust and respect, there is no genuine connection or emotional bond in a beggarly relationship. Interactions are superficial and lack depth, with little opportunity for meaningful communication or understanding.Give and Take Mentality: The relationship operates on a strict give-and-take mentality, where both parties expect immediate gratification for their contributions. There is little room for generosity or selflessness, as each person prioritizes their own interests above all else.

everyone of us shared insights from their lives about their undestanding about what type of relationships they have with people and it changes according to place, person to person and time.

later after coming back to class from break, we continued with what are the major roles of parents. We had few stories of people sharing their bond stories with their family or parents.

At the conclusion, we summed up with a video of sadhguru explaining how to become a good parent and saint gaur gopal das explaining you have to change first to change others.. because children are observing and learning, that’s an important point. Children are highly observant and tend to mimic the behavior of their parents and caregivers. Modeling positive behavior sets a strong example for children to follow. It’s essential for parents to be mindful of their actions and strive to demonstrate traits such as kindness, patience, empathy, and resilience, as these qualities can have a significant impact on a child’s development and well-being.

Critical Thinking-Eta Day 7 and 8

Over the past two days in our Critical Thinking Life class, we delved into the intricate realms of science and pseudoscience, unraveling the nuances between the two. Through rigorous examination and analysis, we learned to employ critical thinking as our guiding compass to discern between empirical evidence and unfounded claims, enabling us to make informed decisions. However, amidst this journey, we confronted the formidable barriers of knowledge, ranging from cognitive biases to societal conditioning, hindering our ability to think critically. By acknowledging these barriers, we embarked on a journey of self-awareness, striving to overcome them and sharpen our critical thinking skills. Furthermore, we navigated through the treacherous potholes of knowledge, understanding the importance of remaining vigilant and conscious of the information we encounter. Through introspection and reflection, we embraced the responsibility to question, challenge, and validate the knowledge presented to us, fostering a culture of intellectual integrity and discernment in our pursuit of truth.

All in all, this lifeclass helped me become a more informed individual.

7 habits and Love

Engaging in the life class sessions has proven to be a profoundly insightful experience, offering fresh and diverse perspectives on life. The wealth of takeaways from these sessions promises to be invaluable, providing practical guidance for navigating the complexities of life. From the importance of establishing clear priorities to effectively managing relationships, the sessions covered a comprehensive spectrum of life’s facets. This immersive exploration has served as a transformative lens through which to scrutinize and contemplate my actions and emotions in everyday life. The sessions have not only broadened my understanding but also provided a meaningful platform for self-reflection, fostering personal growth and enhancing my approach to life’s challenges

Life Class@ Alpha 2023-24

A profound learning during the sessions of 7 habits , love, marriage and parenting skills. As we concluded our session, I wish that in my journey of integrating the 7 Habits into love, marriage, and parenting, carrying forward the insights gained and the intentions set. I want to continue to embody these principles in my daily life, nurturing deep, meaningful connections with my partner and child. Together with my family and people at work place , I want to create a legacy of love, compassion, and resilience that enriches me as a person. The sharing circle was an eye opener.

7 Habits & Love

The life class on 7 Habits & Love was very well conducted by the facilitators. The class included everything where the Facilitators made sure that every candidate took part in the discussion,activity which were conducted during the entire 8 sessions. The facilitators shared their experience and motivated candidates to take active part in the discussion. I am grateful to the facilitators and the members that I had a wonderful experience and learning in all these sessions.

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