Life Class-reflection

A famous quote says that, “A man is known by the company he keeps”. This quote becomes significant in the context of our life class sessions on 7 habits. These classes not only gave us an opportunity to be in the company of people who opened up new avenues of thinking for us but also taught us the value of inculcating and pursuing habits which are essential to be an effective personality. Having such habits will not only benefit us as an individual, but will also have a positive influence on the people around us.

To be honest, I enjoyed these classes from day 1 as it gave us an insight about our own life and others too. It taught us that how we all are different as individuals and how everyone is fighting their own battle. It also taught us what kind of sacrifices we have made and how much we all have suffered to reach to a point where we all are right now. Having said that, the best part of these classes is to get to know that despite all these there is always a silver lining in every cloud and all the hardships has an end. We all just need to have a different approach towards life and few changes in our habits and mindset will definitely take us to a long destination.

I would particularly like to say that these classes were a huge factor for our individual and professional growth. Sometimes we all get stuck as a person and don’t know what to do and which path to follow, but now we are confident that we have a tool in our hand in the form of right habits and practices which will definitely serve us to take an informed and correct choice. The hard work of our facilitators and active participation of all the members made these classes a huge success and we are thankful to the school to gave us this opportunity to participate and be a part of this learning expedition. In the end I would only say that it’s not  the end of the life classes but a new beginning of inculcating and practicing the habits and values learned in real life. It is the time to apply everything practically to become an effective and morally sound individual.

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