Nurturing a grown Baby

‘For once in a lifetime, everyone deserves a Restart button – not for actions but for emotions’. – Richa Shah.

“Life Class. A class about life? How absurd does it sound? Yet how valuable can it be. Ever seen a grown up learning ABCD’s of life? Does something as such exist?”

Things going on my mind round and round on my birthday when I had my very first life class. I was of course excited about such next concept. However, not much happy. Celebrating your birthday with 20 unknown people and with 2 unknown facilitators could be something with least priority in my list. Little did I know how keenly I would be looking forward for rest of my life class sessions just after those few hours.

It was a journey that did not change me but grew me as a person.
‘Acceptance of Oneself’

Can anything be more peaceful than this?

We as humans have flaws, we cry, we get hurt, we hurt others, we hurt ourselves and we spoil everything. But, then we get up, stand, collect those million pieces, frame the broken picture into an abstract image. Far more beautiful and intricate.

Life class’s ‘Death Activity’ was something I connect to the most. It is that one activity which makes me understand the urgency to sharpen my saw, be proactive, understand others, synergizing and doing all that is right in right way.

I would want to thank all members of my Life class, my patient facilitators and the stubborn, naive me to give the new, a bit more learned and happy Me all the wisdom and softness of heart I have gained in these sessions.

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