Look how far I’ve come!!

My “Happiness Program” experience –

Life is full of small events and most of the time we get stuck into it, giving it full importance and value. Enjoy all such events – witness them. If you get stuck on it, then you will never enjoy & also you will “miss out the learning of the event in your life”.

Forgiving is the best option in any fight. If you can’t forgive, then it will only trouble you more.

Confidence is something which you already have – you just have fear of what people will think about you. If you can overcome this you will become confident enough to enjoy 100% in front of millions.

We are mostly driven by emotions and feelings in our life & thus laziness, arrogance, doer-ship, irritation & all negative feelings came in. Yoga, meditation & Sudarshan Kriya helps you to overcome your emotions and feelings.

The purpose of our life is something which we need to find out.

Unshakable smile, confidence & clarity of mind is what I got!

You must experience this workshop once in your life! 🙂

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