Rekindling the soul

The last day of the love class beautifully designed by the lovely facilitators…revisiting the myths of parenting, a movie on tolerance, loyalty, teamwork and trust in others and scrumptious moments of gratitude.

This year, attending Love classes at FS has been moving away from the myths of love and parenting and having rendezvous with many insights from learning experiences that help me take on the world in new, possibility-filled ways. The beautifully designed lessons of love filled me with fresh perspectives and forward-moving actions. I am so thankful that I went through these learning opportunities. They made me realize things that I didn’t know about myself (correction: that I never admitted to myself). I know that I will live a more fulfilling life, thanks to the realizations I came to using love classes. Readings of tender poems and insightful articles rekindled my soul as a parent and I know, I am a better parent and a more love-giving teacher who know the importance of rewards- hugs and  compliments for my kids. They fixed me!

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