Love Classes

Being a parent and raising children is not an easy job. There is no thumb rule the way children can be brought up. It’s like learning ‘on the job’ and with experience. Some action may work for one and may not work for others.
The body language,the voice tone,facial expression is observed and absorbed by the children.Children should always be spoken in positive language. It helps in the development of the children. One should stop and think how many times one talks negatively to the children. We should empathize by feeling about a boss/or an elder treating you negatively.
To Discipline a child one can set rule, and a rule without consequence and consistency. Consistency sets an example of what is expected from our children.
The we time with the children is really important and logically giving reasoning for every “no” is important.
Children learn from role modelling so one needs to keep a check that ones behavior needs to be positive.

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