The unexamined life is not worth living-Socrates

Some said the life class is boring; the others said it is very interesting. And here I am, the life class has almost ended and now I can share my outlook about it.

Well, it has helped me grow. I try to look at the situations from different point of view, plan and organise the things, take responsibility of my actions and not hold accountable anyone for it.

The various activities like “ Emotional Bank Deposit” and “Death Exercise” helped me build my relationship with my loved ones stronger. The classes were not restricted to four-walls but we had many outdoor activities too which gave us the least opportunity to get disinterested.

I examined my life and the areas where I need to refine and try to acquire the qualities that would make my life smoother.

So, in my opinion, one must experience the life class in order to understand its essence.

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