Love Class

It is great to have life classes in school. It was fun as well as new learnings in the Love Class.

When I first said that LOVE is feeling and later it was discussed as it is not. I kept on thinking for long and realized it was a matter of language for me as I was thinking in Hindi where I mean ‘Ehsaas’ by the word feeling where it was used as ‘Emotions’ by others. This was probably my first learning in LOVE Class that words matters to express your thoughts.

Also, love is action…… one’s actions themselves express the love.

Love is to understand, trust, respect, care and take responsibility.


In other sections, we discussed marriage, parenthood. Most of the things were known or experienced but I could reflect on my past experience and could relearn these aspects.


Yes, I agree that love is to grow together, extending oneself for own growth, partner’s growth and children’s growth.


Last but not the least, a hearty thanks to the facilitators, Priti ma’am, Roshan ma’am and Manisha ma’am, who invested their time and energy to plan for such sessions and listened patiently to all our concerns. I enjoyed the discussions a lot!

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